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  1. This is a dead horse. It wouldn't be in the ABCA's best interest, so it doesn't make good business sense to put the money behind it.
  2. Well in the gazillion discussions on this, it comes down to that the ABCA will not cut the apron strings in not allowing dual registration. $$$ talks.
  3. I thought that way for a long time. Fact is, there will always be good working breeders breeding good working dogs, and there will always be people breeding black and white imitations that prance around the ring with a little string around their fluffy neck with their handlers in flats, nude nylons, black skirts and pastel blouses at their side. The dogs are not even the same breed, and neither are the people.
  4. I second Nancy's sentiments. I recently registered a litter and was very pleased with the efficiency of the process.
  5. MossyOak, what paygrade is chene in? I missed that part of the post.
  6. Look at all the fancy colors. I'd bet their pedigrees look like a who's who of local puppymills.
  7. jdarling


    Kristine, I'm so sorry to hear of Speedy's passing. My condolences. Jodi
  8. Also ... if folks would do their research and not buy from puppymills, and puppymills had no one to sell their pups to, they wouldn't breed as many. But it's clear that people don't have a clue what Border Collies are, as evidenced by that ridiculous Facebook group someone posted the link to ... Fact or Fiction something or other. The "breeders" they praise on there and the reason they're praised will make your head spin.
  9. So when you report the video, what happens? YouTube just takes it down, right? Too bad that won't stop the problem.
  10. Looks like I forgot how to embed a video ... but here's the link: BORDER COLLIE / KELPIE PUPS
  11. Here's an article I just found: Odds still against Clarks Hill collie breeder It seems as though Thurman “Randy” Sanders, border collie breeder of Clarks Hill, is facing the hard truth that his kennel of more than 50 years may close. But he apparently has not yet given up. The kennel, at 10112 S. County Road 700 East, was the focus of much attention during fall 2012 after a fellow border collie breeder and interested buyer stopped by the farm a few months prior. Kenny Shuck, of southern Indiana, and a friend filed a complaint. Possible violations — and claims that Sanders’ pro
  12. If you search the phone number, it shows a bunch of (deleted) ads for BC/Aussie cross pups as recent as the first week of December, so apparently the female just got done whelping a litter ... probably one of many ... unfortunately.
  13. Not registered, "not used in a way that would make him valuable" ... "left to run the feedlots and do whatever he wants when he wants" ... Why should he have been priced out of anyone's reach? I, personally, didn't see anything amazing. Worked fine, will probably be more useful with more training, but didn't blow my socks off. A dog that's left to their own devices, sometimes, is worse than one that hasn't been worked at all. They can develop bad habits that are very tough to break, and to me, that's not real valuable. I guess that's why they say it's all in the eye of the beholder.
  14. SS Cressa, is Jake the sire of your pup?
  15. HERE is Gary Ammons' website. HERE is Mike Blaylock's website.
  16. This is the video on his website that I found most impressive. HERDING A COW - "Trying to herd the first time."
  17. Don't bother. Even if you send a request to remove it, she won't.
  18. Getting opinions of people on this site who don't actually know Spur Bar is great, but a little bit of research will tell you all you need to know. Their prices are not outrageous, and in fact, several very well-known, well-respected working breeders charge the same prices for pups. So, no, the price is nothing to raise any red flags. And some well-respected working breeders are using Facebook now, just like their puppymill counterparts, so that's not necessarily a red flag, either. Social media is all the rage now. However, if you take a look, let's say, at Doc's pedigree ... he goe
  19. My dogs have figured out pretty quick that if they pull on the one end of the leash, the other end smacks them in the head.
  20. With all due respect, Kristine, neither do you. In one of the last marathon threads, you were talking about how much you and your dogs enjoy video competition because your dog can't handle live competition, so that tells me you're not on the circuit much. I understand that you feel that the very small sampling of the people you know at the local competitions you go to gives you a good idea of what's out there in relation to this discussion, but I think it's a case of you don't know what you don't know. I understand you're on a lot of the discussion boards, but what comes out of people'
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