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Sam is missing

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Yesterday, I saw the LGD's at around noon. Then went out to lock up the chickens around 5. I saw Lily at that point and didn't think much about not seeing Sam. So went out to feed at 6:30 and no Sam

We've rode all around the prop and the area calling him. Lilly is right with the sheep but no Sam.


They've taken to visiting the gas well (which is where the closest place that has people around) where there are men working but have normaly come home after visiting the workmen. There are neighbors in the general area but no one has seen him.


I have this sinking feeling that someone saw them and scooped him up. He is the sweetest little/big guy, will go up to anyone for love. Lilly is more hang back type. She'll come up for love but on her terms.


I will put signs out today and visit with the rest of the neighbors. One of them works for the gas well company so she's going to make sure none of the working guys took him. They knew where these guys came from so it would not be a normal worker, maybe a new driver. We're going to ride by the pound and local shelter today and will keep dropping by. But I just have this bad feeling.


Lilly is looking lost but still hanging right with the sheep.


It really poured down rain last night. I know these guys really don't care but I kept picturing him out there stuck somewhere. Could be in some ones barn or garage where they went then got shut in?


I just don't know....

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We just got back from a major hunt. Went to all the shelters in the area and met all the neighbors

Unfortunatly he doesn't even have a collar on. Where we live there is so much stuff to get hung up on that I just can't put collars of them. I guess I might take my chances and put Lilly's on her now. Haven't had him at the vet yet so no chip either.


He is sooooo friendly that I really think someone picked him up as a freindly stray. He looks like he's a giant white lab puppy. You can't tell how big he's gonna be unless you happen to really look at his feet. Which are HUGE!


There's a gas well that's pretty close, lots of guys coming and going. One stopped in last week and told us about the puppies being up there. We asked that no one be to friendly to them and shoo them home. I'm just hoping it's someone from there that didn't hear that story.


They don't seem to be afraid of anything, not heavy equipment, huge trucks and I've seen them out wressling in horrid wind and rain storms like it was just another day. So the likely hood of him running in a storm is not big.


Lilly is looking lonely and we're just heart sick. It's amazing how quickly these darn guys wiggle into your hearts.


I didn't konw weather to lock Lilly up with her sheep last night or leave the gate open enough where they can slide underneath. I finally choose to close it all the way just to keep Lilly safe. I went out several time last night, calling him. nothing.


BUMMER....he was just perfect!


Thanks for all the mojo, I've talked to the local police and they've got their eyes pealed for him. I'm putting up flyers after I print more.


I'll keep you posted.

Julie, did you ever figure out where your adult Mer. went? Did she come home starving? Sam has now missed 2 meals. It's just killing me to not have the little turd up my butt when I"m outside grazing the sheep.

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I have no idea where she went. I drove around the day I noticed her missing in probably a 5-mile radius, but didn't see her, nor had anyone else. That was Wednesday. Laura and Kelly came out Saturday and we tramped the woods and fields for several hours looking and calling. Then my neighbor called early Tuesday morning to say her husband had seen a dog they thought might be mine while he was on his way to work that morning--so I got the call pretty much as soon as he called her. I hopped in the van and she was coming down the side of the road headed in the direction of the farm, but about a mile out. I don't know if she would have showed up on her own later that morning if the neighbors hadn't called.


I was told on one of the working LGD groups that a bonded dog wouldn't have been gone from its flock that long unless someone had caught her and she then later found a way to get free and head home. Since I surmised that she left in a panic during a really bad storm, my feeling is that she could have run quite a ways from home (at least I know of border collies who have gone miles). I seriously doubt anyone would have gotten their hands on her because she had lived a semi-feral life for a time before I got her.


She had dropped a lot of weight by the time I got her home. I sure do hope Sam is in a safe place. Having one missing is a terrible feeling.



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Oh no!!! This is terrible. Mojo, Mojo, Mojo. I hope Sam returns with all my heart. Have you asked the well diggers if there was anyplace he could have fallen into?


Everything Jin, Mookie and and I have is going to you to help find Sam.

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No I didn't ask the well diggers anything, by the time I knew he was missing they were gone. They will be there on Monday, so will I.

I leaning towards someone either took him thinking they were rescuing a stray, or snatched him. He was just to friendly for his own good. There really is no where for him to go without being seen, but then again when I start walking I feel like I'll never be able to cover all the surrounding area. I can see hundreds of miles (well it feels like that) but then again, I'll miss what's right under my nose.


There are so many gas well workers up there, I have a strong feeling someone thought they were getting a cute big ol lab puppy or they knew what they were taking, either way, I'm going to have to go on kindness, rescue effort and word of mouth. If someone thought they were doing a good deed by rescuing a "stray" dog, then I have a chance of them seeing my posters and returning him. If not, then I sure hope he gets a great home where he'll be able to do exactly what he was bred to do, cause I think he'd tend to make someone miserable if they tried to make him a house or yard dog. He's not going to go for that one bit. He's gonna be huge! I'd say his feet are as big as DH's hands and he's a big guy.


My neighbor works for the gas company, she'll be talking to all of them tomorrow at her office and I'll be walking up there several times a day to see anyone that I can find. Plus I have flyers all over the place and I'm going to print more and put them on the porta potties up there, I figure they all have to go sometime.


The neighbors at the end of the road say they have seen the 2 in the last few weeks, but they've never came all the way down there. The gas well is the only place close enough where people are out and about.

In the field on the other side of the gas well(which is really across the road from me), they have 2 donkeys and 2 llamas, I knew the puppies were in love with the donkeys and llamas but had not strayed into that field cause the llamas were not to fond of them. I've gone up there a couple of times and retrived them from hanging at the fence. I've already talked to the owners of them, they haven't seen him.


If he went up from here, well you're in BLM land and there's still snow up there, nothing but BLM land and some cattle that I can see. I'd think he'd have made it back.

I hear coyotes and my DS saw a bear a few roads over but no one has seen a mountain lion in these parts for a few years. So I don't think he was eaten...it was between noon and 5pm.


I'll keep you posted but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Sometimes you just have that horrible feeling. That's what I've got now.


Poor Lilly, she tries like he** to get the black dogs to like her, but that's not going to happen. I brought her a RB tonight, and she was quite pleased but ran right back in with the sheep with her treasure. I know she's ok but I feel so bad for her. She looks so sad.


Thanks for all the board MOJO....Lets hope it works it's magic one more time!



There are no holes at the gas well where he could have fallen in. It's all enclosed. Lots of equipment that could have squished him but again, we'd see that :rolleyes:

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