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  1. Sue and Geonni are right about the Oakland PD. An extremely violent place. I have to go there to the county and state buildings on business. I have had one incident with the cops where I had to shout him down to get him to call his watch commander. Apparently cops in Oakland make liberal use of a Calif law that allows them to take you in for "Observation" a general catch all The Oakland PD make liberal use of this law. Fortunately I live on and island connected to Oakland by drawbridges. I see we have a couple of members who have SDs or are using BCs at home as SDs. If you're interested in training a BC for service dog work I'll be glad to help. Simply put when they've learned their trade they are brilliant(of course). On the other hand there are a few special steps that have to be taken with BCs and special stress resistance training that allows them to work in large crowds for long periods. The other big thing in training BC as an SD is one we all know. If your not a BC person it won't work, guarantee that. I learned that from a friend and mentor who has a pair of BCs as service dogs. Probably would not have happened without Rebecca's help. There are a service dog teams out there that use border collies. They are far and few between since it's a difficult job for a sheepdog. There was a point where Jin almost washed out big time. He seriously broke training one day last Mar. As a result of my work with Jin bringing him around and through the completion of this training I have been asked to join SD Schools. A group of professional SD trainers who are creating an Open Source Syllabus (ala Linux) for the training of service dogs. The requirements for membership have been waived because of my approach to training. *blush* and while I am not formally in business as a dog trainer I do have a handful of students picked up at the local dog park. 2 Aussies, a BC for general training and 2 mixes for SD work. Rather be chasing geese, it's more fun. So anyone who is interested training their BCs in a service dog work can contact me on FB at the Adventures of Ranger and Jin or Please Don't Pet me.
  2. A good photo is worth posting a couple of times. The name is Bond, Jinss Bond. Jin will be 3 on Dec 5th. He has successfully completed his service dog training and for several months now has proofed himself many times over the past 3 weeks in the streets of Occupied Oakland when challenged by police. Funny thing is the police hinder and challenge the validity of my service dog while the demonstrators were most helpful, even escorting me back to my car one day. As a mobility assistance dog he provides a steady platform to brace my knees against and to use while getting ujp off the ground. As a medical assistance dog he alerts me to changes ensuring I take appropriate steps to prevent a crash. In protection (as allowed by law) he places himself between me and whatever. When I go to an ATM machine I can place him on alert. No one comes near a BC that's giving 'eye' to everyone. For stress reliefe from SD work Jin works chasing geese. There are hundreds of geese in parks and greensward here. Jin and i have a regular 35 acre plot where we train and work with geese daily. He has close in control but once give the run-in he's off. He responds to most whistle commands but being Jin his recall still sucks until he's cleared out all the geese. Then I can give him a down or recall. Ji can clear 35 acres of geese in about 15 mins. Most of that is me walking from one place to another. He's knows all the gates so all I have to do is turn him loose. Since we work in an area where there are streets Jin has learned when his feet hit curb to stop even when chasing balls and geese. He will not cross any street without an OK. As far as the geese are concerned. He's coming along. Currently he is learning Peter and the Wolf. If I take he tail and hold it he is to immediately take me to the door we walked in and return me to the car. His record for Peter and the Wolf is about a block and a half and finding the car. It works OK in training and testing. Haven't tried it for real yet.
  3. This is the first BC Forum I ever logged on to. It is the last one to receive this post. It has been almost three weeks since my beloved Abby has passed. PTS for complications to a spinal injury when she fell trying to get into DWs car. A rough collie mix Abby crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, 24 Sept 10 a few minutes passed nine in the morning. We thought she was getting better but a few days before everything turned turn very bad. I'm going to miss her. She was the perfect dog. Sweet, loving and barking all the time until she was petted. Traditionally trained she performed way beyond the of my Service Dog Jin. Her life was trail and pack work for me and she had a knack for finding people out for walk whether they were lost or making love in the brush. Abby had no interest in Frisbees, balls, or toys. She loved people especially children. She even stood with Jin to protect me one day against three coyotes that came too way close. Acting like a 65lb defensive linebacker to Jins' blitzkrieg attack we were able to retreat in safety from what was a truly potentially bad situation. Each night I open my window and wish upon the stars then look at the place in my garden where the puppies dance. Abby loved wearing her pack. All I had to do was take it out an she would come over to have it put on. Abby and Jin loved to travel. Jin and Abby at the river Jin's about 8mo. In the Palm and Eucalyptus forest Jin at 10 weeks. Just becoming friends. I am disabled now. Jin is my service dog, not a trail pup or farm dog. As long as Abby was beside me there was some sense of the trail left. Jin now inherits Abbys pack with the addition of his Service Dog Patch. I love you Abby.
  4. T-touch has gotten a lot of publicity over the years with little detail to accompany it. While I've used the parts I know on my dogs I don't find a difference between that and just giving them a belly rub or massage.
  5. Primarily body language, hand sigs and the whistle with a few voice commands. Normally I only call to Jin when I want his specific attention and when he goes astray. All directional commands are given in relation to the ball. Jin's service dog commands are whispered noises and hand sigs. List of Jin's field commands Go Way= Move left. Come bye= Move Right Walk On= Go straight OutOut= go away from me To-meTo-me= come toward me. jump jump= jump go over designated object slides= climb object
  6. Would someone post links to whomever sells whistles. All I can find are the plastic ones and whistles out of the UK.
  7. Always found corian and metal whistles out of my budget they get lost to easily even on a lanyard. I keep half a dozen in a draw, an extra in the car an one each in Jin's D vest and pack.
  8. Good for you Chi-ann. You may have to move the whistle around in your mouth and experiment with the correct position. Breath frm the diaphragm and blow easy. It doesn't take much once you've got the basic technique.
  9. I like Jin's coat. Just right I had a rough coat that was absolutely the most fur I've ever seen on a BC.
  10. That'a funny. I use the cheap plastic whistles. I read these instructions many times and learned the Zen of the sheepdog whistle. There is a saying that each BC puppie comes fro the womb fully trained and includes a sheepdog whistle. It's just that it takes a year to learn how. I'm missing teeth, the instructions don't work, so I had to make some changes in to to get a sound. That changes when I have my teeth in. It's a whole different dynamic. however through experimentation I was finally able to get a bleat from it that over several weeks of listening to the radio turned in to a Queens Bohemian Rhapsody accompanied by sheepdog whistle Place the whistle according to the instructions we have all received. e dentist first and have yours adjusted. False teeth probably won't work as well as your own teeth, but I haven't tried that yet.
  11. You may get some more, adults coats are usually full in by 18 months. However be awayr you may have a relatively short haired dog. Jin's coat is very smooth about 2-3" in layers. Here's Jin at 14 mos or so.
  12. That's how I call my dogs back to the car. Just unlock it. Very convenient for Toyota to issue that recall.
  13. That's ridiculous. Over $9,300 for a sheepdog? That guy should be drag through those thousand sheep by a thousand sheepdogs. Disgusting!
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