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  1. Well it's the only thing he chews on besides his food and occasional treats. He just started getting them within the last few months and his teeth were perfect at his last annual check-up last February. He is getting older so I'm sure that plays into it, but I feel pretty certain it's because of the antlers. As soon as she mentioned it and showed me the teeth I immediately knew. I'm sure it won't happen to all dogs and Annie might be fine (as of now I don't see any broken teeth) but I don't want to take any chances. I'll have to find something new for chews I guess. sigh
  2. I saw the teeth. They're pretty bad. I don't think there's any way he's not in pain to be honest. The worst one is broken pretty low and there's a hole and exposed nerve. There are at least 1 or 2 other teeth that are cracked or broken but she doesn't feel need to be removed. Although I agree that a second opinion is usually a good thing, our vet options are pretty limited around here and I don't trust the other options very much, I've heard too many horror stories. They're not the type to recommend surgery and procedures lightly. There were 2 estimates that she gave me and one was including a teeth cleaning but she said he doesn't need that as his teeth are clean otherwise, probably because of the antlers. He does paw at his face sometimes, but we just chalked it up to his allergies. I'm not convinced that he's in a terrible amount of pain but I do trust her opinion. She also did his knee surgery and has been seeing him since we got him 8 years ago.
  3. We had started giving the dogs antlers to chew on as I'd read so many great things about them. Well yesterday Tiga had his yearly checkup. He has broken at least 3 teeth that need to be removed from chewing on the antlers. A year ago his teeth were all fine and the only thing that's been different is the antlers. So he has to go in to have at least 3 removed at the end of February. I came home and threw out the rest that I had left. And I had just ordered more online that I'm not sure what I'll do with when they arrive. It was too late to cancel the order. The vet said Tiga is likely in a lot of pain, although he doesn't show it. I feel so guilty and bad about it all. And it's going to cost us almost $700! I'm so sad and upset that this happened. The upside is that she said other then his teeth, he's in the best shape he's been maybe ever! He's 8.5 years young and he's at a perfect weight and his heart is steady, slow and strong. So both happy and sad news for us yesterday.
  4. We're also lucky and crazy. We have 2 BC`s and we live in an apartment, downtown in a city! My dogs get walked usually between 1-2 hours a day (time pending) but it`s good exercise for me too and I like it. They do usually expect their walks and we do have a backyard that they get some run time in as well. But they settle well in the house and lately they`ve had no choice because of the extreme cold weather. With -30C (-22F) temps we have a 5 minute max. This is our second cold spurt like this so far this winter and the first day or 2 they`re a bit restless but we do some training and play some inside and they adapt quickly. Annie takes a bit more but she`s not even a year old yet and Tiga is 8 so...
  5. Thanks for all your replies. I`m finding it interesting to see the differences between Tiga and Annie. They look so similar but they are complete opposites and I was just wondering if it was a male vs female thing or just a dog vs dog thing. Seems like it`s more of a dog vs dog thing. Either way, it`s a fun ride. Same temp here again today. There seems to be no end in sight. We`re all going a little shack wacky. So jealous of t-shirt weather! I`d be happy with -2 at this point. Anything warm enough to walk the dogs would be good.
  6. I'm just wondering if folks find females to be more vocal? Tiga is pretty vocal but not with barking. He "talks" to us when he's missed us or when he's hungry but has never really been a big barker. He usually only barks if someone is at the door when we're home. He's a great watch dog. Annie is a different story. She barks a lot more then Tiga. She barks when she looses something under the couch, if Tiga won't play with her, if she has to poop, if she's hungry, if she gets too excited, etc. She also "talks" a lot too. She sounds like Chewbacca when she gets going. And her bark is so high pitched! So much louder then Tiga's. I'm just curious if others have similar experiences with male vs females or if it's just coincidence. Hope you're all keeping warm! It's so cold here I can't take the dogs out longer then 5 mins at a time. (-30 C today!!! -22 F)
  7. Tiga's never been crated. We used to use our bedroom like a kennel when he was a puppy when we were not home, but we lived with someone else so it was easier and safer for everyone. He got into a few things in there when he was really young but he had free reign of the house when he matured a bit. We still have to make sure there's no cardboard left out though. He will devour anything cardboard. (toilet and paper towel rolls, leaving the paper intact is one of his favorites) He's great now though and I trust him fully. Annie is still crated at night and when we're not home, but she's only 11 months old and I don't trust her yet. She's ok for short periods like if I'm showering or taking out the trash but I don't want to push it too much. We're thinking about letting her free at night. She seems to want it and I feel like she might be ready. They are never left home alone all day. One of us always comes home for lunch, usually me, to take them out for a short walk/run in the yard. I would trust the 2 of them together alone, I just don't trust that Annie won't destroy the house yet.
  8. This is a great resource for sure. It would be a great archive to the Orthodogs group as well I think. Your story is very detailed and will be a great help to anyone going through this. I often wish I had kept a more detailed account of Tiga's experience. Thank you for doing this and I'm so happy to hear that Celt's life is getting back to normal. You've done a wonderful job re-habbing him.
  9. Thanks ladies! Yes Julie, Annie does have us all wrapped. :D/> We're so happy with the dog she is and is evolving into. Tiga really is showing lots of grey, although he started getting pretty grey at 2. We often got comments about our "senior" dog when he was young. People were often shocked to hear how young he was. It seems to go through stages. We did notice he had a stage of greying after we got Annie but it seems to have slowed down again now. My favorite thing about him greying is his eyebrows. He's always been very expressive with his eyebrows but it's way more noticeable now. <3 edited to add: I also went through a stage of greying after we got Annie.
