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  1. Brenda Aloff in Midland Michigan is excellent.
  2. Oh so moved to hear this! Happy Birthday Kit!!
  3. I was also told gabapentin works more specifically on nerve pain. Not necessarily the best for generalized pain. But I’ve never taken it so I can’t speak to that personally.
  4. I disagree on gabapentin having to build up. I was told it works quickly and also leaves within 8-12 hours. I had been giving Seamus a dose (can’t remember the level) every 12 hours. Neurologist had me change it to every 8 hours. Also, too much can make them groggy. It was a fine line for us on enough for pain but not too much to make him out of it. I also liked using CBD oil. But too much made him anxious. I will never use Rimadyl. I think its horrible stuff The absolute savior for Seamus was cold laser and acupuncture.
  5. To me my gut is instict. NOT emotion. Most dogs are not the same at the vets office as they are at home. If I had listened to my vet I would have missed four wonderful months with Seamus. Except for the last 5 hours he did not suffer.
  6. I had the same experience with my vet. Seamus was losing his hind end. My vet told me I should consider it soon. But even when he could not walk for three weeks he was bright and happy. I would not give up since he would not. I ended up taking him to a veterinary acupuncturist. We went twice a week for a month. He got laser, PEMT, and electro acupuncture. It cost and arm and a leg. But, he got another 4 months moving on his own until an infection took him from me last week at 15 and 4 months. Trust your gut. Vets often just don’t get it
  7. I third the two above responses! I have a dog now who is gradually losing sight to PRA. And my dog I lost last year to cancer had a pretty severe heart murmur for three years that was very well controlled with med, and both meds were VERY affordable.
  8. I actually have a male who had a stubborn e. coli UTI. We ended up putting him on 30 days of antibiotics after culture. And we ran another culture a few weeks after antibiotics to make sure it was all gone this time. Also, he now gets a daily Crananidin, cranberry supplement, to help prevent any future e. coli from sticking.
  9. Just my opinion but Ace is horrible stuff for dogs with anxiety. There are many many better options. Its a tough situation. I wish I had useful suggestions. I was lucky, my one dog with nail issues completely surrendered once I muzzled her.
  10. When Tyra was diagnosed with a heart murmur at 13 we decided to save the Vetmedin for down the road if things got worse. She was maintained on enalapril and spironolactone until she died at 15 1/2 from cancer. The Vetmedin was a lot more expensive than both the other meds together
  11. It is coming upon 4 months since I said goodbye to my first border collie, my old gal Tyra. She was 15 1/2. My Seamus will be 14 the end of January. I thought I would have plenty of good time still with Seamus. Honestly Tyra was decrepit since she was 3. I was USED to her acting like an old dog. But Seamus was always the energizer bunny! Everyday at 6 am or earlier by my bed with his tail wagging saying "Get up! Its a new day! Let's play!" But amid Tyra's health crisis I did not notice that Seamus got old and began failing. After Tyra was gone I noticed he was mostly deaf. Then he starting having problems with his back legs not working right. I assumed it was arthritis. And he acted like a dog that was not house trained. Peeing in the house, sometimes even with me right next to him. Then he got really sick, FAST. High fever and he was down and out for several days. Turned out he had a kidney and bladder infection. Probably at some low level for the last year. And then it turned major. After a month of antibiotics he got the all clear. But he still isn't good. The rear limb problems persist and are getting worse. He no longer is joyous in the morning. We have not gone through the battery of neurological test to figure out EXACTLY what nerve problem he has. But we know it is some kind of degenerative nerve disease. He is on a trial of gabapentin to see if it helps. So far I can't tell. Now as we do any of our usual activities I'm struck by all the wonderful things I take for granted in my old dog. For instance tonight, while he was eating I just stuck my hand in his bowl to move his food around to be sure he got his meds before they stared disolving. It does not phase him, my hand in his food. Trained from a wee pup that his bowl is my bowl, we never had an issue. I know this isn't the case with many dogs. Every morning when I get out of the shower he is there to lick my legs as I dry off. Despite the major trial it has become to get up the stairs. Every morning when we go for our walk he calmly waits at the end of the driveway for me to catch up and leash him. We used to do the walk off leash. But now that he can barely hear it is too dangerous. So he knows, after one time, that he must be on leash to leave the yard. I've had to take him to work several times because he had to be monitored throughout the day. Somehow he knows, stay on the bed we bring in. And if you must get up, be silent and calm. How did he figure this out? I love my old dog. I love his oldness more than all his earlier days. Despite the horrible sadness I know is not far around the corner. And still I would not trade it for anything! These dogs are such an honor.
  12. Hugs to you Laura. Having gone thru the experience less than three months ago my heart breaks extra hard for you. I had an in home vet and it was the best experience possible for us to get thru a wretching experience. Hugs
  13. One of my dogs had a dental at 15 and also two oral surgeries after that. And she had a heart condition. I use an actual board certified vet dentist. I would not have had it done at a regular vet office. As for the chip, did they do xrays to see if the damage is more than meets the eye?
  14. What an amazing tribute. Hugs.
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