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  1. Sue and Geonni are right about the Oakland PD. An extremely violent place. I have to go there to the county and state buildings on business. I have had one incident with the cops where I had to shout him down to get him to call his watch commander. Apparently cops in Oakland make liberal use of a Calif law that allows them to take you in for "Observation" a general catch all The Oakland PD make liberal use of this law. Fortunately I live on and island connected to Oakland by drawbridges. I see we have a couple of members who have SDs or are using BCs at home as SDs. If you're interested i
  2. A good photo is worth posting a couple of times. The name is Bond, Jinss Bond. Jin will be 3 on Dec 5th. He has successfully completed his service dog training and for several months now has proofed himself many times over the past 3 weeks in the streets of Occupied Oakland when challenged by police. Funny thing is the police hinder and challenge the validity of my service dog while the demonstrators were most helpful, even escorting me back to my car one day. As a mobility assistance dog he provides a steady platform to brace my knees against and to use while getting ujp of
  3. This is the first BC Forum I ever logged on to. It is the last one to receive this post. It has been almost three weeks since my beloved Abby has passed. PTS for complications to a spinal injury when she fell trying to get into DWs car. A rough collie mix Abby crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, 24 Sept 10 a few minutes passed nine in the morning. We thought she was getting better but a few days before everything turned turn very bad. I'm going to miss her. She was the perfect dog. Sweet, loving and barking all the time until she was petted. Traditionally trained she performed way
  4. T-touch has gotten a lot of publicity over the years with little detail to accompany it. While I've used the parts I know on my dogs I don't find a difference between that and just giving them a belly rub or massage.
  5. Primarily body language, hand sigs and the whistle with a few voice commands. Normally I only call to Jin when I want his specific attention and when he goes astray. All directional commands are given in relation to the ball. Jin's service dog commands are whispered noises and hand sigs. List of Jin's field commands Go Way= Move left. Come bye= Move Right Walk On= Go straight OutOut= go away from me To-meTo-me= come toward me. jump jump= jump go over designated object slides= climb object
  6. Would someone post links to whomever sells whistles. All I can find are the plastic ones and whistles out of the UK.
  7. Always found corian and metal whistles out of my budget they get lost to easily even on a lanyard. I keep half a dozen in a draw, an extra in the car an one each in Jin's D vest and pack.
  8. Good for you Chi-ann. You may have to move the whistle around in your mouth and experiment with the correct position. Breath frm the diaphragm and blow easy. It doesn't take much once you've got the basic technique.
  9. I like Jin's coat. Just right I had a rough coat that was absolutely the most fur I've ever seen on a BC.
  10. That'a funny. I use the cheap plastic whistles. I read these instructions many times and learned the Zen of the sheepdog whistle. There is a saying that each BC puppie comes fro the womb fully trained and includes a sheepdog whistle. It's just that it takes a year to learn how. I'm missing teeth, the instructions don't work, so I had to make some changes in to to get a sound. That changes when I have my teeth in. It's a whole different dynamic. however through experimentation I was finally able to get a bleat from it that over several weeks of listening to the radio turned in to a Que
  11. You may get some more, adults coats are usually full in by 18 months. However be awayr you may have a relatively short haired dog. Jin's coat is very smooth about 2-3" in layers. Here's Jin at 14 mos or so.
  12. That's how I call my dogs back to the car. Just unlock it. Very convenient for Toyota to issue that recall.
  13. That's ridiculous. Over $9,300 for a sheepdog? That guy should be drag through those thousand sheep by a thousand sheepdogs. Disgusting!
  14. Dixie has a point./ Jin does the same thing. If he's hot and tired he lies down in the coolest spot he can find. I've learned to wait and wouldn't call it willful disobedience. Jis does exhibit that on occasion. Mostly when he find the garage door open and he wanders to the church. He doesn't always want to come home since he's having a good time. When he's upset he also tries to make for he church and then the wash. Getting him to return is a joke and he'll plain refuse. I think I know the reason he does this and slowly we are making progress to his not doing it. I don't think BCs
  15. After reading this thread a couple of times I'm ready to answer. Do border collies exhibit willful disobedience? DW says yes. Case in point my last BC named Basil. Depending on who was issuing an instruction he would stand there and refuse to do as instructed. Additionally if you insisted on his doing it he would start to argue with you while stamping his feet. And as if that was not enough he had to have the last word just before he would walk off in a huff. Jin's jut as bad. He plays stupid mind games. Things he wants to do. Mind you they do not interfere with his work.
  16. Where's that? I know the Sierras very well, both sides. We were there from the 12-15 July. Had I known you lived close to there we could have arranged a meet up. Most of you can skip this next para and go to the one on Jin himself Hi Comet, Jin's A PSD first and a mobility assist dog second. He helps me in public which can be very difficult for me. That's a riot when you consider I was a fairly prominent public figure. Can't do it anymore too stressful. As for what SD boards I belong to there is only one, Service-Dog Forums. SD Central doesn't care for my training method
  17. I've vacationed with my dogs for years. I've always looked for motel/hotels or resorts that allowed dogs rather than try to rent a house which I did once. Staying a places like the Vagabond Inn where they have pet play areas, kitchen units, pools and such wind up costing about the same as a furnished vacation rental. Depending on where you got the units can be anything from a typical motel room to a bungalow very nice. Research parks and other places to find out what the dog restrictions are. Some areas are particularly dog friendly with cafes where you can dine outdoors with the dogs at y
  18. All to often a disability runs you and you have little if any control over it. That's what's happening today. Not an excuse it's a fact of life. That's where Jin comes in. He keeps me straight. Helps me to to keep track of where and when I am and to escape to a place of safety when in trouble. reminds me to take meds and other things. He's quick learner but still typical of a BC in his field work. Sort of an agility course made up of natural objects he can jump, crawl and run under, over around and through. Right now Jin is my link to what was a normal life. Without him it would be impossibl
  19. There is a reason I haven't been here. The thing is I make mistakes and instead of allowing for them I get sanctioned, my posts moderated. I don't think that's fair for an innocent mistake. I am disabled, physically and mentally. It makes my life hell, unable think clearly and to always make the right decision and for that reason people get angry at me. It's not my fault. My disability affects how I think and act sometimes. I can live without that kind of pressure. I belong to a service dog forum that teaches acceptance and tolerance for others which is something I need to function. That is
  20. I occasionally get email asking about Jin, who is now 1 1/2. Officially he is a service dog in training (SDiT) registered with the state of Calif. We just came back from a small gathering of service dogs and their owner/handlers in Donner Pass, Ca at 7,000 ft in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A great time was had by all canoing, hiking, swimming with the dogs with Jin making two new service dog friends; Indio a 3 yr old Golden Retriever and Zeus a 5yr old Mastiff. Jin's training was evaluated and I was told he's coming along well and that he just needed more time. He barked at things and people
  21. The data may be recoverable. You will need file or disk drive recovery software, just do a google search for it. I've recovered data from drive considered totally corrupt and as long as the drive spins up there is a possibility of recovery.
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