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  1. Congratulations! It's nice when things work out and come together.
  2. In the hot months of summer I use K9 Superfuel.
  3. As to her weight, the only reason she's heavier is you've not managed her intake properly. Yes, lack of hormones will contribute to weight gain, however, they can't gain it if you don't feed it..between exercise and proper nutrition, you may find she feels better as well.
  4. Been using one for decades..they're fantastic! I don't pay what they want for a *pet* one. Mini Dremel, Home Depot, $40. 20 minutes and all 4 dogs are done. No muss no fuss - it's not allowed.
  5. Something tells me Robins dogs are all AKC registered, pretty sure she also works for AKC.
  6. She's an adorable pup! Congrats on getting her. Just a word of caution..it's not recommended that you cut/shave any of her trimming, maybe the feet to keep them neater but everything else should really just be brushed on a regular basis. There's a reason they have this coat
  7. Bumping this in hopes of an answer.
  8. I just glanced at the food, you are correct, I didn't know it! On a long shot but most is when dealing with Epi..you can test his Taurine levels. I am not holding out this is it but I'd lean more towards his pedigree. How old is he? Any family history? Have you looked at the Epi databases on line to see if there are relatives that are affected as well? As Ruth said, there are ways to control this with medication, that just depends on the frequency/duration and severity...
  9. Sorry to hear Mr is having a rough time lately. Have you used any flea/tick medications lately? I'd be inclined to say the food in not the culprit, however, I do know a few that it was. What do you feed? Brand? Grain Free?
  10. Can you possibly order her meds on line from another country? Below is from AlliVet - online.
  11. Deborah - I sent you a PM.
  12. Just circling back around to this after the wonderful write up Denise did in the newsletter. Curious, is there any chance of getting the website updated to reflect what was written in the annual newsletter?
  13. Another option may be to network and see if there's a dog that just isn't quite going to make it on the circuit, maybe not a highly competitive open trial dog..that would possibly be in your budget and of an age that you'd have many years ahead of you for learning and trialling in PN.
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