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  1. Mary, I'm so sorry to read this. Others have said it more eloquently, but the sentiment is the same. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find peace in knowing that Ellie is now at peace.
  2. Today is my birthday. Today was Scooter's birthday too. He would have been 8 years old. Gone too soon. Extra treats for you at The Bridge, sweet boy. Love you and miss you.
  3. bc4ever

    RIP Echo

    So sorry for the tragic loss of your Echo. There's really no good way to lose a cherished friend, but the suddenness of his passing makes it so much harder to wrap your head around. Peace and comfort to you and your family.
  4. One year ago today, we opened our hearts and home to a sweet senior rough coat collie. Best guess was, he was 10 years old. Returned to the rescue organization after six years, he was woefully underweight and full of mats. Once we got him home, we had him groomed, teeth cleaned and gradually put twelve desperately needed pounds on him. After losing our border collie, Scooter, to a probable brain tumor following an unprovoked attack on me nine months earlier, we both had a few trust issues. But, he quickly proved himself to be a gentle, loving, wise old soul; so much so that he became a certifi
  5. Scooter used to reverse sneeze sometimes. Read somewhere to blow in their face--that would stop it. Tried it once. He stopped alright and came back fighting. Never did that again!
  6. After raising our (black and white) BC from a puppy, at just barely six years old, he suddenly and violently attacked me without warning. Had my husband not been home at the time, I'm sure he would have killed me. We had to have him put down; vet said it was probably a brain tumor. I was devastated at losing him, dealing with the physical wounds and PTSD after the attack. I wanted another Border Collie puppy. I needed another Border Collie. I searched obsessively, nightly, into the wee hours of the morning, looking for another Scooter. We went through several rescues, even worked with a br
  7. http://www.toledonewsnow.com/story/19825518/experts-puppy-mills-growing-trend-in-oh Brought to you by the same state that lets any weirdo own dangerous, exotic animals.
  8. I love this thread! I'm "guilty" of almost all of the above, at one time or another, with one dog or the other. To quote from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, "Keep to the code!" "Well, they're more like guidelines really."
  9. How tragic to lose her due to someone's carelessness, after going through what you did with her GI issues. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  10. After ruling out any physical problems, I agree with Cassidy. No free feeding. You might try adding toppings, such as a small amount of shredded cheese, etc. Sometimes, with our current guy, when he turns his nose up at his food, I "prime the pump"--give a small piece of food to get his juices flowing. However, he's ten years old (best guess) and I think his appetite may not be what it used to be, but he isn't losing weight either, unlike your dog. You mention he won't eat unless you stand over him. I understand the frustration and worry when they won't eat and the temptation is to urge an
  11. Scooter, the Border Collie in my avatar, was a super fast learner. Tell him or show him once and he had it. Next? Daniel, our ten year old adopted Scotch Collie, is much more quiet about learning new things and just about everything is new to him, other than walking on leash. I've learned, after the eight months he's been here, that we can work on something for a while with what seems like little success, but then one day I realize he's suddenly sitting and staying, or coming when called. I don't know if this is a difference in the breeds, his personality, or if he just never had to l
  12. Scooter was a shredder! He loved any kind of paper product, and was especially fond of used dryer sheets that accidentally got dropped on the floor. At first I freaked, fearing he was eating them, then I realized he was just having fun making doggie confetti!
  13. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Cindy. When we had to have our Scooter euthanized at the age of six due to a brain tumor, everyone here was so kind and supportive and told me to remember the good times. I tried, but that just seemed to make it worse. After a year and a half, I still miss him terribly, but can now smile when I remember all the things that made him so precious and so uniquely him. Praying for you as you grieve. Peace will eventually come. Pam
  14. That was my thought when we got Daniel--his nose is very long and pointy, not like the Collie we had when I was growing up.
  15. Our Collie, Daniel, adopted in late November, is pictured below. He is now a registered therapy dog and whenever we visit a nursing home or hospital, someone always asks, "Whatever happened to the Lassie Collies?" Many of the older people we visit remember having one when they were young, or knew someone who did. He's quite the hit when we arrive with the Great Dane, the Rottie, and the Beagle. We've found him to be sweet and gentle but with a real stubborn streak; not as eager to please as our Border Collie, Scooter, was. :
  16. The first night we put Scooter in his crate, he slept through the night; so sound and so long, I thought maybe he had died! He never minded being crated.
  17. Not my dog, but my sister had a cockapoo that would eat anything--a whole box of chocolates, wrappers and all, a bar of soap, a bag of gummy worms, old carpeting they had taken up and had put on the back porch to dispose of. Never got sick once. She also had a cat. What the dog couldn't get to, the cat was more than happy to help with by climbing and knocking whatever it was to the ground so Buster could devour it!
  18. Waffles, your story made me laugh. Reminded me of our Scooter. He was never a counter surfer, but every year, for Christmas, I made pistachio coffee cakes. One year I had them cooling on the island and heard the worst commotion coming from the kitchen. Ran downstairs to see what was happening and there was DH, looking totally flustered, half a coffee cake gone, and Scooter looking somewhat ashamed, but not all that much. DH said when he walked in on him, he was eating it as fast as he could, side to side, like eating an ear of corn. The next year, I cooled them all the way back on the count
  19. I know it's a bad flea and tick season pretty much all over, but have heard it's exceptionally bad in the Carolinas. We will be traveling with Daniel to N. Carolina (Charlotte area) this summer. He's currently on Trifexis (since October). Do I need to add anything to this, such as a topical, just to be safe? Don't want to overdose him, but don't want him under protected either. Thanks in advance. Pam
  20. Glad I saw this. Had a similar experience just this week. My ten year old (?) rough collie, Daniel, and I were outside getting the mail when my friend arrived. She got out of the car; he was friendly and relaxed, but the minute we walked in the house, he started barking at her. I wouldn't say she's an infrequent visitor. He does the same thing with my sister, and she's been around him since the day we adopted him in November. When my nephew came last weekend, he didn't bark once at him, or his beagle. No issues. He does eventually warm up to my sister, but never really does with my friend. I h
  21. I'm so sorry for your loss of such an amazing companion. I wish I could take some of the pain away. Know that I care and wish you strength and peace during this heartbreaking time. ((gentle hugs)) Pam
  22. So very sorry to read the report about Tex. I swear my heart stops beating for a few seconds whenever I hear about another sweet soul heading for The Bridge. Praying for peace; for Tex and for everyone who loves him.
  23. Happy to read the news about Dexter, although I'm sure he's in some "discomfort" (the medical term for pain)! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief, at least until the next incident. Seems like it's always something that keeps us up at night worrying about them.
  24. Read this morning that the recall now includes CAT FOOD, and they've changed the identification codes.
  25. We just switched Daniel to the Sweet Potato and Venison formula about a month ago. Thankfully, our bag isn't in the recall. Yet. We always empty the food into a large container too, but I cut the lot number, best buy dates, etc., from the bag and put it in with the food, just in case. I also include the receipt.
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