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  1. What a beautiful memory to have of her She always made it look so easy. I remember when i adopted Lucia and met her for the first time. I was very taken with her drive for life and made yearly visits every fall to see her, Jim and the dogs. Eventually adopting Grady two years later, almost to the day I had adopted Lucia I asked her on that first day if I could watch her work her sheep. She and Tan gladly stepped up to show me how it was done. I watched in awe as she made it look so effortless. I've dabbled a bit in herding with both dogs. Grady is from working farm dogs. After several attempts with both dogs, a lot of time getting run over by sheep, and even a lesson with Norm at Mary ann's house, I will leave the herding to Norm and Mary Ann Since that day, we have shared many days together sitting in lawn chairs and watching dogs play and discussing our thoughts on training. Not always agreeing, especially since we didn't train in the same sport, but always agreeing on one thing....doing what ever made the dog the happiest Thank you fgor sharing this memeory. I can almost see the fog rolling across the field as the dogs are sent to fetch them up
  2. www.k9cuisine.com TONS of food choices and free (and super fast) shipping over $50
  3. I'm sorry. I also think I read it wrong. When I went back and reread it, it made more sense. I'm going go and make some coffee now
  4. He is a puppy. It'll be a long time before he's reliable off leash. Patience I do have to disagree with some of the other posts. It IS possible for you to be more interesting than a squirrel or a pack of dogs. It takes time, training and most of all trust. Look into Susan garrett's 5 minute recall class and the other training methods beople have suggested.
  5. It's all about you, the owner, being the center of their world. You should be the most exciting thing in the universe to them. Grady is HIGH drive and super motion sensitive. He can be on a dead run to a squirrel or even running with a pack of dogs and he comes instantly when he hears his name. Lucia....well....not so much....she is a work in progress, but I'm almost there. She is now six (WOW, already?!) and until the age of 5, was let to self reward for chasing squirrels and feral cats from the yard. As long I see the distraction first, I can keep her under control. If she's already in chase, I can only call her off about 70% of the time. Not good enough, but getting there.
  6. I HIGHLY recommend Susan Garrett's recallers class.
  7. I thought I had stopped crying...until now...... Thank you Bustopher. I've never seen this Bridge story until now. I can almost see the greeting that surely took place. Mary Ann's goal was to save 1000 dogs. I would like to think she more than reached her goal as she guided those lost souls across the Bridge with her
  8. I have the Montana Lite. Definately easier to make a sound on than plastic. By sound, I mean the equivilent of finger nails on a chalk board I need soooooo much practice. Please send over any avaible children to help
  9. She was an amazing woman and I'm sad to say, the only BC/aussie rescue in her area. She not only leaves a hole in a lot of hearts, but an even bigger whole in the rescue world
  10. I know there are a lot of people on here that know Mary Ann. She was a wonderful rescuer and a true friend. This is Lucia and Grady's rescue Mom. She is the reason I have such awesome dogs. No other rescue would adopt out to a transient seasonal park ranger with no house, yard or year round job (can you blame them?!). Thank you for taking such a leap of faith and thank you for changing the lives of so many two and four legged friends. That'll do, Mary Ann. The Bridge is waiting, God speed. http://www.pnwbcrescue.org/show_bio.php?ImageSize=2&DogId=3630&c=0
  11. I agree. Try using an oatmeal or organic shampoo/conditioner. I use Buddy Wash on my guys. It works great on the white fur, smells awesome and leaves no redisue behind. I found that other shampoos left them staticky and not very clean feeling.
  12. I'm just reading this for the first time. I'm so sorry about Tess's accident and I'm so happy that she is making a beautiful recovery. Sending WY mojo for a speedy recovery
  13. I'm late on this, but also agree with CU. It sounds to me that agility has nothing and everything to do with his behavior. He needs to be taught how to have self control. Even though you brought him to trials, what did you do with him there? Did you just put him in a crate or walk him around? What did you do everytime he got excited? If you look back on it, even when he looked in control, he may not have been in his head and just wasn't showing it. CU is awesome an will look at some of the factors leading up to the behavior. I had a few "reeeaaaaallllly?!" moments with Grady and Lucia because of it. It's takes time to reverse some of the behaviors, but well worth it. He's pretty young. I wouldn't give up agility just yet and like others have said, give up on the titles for now and make your goals now about his self control. It sounds like he will always have to be worked with on it, but It's truely worth every bit of effort. Good luck!
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