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  1. Has anyone seen this movie/ documentary? I bought it a while ago and just watched it... it was amazing to see these dogs work and interesting to hear the handlers thoughts... the scenery was phenomenal as well.. over all I really enjoyed it! Makes me appreciate all the hard work that goes into getting a dog herding, let alone good at it! I have just started lessons with Sam my 5 yr old border collie, while it's late in life for him to learn he is still impressing me with how the drive to herd is there. https://www.facebook...6552261?fref=ts
  2. Lesson number two under our belts now.. and it really never fails to amaze me that the natural instinct to drive the sheep comes out! Now if only I knew what the heck I am supposed to be doing.. Sam sure seems to be getting the hang of it tho! Was a beautiful morning in an amazing setting! can't wait to try it again! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151077515261455.418162.543581454&type=1&l=f6f0119ed9
  3. Leroy said to say hello! :-)

  4. I don't see any harm in it.. it's all for fun.. Sam and I were equally as dressed this weekend for a Disc dog trial freestyle routine :-) Done to the original batman theme. Sadly it all went to heck thanks to strong winds lol..
  5. Hahaha yeh maybe just a bit!! I have a lesson planned with him on Sunday.... I could say hi for you!!
  6. it is indeed Leroy.. and he is only 20 min away!
  7. It was amazing to see that light go on... he really impressed me! He had been around sheep a few times as a younger dog and seemed to be very scared... had more or less expected the same thing to happen this time but a few years maturity makes the world of difference I guess! the gentleman who ran the instinct testing clinic is also teaching lessons have one for next weekend and will soon plan more if he continues to do well! here is a link to see a pile of the pics... he wasn't perfect... but he is so smart with all the other stuff we do pretty sure he will catch on quickly.. at least I hope so! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151041708346455.412492.543581454&type=1&l=ed1857a410
  8. HI all, have been around th forums for a few years with my boy Sam, he's now 4.5 and I have finally had the opportunity to test him with Sheep! He scored 8 for instinct and 5 for intensity, am pretty excited to finally see him doing what he was naturally meant to be doing! It's pretty amazing to watch the natural drive kick in. Am hoping to get him into regular lessons now and maybe even some trialing if the opportunity comes up.. any advice or tips on what I can do to help increase his skills? The herding world is pretty new to me so please fogive any ignorance on my part.
  9. Sam was like that initially too but again it's about getting the dog to place more value one what ever it is that you have in your hand vs what they have or want. takes time and practice.. but if We can do it... anyone can!!
  10. With Sam it was getting him to put a higher value on what ever it is that I have in my hand.. so what he has isn't as important I still have to wiggle the frisbee a bit to get his attention and he will generally drop what's in his mouth. It's all about higher value placement.. so what ever I have is the most fun and most exciting thing in his world.. and what he has is kinda boring and not nearly as interesting! when I was starting out he would just run around and hang on to his toy.. so I would have another frisbee and run around making silly noises, throwing the frisbee up in the air and catching it so he could see I was having fun with out him.. not so interesting for him and I was not paying him ANY attention other that keeping an eye out for when he'd drop the toy he had as soon as he'd drop the frisbee he had I'd throw the one I had for him... he eventually clued in the game was more fun and would continue if he let go of what ever he had.
  11. So this is only the second time we've tried the freestyle competition and well it's a work in progress but we only started to train for it in December! Sam did great ! hahaha there was not a lot of people competing in this event as it's new to the region (only 2 of us LOL) but we got 1st place! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151217146930013 think we're hooked on it now though as it's a lot of fun... if anyone out there has any tips or advice on stuff we can improve on will gladly listen!!
  12. Is done through the Canadian Disc Dog Association, it is a blast to do... !!
  13. Saturday RPT(finally!!!) Our 4th attempt! 2nd place for longest catch in Trial # 1 with a bronze Q 8th place for longest catch in Trial # 2 with a bronze Q Sunday 1st place for furthest catch Trial #1 (sunday) with a Bronze Q 5th place for Novice disc dog Trial #1 with a Q 3rd place for Novice disc dog Trial # 2 with a Q TOP DOG for the day for Furthest catch 149.1 ft!! 8th place over all for the weekend!
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