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    vetontheedge.blogspot.com Didn't see this posted anywhere, if it has been forgive me, I have been away from the boards here for a long time, but wanted to let you know a light and a good vet has gone out.
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    So sorry, I had enjoyed reading about his adventures.
  3. Daniel seems to be the therapy you needed also!
  4. So if I make Bess sit and stay in front of the computer and have her listen to the teacher, she will learn to pen? Sorry couldn't resist.. thougth it was funny...and yeah, I get it that you have to sit, stay and listen, then go practice....
  5. Bess puts her snout on my lap when she wants something... prior to getting desperate and barking. (Out to potty for instance. Had she not done that, I'd have never figured out when she had to go until it was too late... we did the bell on the door and that was abused by wanting to go out...period for no known reason.)
  6. Bess puts her snout on my lap when she wants something... prior to getting desperate and barking. (Out to potty for instance. Had she not done that, I'd have never figured out when she had to go until it was too late... we did the bell on the door and that was abused by wanting to go out...period for no known reason.)
  7. So Happy you have a cold wet nose to come to again finally!
  8. Do you mean become deep? ( or are you talking their breasts drooping?)
  9. I used to use Nature's Miracle, but have to drive to the big city to get it now... so I have found that Wal-Mart here sells something called Out! and it works well, they have it in an oxy formula too which works well.
  10. Hillsdale lake swim area is still closed. There was noticwe of algea bloom going on. That is hwere I ususally take Bess for our walk...but we didnt' let her get in the water and kept the walk short...mostly for my knee which I strained, but it benefitted her also,
  11. I buy pork neck bones from my local grocery store... not too expensive when just one every other day or so...even 1 a week is probably enough, but I also feed some raw daily ...so I either give a bone or chicken gibelets/heart/liver as a topper on the kibble or yogurt or a duck egg.
  12. YES! \0/ WHOOPIE! Keep it up little miss Lacee!
  13. See,s harder for me to find chicken necks in my area... so I use pork neckbones... they have been cut so they aren't too thick, have some meat on them, and I also freeze them and give my dog bonesicles. They keep much better that way. Leaveing them in the fridge, they get slimey a nd start to grow bacteria too fast ... as I only give a bone every other day or every third day.
  14. I just don't understand why being kinder and gentler has to be equated with sugarcoating stuff... I am not comfortable with that much bluntness on a forum where you cannot read a person's face or body language. Change a person---> change a dog's life, and maybe many more down the road ..
  15. Journey and others, Of course I read the whole thread, and of course I know you all care passionately, as do I. I just prefer a kinder and gentler approach to people venturing into the boards the 1st and 2nd times! I am a blunt person when telling the truth...but not until I get to know someone well enough to know how well they will take it... if I need to be gentler at first, I am, as to gain their respect and trust before I share truth with them. I certainly don't ridicule until I know them extremely well enough for them to know I am teasing them. Other than that, I try not to be sarcastic or ridicule anymore. It just seems to make situations worse rather than better.
  16. This thread just makes me so sad. Not that you care. I doubt the original poster will ever dare step foot in here again. No education done except to learn we , who know the most , are rude and will attack newcomers. As for the breeder, whom we could have cultivated a relationship with... I'm sure she is gone too... acidic comments eroding any bridge that might could have been made to gradually help her think through the way she breeds and does things. I realize it was started when most people have winter shut in syndrome...cabin fever or what all..or were busy and in the middle of lambing... but geez Louise...nice going there-- jumping on the bandwagon... Sincerely, The fun police.
  17. Bess gets silly once in a while about not eating... but it isn't a daily or consistant thing. I found, that if I put a few kibbles of another kind of dog food or few of the cats kibbles on the top of her usual food... she eats them. Was at a business fair/fun kid day type thing and the co-op from that small town carries Taste of the Wild in at least 2 different formulas, High Prairie and one with fish? I think... I picked up a couple free samples, had another friend pick up a couple for me and have been putting a few kibbles on just for the fun of it every other night or so... she usually eats Canidae but thinks the cats Felidae is supurrb...LOL so now and then I sprinkle a few of those kibbles on top of hers to eat too.
  18. There are times I wish I had another dog for Bess to play bitey face with... she wants to play bitey face only she does it with my hands when we are relaxing on the couch ...and I am not as fast and agile as I used to be and I keep telling her 'my hands aren't covered in fur, and ease up a bit would ya!' But in general... she is gentle and it's fun for her...would be a whole lot more fun with another dog though. Sometimes, I think she misses her brother Bruce I left behind at the farm because I couldn't handle 2... at 4 months, they had their little rivalries going on who could take who... I'm not sure she won as often as she wanted to! I hear her Brother Bruce is a fine goose patrol in KC though!
  19. Oh NO! I can come help you look tomorrow...(Tuesday) I wish I had logged in earlier. I could have come helped today. Private message me an intersection where you put your fliers and I'll go look at her picture and start looking tomorrow. I'm so sorry! Tonight is an awful night for her to be alone out there... glad it's not raining.
  20. Desert Ranger previously had posted some websites regarding that... he had anxiety things going on from PTSD to who knows what... but Ranger's dog learned it all... Anyone wanting to know more can do a search on those threads for the info sites.
  21. Mara... You are a knitter... there may be a way to help your grieving heart. I crohook, which is sort of a cross of knit and crochet, so I grieve unborn babies that no one grieves openly for by crohooking a baby blanket and donating it to a good cause. I am wondering if knitting something and giving it to a good cause in mejory of your beloved friend will help in a small yet active way for you. just an idea I'm sharing, because in a small way, it helps me.
  22. Welcome back! I have thought about you from time to time, wondering where that girl who loves papillons went to...LOL! I also have read a few fostering 101 fail stories on here the last couple years!
  23. not only do you need to go to You Tube to watch it to be able to like it... I believe you should be logged in to You Tube to like it or it doesn't do anything or tally them. Cute ideas.
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