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  1. oh my gosh!!! She is so lovely. I wish wish wish for something bigger than a studio apartment!
  2. Good tip on the cloth diapers- we will be doing that too! I think we will work on some of the training stuff too, it will be nice to keep him busy and to help out.
  3. This is all so helpful! Thank you to everyone. I also have heard of the amber necklace and we plan to get one too! Shiloh must smell something different with me because his new head rest is my belly and he just wants to follow me around all day.
  4. Hi All, We just found out recently that I am pregnant, which is a surprise- but great news. I have been thinking a lot about Shiloh and what measures I can take and plan for in order to set some boundaries up in order to protect him and the baby. Obviously the baby wont be allowed to crawl all over him...etc.. I just want to get some ideas that have worked for others. Shiloh is really a top priority in our life and we want to make sure that we anticipate any problems that could come up. In the past Shiloh has been great with kids. He will let us groom him, cut nails, pull out a ti
  5. I was having a bad night tonight and as usual my little pup cheered me up. I was in the washroom, opened the door to leave and he was right outside of the door. The funny part is that he plays it all cool... no eye contact, as if he was there the whole time. I walked over to the kitchen, made some tea and turned around... there he was again. No eye contact, just laying down right behind me, face pointed the other way as if he doesn't have the time of day for me. Next stop was the closet... again, he sneaks up behind me and lays down face to the wall. I finally hid behind a door to se
  6. Shiloh sleeps on the floor. He would rather sleep on the cold hard floor than on his dog bed or the foot of our bed. I think he would be delighted to sleep outside on the grass, even in the winter.
  7. Well, I tried it out and here are the results: on my back on the floor rolling around, Shiloh runs over wagging like crazy and licks my face 100 times. I pop up and say " get your butt"...he does it! business as usual. I would say it was a success!
  8. I really liked this! Shiloh and I have been playing hide and seek a lot lately in the house and it really has now made him obsessed with me. Im going to do this tonight and see if anything happens.
  9. Thanks everyone! We really appreciate all of the comments. I think if we decide to stay in the city- we will get him neutered in the coming months so he can enjoy all of these great spots to run off leash. He just adores other dogs so I think it will be the best for him.
  10. Hi All, Shiloh is now 16 months and doing great! We are living in Vancouver and he is very happy about the beaches and Ocean time. He is still intact and we have run into a few issues. The first isn't such a big issue, but the ladies are crazy for him! Spay or not they are almost obsessed with him. He is very well trained and never runs off, but it has been really interesting. We have however met several male dogs that have become very aggressive after they smell him. Shiloh is polite, looks away and lays down if needed. He will also show his belly, he is pretty shy and still jus
  11. I don't have any experience or advice on this- but I did want to pop in to say that Archie is soooo cute. What a face!
  12. oh my gosh- something about the dogs wearing backpack pictures just kills me. They look so adorable and proud.
  13. We are not in agility but have a lot of negative comments about Border Collies. I feel like I am in the secret border collie club, Shiloh is the best dog that I have ever met. We get: -oh, I hope you know what your in for with that type of dog -a border collie in the city? he will have OCD for sure -you guys must be so busy at home, no rest for border collies -I hear those dogs need a ton of exercise and can never be calmed -I would never own one of those, crazy dog -Do you want to breed him with my dog? (at least once a week??!) um, no!!! Anyways, their loss. Border Collies
  14. Shiloh pees on himself almost every time. He is not neutered and a year old. It is annoying but he cleans it off...really there is not much we could do about it. You're not alone!
  15. Please don't give up! I am a first time dog owner/BC owner and I knew nothing about anything BC when we got Shiloh. I came here and have learned so much stuff and 100% agree that BC's should bred based on their working ability with livestock. My favorite things about Shiloh are his loyalty, dedication to a task, intelligence, problem solving ability and physical ability. All of those aspects come from being a working dog even though his breeder was just a silly person who loved their female dog...etc. But luckily he still has those traits. Anyways, I wouldn't have understood this w
  16. That was lovely, truly. I am crying.... what a moving tribute.
  17. I decided that I would tell my friends that Shiloh was a working dog (on a golf course) and he needs to have good manners. I took a bit further and said that he is off leash a lot and if their are kids at the course or in the park and you let him jump on you- then he could try the same thing with the kids are seriously injure them but knocking them down or scratching them. So its not us, its not you....its for the safety of the kids. All true...(we don't have kids...and neither does the golf course, really) but, it helped to take anything personal out of it and also let them know how
  18. We have hardwood too.... We have a few area rugs that shiloh prefers to hang out on... and then he just learned not to run on hardwood since it was slippery. We try keep it calm at home so once he was used to it, he was ok. We also taught him the command slow....which really helped.
  19. oh, these stories are really sad and incredibly touching. Dogs are so amazing... The picture of Duncan and Flyboy made me cry. I don't have anything to share, since Shiloh is my first dog....but I have really appreciated reading what everyone has written here.
  20. Shiloh is a big fan of squirrels too. One day we took him off leash outside of our complex and he was dashing to his pee spot, while also hoping to surprise a squirrel. He turned the corner and a squirrel jumped right into his chest! He was stunned and shocked.... the squirrel ran away, but shiloh just looked at us like what *** just happened? haha!! I wish I had a picture. Anyways- sorry I don't have any advice. We only let Shiloh chase squirrels on the odd occasion at the park, but he must recall even mid chase, or ignore them on leash to earn that right and we wouldn't allow him to
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