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  1. I love the Bissell proheat 2x lift off, we got, spots cleans, furniture cleans, and you can't tell the carpet was wet once you're done.
  2. No, he has had his bloodwork done and all was normal, correct? Have you reached out to the breeder to see if they have tested for it? That said, it generally is a good idea just to test, most are panels these days and are generally all inclusive of what is necessary for a Border Collie. Just on a thought but if you toss out his pedigree, folks here may know something.. Aside from the itching, eating everything is more the norm..is this the only reason he is on such a modified diet? Did he have fleas? How is his weight? How much does he eat a day? Does he have you ultra sensitive and you
  3. That's good the breeder has tested, most of the panels these days include the IGS test. Hopefully that is the case here!
  4. They gave him 3 doses of Revolution? I'd find another vet first off. Puppies like to eat, everything. His behavior doesn't sound abnormal. Very few actually have food allergies. What is he eating and how much? Eating grass, dirts, etc..is not always a sign of upset stomach. What was he eating prior that you think didn't agree with him? I would test for IGS, nothing your vet can do, it's a cheek swab DNA test. I would also seriously get a new vet.
  5. Ok, this is not herding behavior, it is simply miss guided prey drive and/or bratty puppy behavior. While you say you have tried various things, maybe you didn't follow thru? I wouldn't distract, I would simply correct him. The kids are old enough to know how to say no to him. If they are not respected then they need to have supervision while he is growing up. I have a feeling their higher pitched sounds are setting him off? If they yelp/squeal when he bites them it's a vicious circle. You want a correction to matter, start high, then go lower as he begins to understand the poor choice (in thi
  6. I was being serious, though, most wouldn't think of doing this, much less do it..gotta think outside the box and be proactive instead of stagnant in some situations!
  7. Eh, rearrange the room Injured feelings of that nature are a long time in recovering, don't beat yourself up, accidents happen.
  8. Yes, it would be a bit much for a 5 mo old. While the time isn't the issue, the distance traveled would be for me. It's very different then just going for a walk for 30 minutes and letting them go at their own pace.
  9. Oh, he is one handsome guy! Congrats to the both of you
  10. Congratulations Nancy! What a lovely girl she is...I think both of you hit the jackpot!
  11. Those types of fences are about useless..they may, for a bit, keep your dog in, they do not however keep others out. Also, once out, your dog will have no desire to get back in and get shocked again..
  12. What is the dose/exposure while spraying? And what is the dose/exposure to a dog actually *wearing* this collar, in contact with their skin, for a 90 day period?
  13. Yes, I am familiar with Ehrlici..I have had 2 dogs diagnosed with it. Doxy, for about 16 weeks did the trick though. Of all of the TBD's out there this one seems to be the least damaging, if that's a good thing..
  14. These two statements contradict each other. If it's *inside, outside, night, day, dawn* then they are together way too much. Littermate syndrome...they don't care and can't tell the difference in 2 separate owners..they, the pups, live together.
  15. A friend of mine runs a tree farm nursery..he said the chemical in the collar is one they use on sight. They put on full hazmat gear when they use it. Nope, not going on my dog.
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