  10. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been around. Things were busy with work before the holidays and I've been enjoying some much needed downtime since. Annie is doing very well. She's almost 11 months old now. We finished Grade 3 of clicker classes in December and we just started Intermediate this week. I'll admit, I've been a bit slack with training in between classes, but we're back at it again now. When we first got her, she didn't really want to be touched but she's now quite the little shadow and can often be found in someones lap or curled up beside someone. She's doing very well with her recall and has been settling nicely in the house. She's not chewing nearly as much and didn't chew even 1 decoration on my tree over the holidays! We plan to start agility in the spring. Tiga is quite the good big brother too! He acts like a puppy again and is very patient with her. She's bigger then him now (by 5 lbs!) but he still will put her in her place when he needs to. She definitely recognizes that he is the "top dog". Here's my favorite current pic of them.
  11. I've not had any stomach issues with them. That's supposed to be one of the benefits of them that they are not hard on sensitive stomachs.
  12. I'm not sure of the logistics of shipping antlers across the border. I ended up ordering some from Best Bully Sticks. Found a couple of friends to go in on a 10 pack. Should be here any day now. Kristi, love it! I was wondering how long it would take before someone posted a pic like that.
  13. Thanks for all the info! I'm going to look into the couple of places mentioned to buy them but have also put out requests for some. I thought they would last longer so hopefully some fresh ones will last a bit longer. Thanks again!
  14. We've recently discovered the joy of antlers. My 2 LOVE them! They are expensive though and they seem to go through them quickly. How long do they normally last around your households? I bought 2 XL ones less then 3 weeks ago at about $23 each. They each lasted for about a week. There's still a little left on each of them but I suspect they'll have to be thrown out before the weekend is over. They like to work on one at a time and take turns with that one until it's gone. It keeps them quiet but I can't really afford to be spending that much on them. Eeks! I guess they'll be special treats only. My next question is what do you do with them if you get them fresh off the animal? It's hunting season here and there's a chance that I might be able to get some fresh ones. Do I have to do anything to them or just give them to them as they are?
  15. Tiga does have a lot of allergies so that's likely our culprit. Haven't changed his food in a while but every time I try his allergies get worse.
  16. Tiga's ears get irritated easily but with him it's usually a yeast infection in his ears. He gets them at least once or twice a year. I usually have some prescription drops around to put in them for a few days until they clear up. A little different I know. With him I think it's when they don't dry out well enough and more crud can get stuck in there. I try to make sure to dry them well if he gets wet from rain or swimming and it seems to help.
  17. I second D'Elle's advice. We've been clicker training our youngest Annie, who's now almost 9 months old and in grade 3. It helps a lot. We still have some issues we're working on, but she was in a bad state when we got her and she's come a long way. As for your 15 month old, the answer is yes! She certainly can. Our older one is 8 years old and he's caught on to a lot of it as well. It's one thing to read about it but it's a much different thing to go to classes with someone that knows what they're doing. It also helps the dog to be trained with distractions and in a different environment. It's a great way to train with positive reinforcement. We've been enjoying it a lot.
  18. Here's a recent picture of Lola. She's getting so big! Still not too sure what she is but she's fitting into their family very well. I took a look at that rescue site again and once again there's a whole lot of cute on there. All of the puppies at the bottom! Sigh. http://www.hvgbspca.com/dogs-for-adoption.html
  19. The orthodogs yahoo group does sometimes have people on there that have had dogs with broken legs. I'm sure you could find someone there that's been through something similar that can share their experiences. If you do join it I suggest turning off the email notification and just going straight to the link. It can be a bit overwhelming at first because there are so many members and most of them are ACL tears. But there are a ton of knowledgeable folks on there and the core group that are on there will likely know where to point you. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/orthodogs/
  20. I had no idea about the bread dough but no I don't really cook much and there's been no pizza or dough around here at all. This thread has given me a lot of info though on things to avoid!
  21. Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear about Faye. Lots of good mojo and healing vibes coming your way! I hope she has a speedy recovery. Hugs!!
  22. "I'm not NOT licking toads!" LOL! Sorry I couldn't resist the Simpsons reference. I haven't seen any toads around here. We are downtown so I think the chances of that are pretty slim. Not too many spiders or wasps around here this time of year either. Whatever it was, I'm just grateful that it wasn't more serious. Not only is she feeling better but it seems to have changed her. Either that or some switch in her turned on. She has been so good since then. She's doing well with her training, she wants to be touched a lot more and will purposely lay so she's touching me. We also had a few encounters with bikes and other dogs with very little reaction and easy redirection. In one case she started to react to a bike and then, on her own, sat and directed her attention to me! We passed a dog yesterday so close they could touch and she did lunge a bit but she didn't bark at all and I was able to get her to just keep walking. This morning, however, she did lunge and bark at another dog. So we are having some small but encouraging successes.
  23. I'm pretty sure it was urine. It's possible that she could have gotten a mushroom but I don't think so. There are not too many around here as we're in the city. She didn't seem to be drooling at all and it was a pretty huge puddle. And the one on the chair was by her hind end. She also peed on the floor a bunch at the vet when she was there. I guess it will always be a mystery. She's back to her normal self now thank goodness. She gave us quite the scare.
  24. We're at the outer edge of it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be here when I got up this morning. I think the worst of what we're going to get is yet to come but it'll likely just be some rain. I've been watching the damage that's been done and it's heartbreaking. I hope everyone stays safe, dry and warm.
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