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  1. I have met dogs that no matter how much insisting and training you give them, they WILL kill each other at any chance they get. Otherwise why would people crate and rotate? Especially I know a few Dobe people and Pit owners that have dogs that absolutely will not get along, it's not a training or socialization issue. Insisting doesn't help in that case. They cannot ignore each other. Some of them are dog vs dog, some bitch vs bitch, some bitch vs dog. Some dogs just do not get along.
  2. Since I plan to have more than 1 dog in the future, I was just wondering how well BCs get along with each other in general. From what I've seen they seen to get along very well with other BCs but just wanted to hear your personal experiences. So those with multiple dogs, do all your dogs stay loose together or do you have to crate and rotate??
  3. It really varies among the individuals but I would say usually between 9-18 months. Usually I find after they've had their first heat and mature hormonally.
  4. Try making some satin balls and adding that to his diet. It really works wonders for underweight dogs, especially older dogs. A few people I know with huskies and GSDs that were very very hard keepers and picky eaters managed to get their weight up to a nice and healthy range with satin balls. Here's one of the many many many recipes. You can try a different one if you don't like this one. Since I don't really like giving my dogs cereal, I change it to something else like rice flour. Some people skip the gelatin completely. You can also freeze the remainder in serving sized balls. You can feed it alone, or mix it into the kibble like some people. 10 pounds hamburger meat [the cheapest kind] 1 lg. box of Total cereal 1 lg. box oatmeal 1 jar of wheat germ 1 1/4 cup veg oil 1 1/4 cup of unsulfured molasses 10 raw eggs AND shells 10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin pinch of salt Edit: Here's another version that has a lot more fat and a lot less carbs. However, I probably wouldn't feed this to a not so active dog. I would probably only feed it to dogs that are doing lots of agility/flyball competitions or actually working a lot during the day because I'm afraid of giving dogs that lay around pancreatitis. 1 lb ground beef 1 8 oz pkg cream cheese 1 jar all natural peanut butter 1 jar (smaller of the sizes) wheat germ 1 doz egg yolks 1 cup or so of flaked oats soaked in heavy cream
  5. That's absolutely terrible! Someone I know recently lost a dog too. Greyhound, ran into a ditch while chasing another dog (both hers) and broke her spine. She passed on very quickly.
  6. What a great story! She's lucky to have you to give her such a wonderful full life!
  7. I think it would be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I can't find a place here that lets other breeds do it. It's done by the Whippet club for whippets only I don't believe it would do any harm.
  8. My friend has about 4 or 5 of them that she uses for meal times. She usually fills up 2 or 3 and lets her dog work on it. I've always heard very good things about them and I would buy one if my dog was more food motivated. Edit: She has the tornado one, the casino one, the fighter one, and the dog finder one. I can't remember which other ones she has. It takes each of her dogs between 10-15 minutes to eat their dinner from 2 toys.
  9. Well the puppies and even the parents were most likely spending time in little cages in the first place (at the miller's place). I've also seen some really really sick puppies with bellies full of worms being sold as "fine." they said the pup just ate and that's why it was reluctant to move, droopy and had a hugely bloated and extended belly. I'm so glad that pet shop got shut down.
  10. All puppies in pet shops start at 2200-2400 here, regardless of breed. Then as they grow older and no one wants them, the price drops. I've seen some dogs that weren't bought until 8 months old being dropped to about $200.
  11. We had an interesting discussion on Border Collie coat types on a different board. Considering there are varying degrees of rough, smooth, bearded (wire haired I presume?) and curly, do some of these coat types not hold out as well in certain weather? The question proposed was whether or not really curly dogs ended up with more burrs, mats and things stuck in their coat which required more time to take out or clip off while working in poorer weather. The few bearded dogs, do they shed or need to be hand stripped? Do smooth dogs get a lot colder working in areas where winters are -30C? Shouldn't that mean in colder areas rough coats are valued over smooth coats?
  12. I've noticed some BCs won't play very much with other dogs, especially strange ones. They're often content to just hang out or play ball or something. I don't think as a breed they're the most social dogs. They get along fine with other dogs that don't intrude into their space continuously and usually they'll just ignore other dogs for the most part. Some will play with dogs they know well, some are just more focused on their people and want their people to get them to do something like frisbee or ball. Most of my friends' dogs will ignore other dogs in a park situation and will not try to approach them on their own. I agree with puppy class or socialization class! It's a great place to meet other dogs and socialize and the situation won't get out of hand like the dog park since most of the time the dogs are leashed or at least under control.
  13. My opinion is that these types of collars, including a shock collar can be used as a tool for training. But only if the trainer actually knows how to use them and I find very few trainers know how. A lot of people and "trainers" abuse using choke collars or shock collars. When positive methods can be used, they absolutely should be but sometimes there are dogs with problems that can have them end up dead and if positive training has been tried (seriously not just for a day or two) and it has not worked at all, sometimes in order to save a dog I think using a shock collar can be appropriate. For the majority of dog owners out there though, I don't recommend using any of these because most people don't know (including myself) how to properly implement these tools as a training aid instead of just continuously correcting or punishing the dog.
  14. Light up balls and frisbees are awesome. I think Chuck It makes a bunch of glowing balls that are super bouncy too. They just great and they fit into the Chuck it so if you have space and it's safe (fenced or no roads) you can launch it far in the dark too. Other than that, evening classes are great. Especially agility, stimulates mentally and burns off energy.
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