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  1. Deborah - I sent you a PM.
  2. Just circling back around to this after the wonderful write up Denise did in the newsletter. Curious, is there any chance of getting the website updated to reflect what was written in the annual newsletter?
  3. Another option may be to network and see if there's a dog that just isn't quite going to make it on the circuit, maybe not a highly competitive open trial dog..that would possibly be in your budget and of an age that you'd have many years ahead of you for learning and trialling in PN.
  4. Have you had him DNA tested for MDR1? It may not be just a reaction..
  5. Denise, thank you! Thank you so much for the article in the newsletter! Very much appreciated!
  6. I haven't read the entire article but it has some interesting data. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2019.00397/full?utm_source=F-NTF&utm_medium=EMLX&utm_campaign=PRD_FEOPS_20170000_ARTICLE&fbclid=IwAR35vQmjBUbi8M_cpSvIiMi0E-yZ-2wIiHoQh28urTqL3zAleM7y3h92zX4study
  7. A bumper? Ok, unlike many objects, a bumper doesn't really have a clearly *defined* area to hold it. I'd loose the rope, I know, no velocity to throws..and back chain marking the bumper itself for holding. There are some things I am just not going to pick on with my dogs..you bring it back i'll toss it, maybe! Good luck though!
  8. Why would you be horrified if you searched for *force* fetch? Seems the teaching of a *force* fetch is just that, forced.
  9. Neutering in many countries is illegal. It's not nutty to leave what mother nature put there for a reason. The hormones play an important role. Once they're removed they can't be out back. Sounds like this pup is in a fear period and just needs to be managed through it. Time, patience and training. As for marking, that too is a training issue. Best to deal with it now before it becomes a learned behavior. Don't fight nature, allow appropriate marking and don't allow inappropriate.
  10. As for the spots on her front legs..we simply call those *naughty* spots! Those are normal as well. Most with white legs get these spots, better know as *ticking* don't worry about them.
  11. Oh, I am so so sorry..you can feel the love/loss in the tribute. I'm so sorry.
  12. It's only money well spent if the data is valid, published and peer reviewed. Otherwise, it's just blind faith, an open wallet, and one company with total control.
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