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I've got Dally

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after 16 days he was finally spotted sleeping on a deck in a gated community that had pics 10 miles away. The man said they initially thought they had a lost sheep. Then he turned and it was a dog. I went there and serched for a 1/2 hour without sucess but, he had doubled back by that point and was 5 miles away walking up the highway. He was so in panic mode that he didnt recognize me at first as was going to run.


His coat is most likely a total loss. I'm sending him to a groomer that adopter a dog on trade but there are so many knots and burrs that I doubt anything can be done.


Right now he is sound asleep behind my chair.


Hes such a creature of habit too the first thing he wanted was to be put out with the other dogs. I think not.lol


Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. This had so many ways to end badly that I cant believe I foudn him.

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Best news I've heard this month! I can't believe how long we all followed this story - I was really, really afraid Genie was going to lead you to a very sad ending on Dally!


Congratulations! It's wonderful, wonderful news! :rolleyes:


Please, please take pictures of your two wayfarers, so we can see their pathetic but happy reunited selves.



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The thing is they went 2 different directions Genie Knew home was this way and walked it no matter how bad and Dally went away from home. My dad tried to get tracks on him for 2 hrs in the woods yesterday without sucess. He said there wasnt anything there at all. I didnt want to post as it was too sad.


I knew though when the man said I thought it was a sheep that it was him. When I first received pictures of him as a 6 month old that was the first thing I said yuck he looks like a funky sheep. I dont want that dog. That was untill I met him and he had such a genuinely great personality.


My husband who knows I adopt out great dogs all the time is always complaining that I paid too much money for him but to me he's priceless.

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here is a pic of the filthy burr filled wander Genie requests that I put that black thing away. Although he has a definite Red stripe down his back those spots are mostly embeded burrs. his belly is solid black too. My 14 year old greeted him with hello Dally it's good to see you "yuck your filthy get away".lol


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