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  1. Well, I suggest then that you make it yourself, that way when it fails it will be on you. Nothing is perfect, especially when made by humans..
  2. Just a side note as well..it may be beneficial if Monte was taught to walk properly on lead then the size and strength wouldn't matter..
  3. Leather. The weakest part of a lead is the clip. The one you linked to above has aluminum. Good ole fashioned leather. Try Gun Dog Supply or better yet, Farm Diggity, the leads they make are indestructible and it's an American company owned by sheepdog trialers and breeders.
  4. Love the picture - Happy Holidays to all
  5. What a wonderful year you two have had! Thank you for sharing and thank you for rescuing him. May the next year bring you and Rooter even more..
  6. I guess I'm surprised you're defending other dogs and not your own. There's a reason she doesn't like them but you're not backing her up. What she needs is the reinforcement that you've got her back and for you to make sure others don't crowd her space. D'Elle nailed it.
  7. Check with Geri Byrne or Candy Kennedy (Candy's website - https://www.abcollie.com/index.php/tag/candy-kennedy-border-collies/ ) and look at https://www.norcalsheepdog.org/ if there is nothing available maybe a member can point you in the right direction of someone they know.
  8. Thank you @Ranchhand..thats exactly what I was looking for, only with recent update based on the elections. Something tells me those are not current..
  9. Google. It'll be more than you ever wanted to know though.
  10. Anything you do with your dog, for the sake of doing things, I would think would be beneficial! That said, this "game" is absolutely useless for working dogs.
  11. Whomever tipped off ABCA about this, thank you.
  12. What's to stop this person from simply registering under a different name? If registration of all dogs wasn't revoked, the wheels keep turning..
  13. Reading the ABCA news a bit ago I see someone named Tony McAlister has had privileges revoked - effective today. Moral Turpitude. This is a pretty broad phrase..is it criminal behavior or just yucky ick behavior? Does this affect registrations of prior dogs or compromise the studbooks?
  14. Ugh..coming from me I can't believe I am about to say this...have you desexed him yet? A 22 mo pup is still a pup, one you need to get a handle on. I don't like drugging a dog or desexing, however, it's not a perfect world. You may want to think about desexing him, if it's even allowed where you live. Based on how he was when you got him and where he is now, you've done well, you have a long way to go and quite a bit to learn about the breed in itself. Work the *mind*, if he needs anti anxiety in order to focus, use them. Everything, everything in his life from you needs to be slow and calm. I'm sure you're worried about what he will react to, your tension may be feeding his reactions. No reaction from you may go further than simply giving him a bone as a distraction for example..
  15. What do you mean you've taught him to "herd"? Have you taught him mind games? have you tried LAT - Look At That? The classes I was suggesting were obedience classes, full of dogs and a new environment, not that he needs the teachings, but the environment, to teach him to chill or disregard outside influences. As for rehoming, if *you* truly cannot deal with him, then it would be to his advantage to send him back to his breeder. Rehoming a problem dog is not helping anyone, especially if the problem is semi taught. He does not require 18 hours of play/work a day. You give him that he will will want more, a taught behavior. Rules, general rules, no that naughty behavior, whatever it is, is not allowed, crate time till you can behave, with a nice chew and time for him to decompress. Mind games, nose games, tracking, nose scent work classes? Something to work his brain in an organized fashion versus just being reactive.
  16. Boarding him to give you a break is cop out. From everything you've listed above it seems to me, mo, that you've created a monster and dog that doesn't know how to self entertain or chill on his own. He needs to learn inhibitions, bite inhibition, and to relax. There is nothing wrong with crating him for the 3 to 4 hours as you mentioned above. Far better to do that than have him injured. You've never said how old he is, not quite 2? Puppies are very apt to chase or lock onto moving targets, he's a Border Collie. Stick with your trainer, and the anti anxiety meds if you really think they are necessary. It's not a matter of finding him a *quieter home* you've allowed him to become self absorbed, center of attention, for how many months now, 10? Rules, he needs rules and parameters so that he will know when and how to act accordingly. Are there any classes you can take? Classes where he will need to use his mind and not just be reactive?
  17. Uh, no, I try to avoid situations like this..failure though as I'm up to 6 right now Besides 2nd dog syndrome only happens once. If you like her and want her, just do it. Go get her!
  18. Or do a video to show them!
  19. Makes me wonder if it's residual from the recent collapse? Was it more severe or different than others? Has he been diagnosed as epileptic as well? I know, the unknown can be quite frightening..hang in there till you get him to the vet!
  20. Are his eyes moving quickly left to right? Has he an episode of collapse recently? And has he had any medication? HW, flea or tick treatment? Sorry you're dealing with this after hours..hopefully you can get him in and checked up tomorrow.
  21. Didn't we just have an election? Last week? Does anyone know the results of it? I haven't been able to find them posted anywhere...thanks!
  22. Convenience doesn't equate to quality. What did the pen work with no sheep mean to accomplish?
  23. What do you mean "building up slowly"? Is there any possible chance of you looking elsewhere for lessons?
  24. Another side thought..he could be going through a fear period right now. As with the above info keep this in mind. It too goes a long way with quiet calm praise and a more or less nonchalant attitude, like "that scary thing is no big deal", let's move on. Not exactly ignoring the behavior but not feeding either positively or negatively.
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