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  1. Re-posting for a TX friend https://www.facebook.com/cindy.rybak.1/posts/2804993416489337
  2. Thank you, all! Yeah, was looking at it again today, and the claw is growing fast, and in a little semicircle. I think we'll ask the vet to remove it when he's neutered
  3. Hello, Our dear, departed Kip came to us as an adult of about 2-3yrs of age, from the dog warden/pound, so we did not know him as a pup---and he did not have anything like this. Kip crossed over back in April at 15ish years old and we've welcomed Walt to the household. Walt is ~14 weeks old now. Walt has normal dewclaws on the front (collie thumbs). They're well-developed and he uses them very much to his advantage when cornering, etc. Walt also has a single vestigial dewclaw on one hind foot. It is just fleshy, but with a fully developed claw. It does not seems to hav
  4. The pets at our place tend to have literary/historical figure names, yes. Our dear, departed Orlando was named for the Virginia Woolf story (a stray parvo+ pup who walked in front of our car when we were on our way home from the movie, who was our dog before Kip and Sollers joined us)... The best cat ever was our last cat, Bloomberg (after the cat in the Salinger stories). Current cat is Bruce (Robert the Bruce...he is tall and ginger).
  5. Hi! Our old man, Kip, passed away in April at ~15 yrs old. The previous summer, he blew out a knee and became non-weightbearing for a bit. (He recovered, but not to the point he could ever do steps again.) We live in an old house with slick hardwood floors...and very steep narrow steps to the cellar (where Kip liked to hang out when there was thunder, or when hubby was down there in his office/workshop space) and very steep/narrow tread steps to the 2nd floor where the bedrooms are. We bought some of those interlocking black foam rubber floor mats that you can configure into different sha
  6. Our old man BC, Kip, arrived into a household that already had a cat. He and cat were fast friends, because cat was bombproof. That cat passed on, and new hire cat never became confident enough to hang out with Kip. (Cat would look like he was TRYING not to look nervous around Kip but always failed, then Kip would start staring, and the cat would look MORE nervous....)
  7. Kip (our dear old man BC, who crossed over in April) came with the name when we got him from the dog warden. Of course, he had not been at the pound long, so did not really know it, but we saw no reason to change it. Our other pets all have literary names, so we playfully made his "full" name Rudyard Kipling Dog. (All the dogs have the same surname...Dog.) Husband started calling him Kippersnacks as a pet name. Daughter ramped that up to Snack-aroni and Cheese. They were always spoken in love and I don't think he held it against us ever. The new pup is Walt...and that is what will go on
  8. Wow, Sue, I had not been here regularly in that time period and missed that! And, thank you, Eileen and Heather, for maintaining. These boards are a tremendous resource.
  9. Thank you for the kind words. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, our new friend will be here tomorrow.
  10. It's been a long time since I've posted, though I still check in to read from time to time. Our Kip crossed over at the beginning of April, with all his people around him. Thank you to everyone here on these boards who helped me figure out these amazing dogs. Kip came to us from the dog warden in Lucas Co., Ohio/Toledo in February, 2008, where he'd been an unclaimed stray. He brought more than a dozen years of happiness to us. Our other old man, Sol (nonBC), is still puttering around happily. We hope he'll be pleased with the new BC recruit who is to join us next week. B
  11. Sue, I haven't stopped by in a long time, so am just now reading this, but I do remember Celt... I'm so sorry for your loss. Our Kip crossed over early April at age ~16ish (we think, as we did not have a firm age on him when we got him from the dog warden all those years ago). All my sympathy to your house.
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