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  1. Rest in peace, Diane. I will forever regret not meeting you in person.
  2. Thanks for the replies, you guys. Jake and Josie don't have a backyard to play in now. We've moved and we're living in our camper until we find a house we want to buy. The roads at the front of the campgrounds are paved so I've been walking the dogs on them as much as possible hoping that will help keep their nails trimmed some. In the meantime it sounds like I need to make some phone calls to groomers and do some research on where to buy a pair of Millers Forge clippers. I know where we used to live most of the groomers wouldn't accept dogs over 35 lbs. Hopefully, they're different down
  3. Does anybody have any recommendations for nail clippers a person with tendonitis in their thumbs and wrist can use? The Dremel is out. DH caught some of Josie’s fur in it one time and we haven’t been able to use it since. I can’t say I blame her. I wouldn’t want it near me again either. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks, Emily! If you're able to make it down and I'm not distracted with house hunting I'll look for you and introduce myself. Thanks again.
  5. Hi all, Does anybody know if the SDT being held in Gay, GA at Three Post Farm from April 10-12 is open to the public? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks, Sue. Now I find myself trying to remember the Holiday Inn Express commercials. (Sorry, I get your point. I just couldn't resist.)
  7. Back in ’04 when we adopted JJ DH and I worked different shifts….He worked night and I worked days. One day when I was at work DH thought it would be a good idea to visit with the next door neighbor and took JJ with him. At the time we didn’t know one of the neighbor’s dogs was dog aggressive. Sada (GSD) ended up grabbing JJ by the throat and dragging him to her bed. DH told me the only way he was able to get Sada to let go of JJ was to stick his finger down her throat.
  8. Glad to hear Nyla is doing better. It's amazing what a good night's rest can do.
  9. Have you thought about giving her turmeric? Last month JJ was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. A friend recommended giving him turmeric and collard greens. Because he’s on prednisone and I didn’t know if turmeric acts like a NSAID I asked his vet about it. She couldn’t find any studies on it but liked what she found about turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties and gave me the ok to give it to him. She told me it might upset his stomach so only give him about ¼ teaspoon once or twice a day. I give it to him about every other day because I don’t want to upset his stomach but we can’t b
  10. I think all dogs have something to teach us at different stages of their lives if we just take the time to listen to them. Things JJ have taught me: It’s better to have a few weeks with your loved ones than a few hours or a few days. It gives you the opportunity to spoil them like they’ve never been spoiled before. More treats, different treats, you don’t have to worry about their weight or whether or not it’s good for them. Stop worrying so much about the future. Live for today. You can plan for the future later. Stop being so serious. So what if the house needs vacuuming
  11. Staying in line with the OP’s question…… Even though we don’t have livestock I still want Jake to remember a couple of commands so a couple of days ago I put Jake on one side of the living room and told him to wait. I walked to the other side, turned to face him and waited a few seconds before saying “Walk Up”. When he took a couple of steps I said “Lie Down”. We did this a couple of time. Am I reinforcing the commands or “ruining” Jake?
