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  1. Nah... just working on the process and skills. I love making patterns.
  2. I've been teaching myself some pattern design (digital art), and decided to make some border collies in memory of my old boy Buddy and the folks on this forum who taught me so much.
  3. This girl will probably be adopted quickly, but she is so beautiful. https://www.facebook.com/GreatDogRescueNewEngland/posts/10155620238918451
  4. This girl will probably be adopted quickly, but she is so beautiful. https://www.facebook.com/GreatDogRescueNewEngland/posts/10155620238918451
  5. This little terrier mix I have now was pretty much kennel-bound and shaking for two days after I brought her home. At one point, I just picked her up and held her on my lap for five minutes or more, hugging her and assuring her she was safe, as she trembled. I honestly thought maybe she had Parkinson's. She is so ridiculously spoiled and feisty now; I can't believe she was every that scared dog. Go get that little man.
  6. My brother has a specimen at his house he calls the "$3,000 acorn." His old springer spaniel got very ill, and a lot of expensive tests followed by surgery revealed an intestinal block caused by the very large acorn, swallowed whole. It's a really odd event; we have millions of acorns every year and this is the only time I've ever heard of this happening. Just be aware!
  7. I wanted to respond to this line. I don't discount your experience with this one dog, but as someone who previously owned a fearful and reactive border collie, I've gotta say that this line of advice is not at all helpful. I brought my old dog Buddy home at 2-3 years of age, knowing nothing about his issues or about reactivity in general. He was terrified at the shelter, and beautiful, and I felt bad for him, so I adopted him. And BAM! What a surprise. I walked into our first few weeks with blithe confidence: I'd owned many dogs, and none of them had had issues. I treated Buddy like
  8. Oh, dear... good luck. My old dog was very reactive, and what worked for some of his triggers (dogs passing us, for example) was giving him an alternative command and then rewarding. When we saw a big dog coming, I would walk him off the path and have him lie down, then treat after the dogs passed. Within a few months, he started taking himself off the path when we saw other dogs, and lying down without being told to... it seemed like he believed that was a protective behavior that made dogs passing safe. Can you get her in a position to listen to you in a command before the elevator
  9. Oh, my... I love her. She looks so much like my old boy.
  10. Wow, that is a beautiful girl. Stunning. Good luck with her! And I'll tag on with everyone else: my biggest mistake with my old reactive boy Buddy was trying to go too fast in the beginning. In a couple weeks, I realized that my pushing was just another thing that was making him scared. When I stepped back and gave him space and time (literal space and time, not metaphorical!), is when we started becoming a partnership.
  11. I was running around to yard sales and doing errands this morning. I brought Cricket with me because she likes to be a ride-along dog. I ran into Home Depot and when I came out, noticed that Cricket was trying hard to squeeze out the open half of the passenger window in front. (She's just 20 lbs and could probably fit, but she's usually quite content to stay in the car.) I guessed maybe she had seen a squirrel. When I started to drive away, I noticed she was panting really hard and acting strangely. Even though it's coolish outside, I panicked and thought maybe she had overheated or go
  12. I was walking Cricket in a busy park yesterday. I've been known to go rogue and let her off-leash when there aren't people around, but yesterday definitely wasn't that day, so she stayed on leash. Young guy with large pitbull-mix puppy let his pup charge us. The pup was only about 4 months old, but already outsized my little girl. I called, "She might get snarky!" (though she doesn't, too often), and the young guy kept assuring me that HIS dog was super-friendly, wouldn't do anything. Too soon, that pup is going to be a VERY large dog, and is going to get into a pretty serious fight.
  13. My little terrier mix ("border collie mix") Cricket is a pretty easy dog. She meets and greets people well, mostly plays well with other dogs, and stays with me off-leash with near 100% predictability. HOWEVER: I live alone. There aren't a lot of people coming and going in and out of my house. And lately, when people enter the house or move unexpectedly in the house, she is darting forward and nipping at their heels. This isn't a fear issue, from what I can tell. She does this to people she sees all the time outside the house, and people who have been outside, walking with us. S
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