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  1. It has been forever since I have been on here. Much has changed. My partner Jackie passed away. Alex, Jack, and I moved from New York to Kansas City. We went through some dark times after Jackie passed. Life is going much better now. The Border Collie Miss. Alex is 9. She is still very active, but is deaf. She has learned hand signals quickly. Just wanted to stop in and say hi to all.
  2. Finally got some pics to post of our addition. This is Jack from Rainbow City Ala. Don't think he is full Lab and don't care. He has some crazy ears. Alex absolutely loves him. He has really been a godsend to this family.
  3. A little while ago I had posted about a young Lab in the rescue section. He is here and what a beauty. Alex has taken to him and and they have become good mates. I am trying to upload pics and not having any luck. They attach, but you can't click on them to open them up and see them.
  4. Earlier I had posted in the Rescue section about transport help for a baby Lab. He is here and is now named Jack. Thought I would share some pics.
  5. Earlier I had posted in the Rescue section about transport help for a baby Lab. He is here and is now named Jack. Thought I would share some pics.
  6. Yes he was, by me!!! Two volunteers at the shelter helped me find a foster until furever friends of the south or road rescue can bring him up.
  7. Eli is in Rainbow City, Alabama. I am in Auburn, NY. He is on the short list and may be PTS tomorrow. He is an 8 week old Black Lab. Jackie loved Black Labs and something inside is just insisting I save him. The problem is transport. I know he is not a Border Collie, but if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
  8. List of Beautiful Souls in Need of Rescue/Adopters by 4pm Tuesday Ledger #: 2012-01-170 – “Sassy” Breed: Collie Mix Color: Brown / White Sex: Fema... See More Barrow County Animal Control 616 Barrow Park Dr. Winder, GA 30680 OFFICE 770-307-3012 FAX 770-867-1660 dharper@barrowga.org Contact is by email only please: dharper@barrowga.org. The shelter requests that rescue and adoption applications be received by 4pm on the Tuesday’s. Out of state rescue or adopters: no pull help is needed. Applications are faxed to the shelter, full veterinary care is available at a local clinic and transport to the facility is done by the shelter staff post the approval process. Adoption/rescue fee for vetting is $100 which includes exam, deworming, shots, spay/neuter and microchip. Boarding is available both at the hospital and locally. 501C3 rescues: rescue rates are available for boarding. Transport resource list can be sent if requested via email. To request an application, please email Officer Harper - after shelter hours please email the Barrow Buddies site. Out-of-state Rescues and All Adopters: please request an application from the shelter via email to dharper@barrowga.org. Include ID numbers of animals when available. Applications can also be requested from the Barrow Buddies site after shelter hours. **Euthanization takes place on Wednesdays commencing at 8:00 AM. All animals should be considered at risk and the ability to hold anyone beyond their allotted time is predicated on allowable space at the shelter based on new intakes that come in daily. To save a life, do not delay, The shelter requests, that rescue commitments & adoption application requests be received BEFORE CLOSING on the Tuesday prior to the euth date.
  9. I sent email offering some financial assistance still waiting for response. Does anyone know if they got her?
  10. Don't know if anyone can help. I can contribute some money if anyone can rescue her.
  11. Every morning Alex goes to the laundry bin, takes out a used washcloth, brings it into the living room, and rolls on it.
  12. It has been forever since I have been on here. Alex has progressed from aggressive Border Collie you weren't always sure of to a confident, protective, loving, frisbee playing Border Collie. One year ago today my best human friend and the closest thing to family I have was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to the brain. The brain tumor was quickly dealt with and the lung was brought under control. Unfortunately this insidious disease spread elsewhere, the hip and the liver. During this time my black and white bundle of energy has been so gentle with Jackie. So attentive really keeps an eye on her. She has made herself Jackie's guardian. Jackie has commented on the security she feels because Alex is there with her. And at night this dog who has never felt the need to cuddle jumps into bed with me and cuddles. I want to thank everyone on this board for the advice as Alex and I were working through our trying times. Your advice helped get us through all that and to where we are today. And every night when I say my prayers I thank God for the Border Collie next to me. Esox & Alex
  13. Prayers and mojo comining from my Alex and me to you and your Alex.
  14. Great news. Continued prayers and mojo coming for you.
  15. My heart is breaking for you. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  16. Mojo and prayers from New York. Great news.
  17. God bless you for your kindness. Whether wild or domestic we are all God's creatures and deserving of kindness. So, no it is not ridiculous to cry over a possum.
  18. I like to refer to Alex as my earth friendly weed eater.
  19. Alex will be going on Taste of The Wild. She has had that added to her Innova before and did okay on it. Esox & Alex
  20. Alex has been on this for 3+ years. Guess it is time for a change.
  21. My girl turns 5 today. Of course we are having a party along with the kids Easter egg hunt. It's been an amazing 5 years. Now I couldn't imagine my life without her. She has developed into a great companion, become my best friend, and I think she has made me a better person. She has gone from an aggressive, perhaps somewhat unhappy, Border Collie to a very happy Border Collie, who I know still has aggressive tendencies, but we know how to deal with them. Here's to many more years with her. Esox & Alex
  22. i'm sorry for your loss. know that you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers. Godspeed Jazz. Esox & Alex
  23. Hi Jedismom, Alex used to get her physical and her shots all in May. Then we got a Lab with Parvo. She and our other Lab had to be given boosters in December. So everything, but her rabies is due in December. She got her 3 year rabies in May last year and I opted for the Lyme disease vaccination also. So now she goes twice a year for boosters. The only reason I was considering yearly blood work was to get a baseline for her normal levels and then we could see when things were changing as she got older. Trying to err on the side of caution as she gets older. Esox & Alex
  24. The most important part of my world will be 5 soon. She's in great health, Thank the Lord. She gets a basic physical twice a year. Her next physical I'll be getting a complete blood work up done on her. It's to be used as a baseline. Are there any other tests that I should have done? Also, how often should I have the blood work done? I was thinking yearly. Thanks, Esox & Alex
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