  12. It’s hard to say which command is the most important. I would think it would depend on the situation. But, with that said, I think a good recall and Leave It would tie for #1. Leave It-When my mom was living with us she took 8 pills in the morning and 7 pills at night. I am soooo glad my dogs knew the Leave It command when my mom dropped her pills one morning. Drop It-One day my mom dropped a pill and I didn’t realize it until Jake found it. I was at the kitchen sink when I heard a crunch. When I investigated the sound I found Jake next to mom’s chair. When I told him to Drop It
  13. Every once in a while, after dark, Josie sees something down in the lower part of the backyard that’s not fenced in and she’ll start barking. It’s a very serious bark so I know she means business but barking after dark isn’t allowed. When she’s in serious mode she blows me off. She doesn’t respond to any command. I’ll come in the house, grab the training wand and a flashlight and go back outside and start walking her down. I never say a word. I’ll hit the ground a couple of times and/or wave the training wand to let her know I have it in my hand but I never say a word. The last couple o
  14. Maybe. Depends on how it’s used. If the OP and his pup are walking past a group of people, I see it as an I’m-more-fun-than-they-are tool. (I’m not saying constantly squeak it. I’m saying just squeeze it once and when he has Juno’s attention keep eye contact with her while talking to her and maybe giving her a treat until they’ve past.) If using it with the meet-up date, the friend can stop walking up to them when they see Juno getting excited. If the OP can’t get Juno to settle, he can squeak it once to get her attention again. Once she’s settled, the friend can start slowly walking up
  15. Hi Bill, please don’t switch to a flexi-leash. The 4’ leash you are using now is just fine. It also sounds like you’re on the right track in regards to Juno’s training too. Continue doing the Look At That game. Juno is still a puppy so self control is still hard for her. How do the people act when they are close to Juno? Are they encouraging her to act out? Simple eye contact can do that. If so, politely ask them to ignore her and keep walking. When Juno starts acting up when she first notices people redirection her attention. Have you tried turning around and walking the oppo
  16. I wish there was a "like" button. I really enjoy reading these posts.
  17. One night I taught JJ to give me his left. When DH got home that night I naturally wanted to show him what I taught JJ. When I told JJ “Give me your left” he offered me his right paw. Without thinking I said “Other left”. JJ dropped his right paw and offered me his left one. DH asked me how I taught him that so I told him I just kept rubbing his left leg and repeating “Left, left, left….” DH said “No, how did you teach him to give you his right paw first and switching when you said other left?” I looked at DH and said “I didn’t”. I've heard people say dogs don't understand sentences
  18. We probably inadvertently trained them. We talk to them as if they are human. Not because we think they are it’s because we respect their intelligence….that and the fact I got tired of JJ giving me his “stupid human” look. (We kept underestimating his intelligence.) I’m sure they’ve picked up a number of words over the years.
  19. These dogs are so intelligent they never cease to amaze me. They know more than we give them credit for. Just to recall a few times….. Back in ’08 DH and I took a vacation and took JJ & Jake with us. (Josie wasn’t a part of our family then.) We rented a dog-friendly cabin next to a river. One time JJ & I walked out on the screened in porch. I told JJ “I wish I could trust you off leash. If I could, I would let you go swimming without one”. Next thing I know, I hear a door slam. When I looked around, there was no JJ! JJ had never opened a closed door before-much less one t
  20. JJ-In 2000 I lost my German Shepherd mix to cancer. Casey was only 6 ½ yrs old. It took me 4 years to get over it. When I did, I told my boyfriend at the time (who is now my DH) I was ready for another dog. We did our research and decided on getting a Border Collie. We both had a stipulation. DH’s was the dog had to come from a rescue and mine was we had to take him/her to obedience classes. We got lucky. JJ’s rescuer/foster mom taught obedience. Jake-After 2 years of doing everything we could think of to do with JJ, I realized the only thing we couldn’t do was play with him like a
  21. I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free, Tansy.
  22. I eventually felt I had to put Jake on medication. He picked up some new noise phobias and his thunderphobia was getting worse too. When I asked the vet if I could put him on valium she recommended Alprazolam saying she had had better results but we could always change it if it didn't work for him. Thankfully it did. If I can manage to give it to him an hour before the storm hits, Jake has no problem with it (nor with firecrackers and gunshots). FWIW, a friend of mine has one of Jake's littermates. Toby has a much more severe case of thunderphobia. My friend put Toby on Prozac but
  23. Welcome! Tess is beautiful. It sounds like she found her way to a great home too.
  24. FYI people, a Border Collie puppy can not pop a basketball. JJ weighs 52 lbs. I sometimes refer to him as having "Jaws of Steel". He has had the same basketball for years. You're being played.
  25. I don't know Annie or any of the people involved but I thought this was a neat article to share. If you watch the video, you'll notice towards the end Annie helps get at least one steer loaded up. WTG, Annie! http://www.wbtv.com/story/25788732/two-bulls-on-the-loose-in-hickory-after-trailer-flips
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