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  1. In general, vaccines schedules are set for a couple reasons: hitting what is considered a sweet spot in terms of maximizing number of individuals who successfully become immune, while minimizing the amount of adverse events and reactions, and retaining that immunity so most individuals don’t have gaps in time where they have reduced or no immunity. Many vaccines need to have repeated exposures for many or even most immune systems to generate immunity. The immune system has to learn, and vaccines are so safe for the immune system that a trade off is that you need a bit more lessons to learn. So a lot of diseases, both for people and dogs, get multiple, more closely spaced doses when you first vaccinate, which generates a solid basis for immunity. Then, you enter a follow-up cycle where you only periodically remind the immune system what it learned during that first set of exposures (boosters). Personally, I would take her back when you can and get the next recommended set. She may not be protected otherwise.
  2. I don’t know anything about this, but it does sound very odd. If I were you and this was the biggest factor in my decision process I would take her to my own vet and get an opinion. Interested to hear what you find out/decide either way.
  3. Ooookay...Phaedra let me work a solid 8 hours after a morning play and with a break for a lunch time walk. She rested at my feet and either slept or chewed her toys. No potty accidents. She voluntarily followed me from room to room and stayed out of trouble. I bet Odin really helps model the good behavior (he’s normally with me at work). And I was much more immobile because I am not doing anything but staring at my computer or taking calls for most of the day, while he usually cleans, takes care of kid, etc. I won’t entirely blame husband. But there is NOTHING wrong with this puppy’s off switch.
  4. Yes I know 100%. And she has a good off switch for her age too, you just have to help her sometimes, like any pup. We’re talking about it. It’s just hard because he’ feels like he’s worked with her all. Day. And then I seem like I’m criticizing after being away all day, when I really just want to help. (And prevent crazy dog syndrome.) Hence the working from home today, which I’m more than happy about, and will definitely involve crate time. The non dog trainers we love, amirite?
  5. Thank you! The breeder said as much about those ears himself, apparently they are impressive even for this cross. I know about the puzzle boxes! I didn’t have the cash at the time due to Odin’s OCD (osteochondritis dessicans) as a pup, so was excited to get one. The instructions were honestly cute, seeing her immediately figure that this out. You guys, I couldn’t be more in love with her but my husband, who — as he’s a teacher off for the summer — has definitely spent more time with her, is getting tired and frustrated. I come home from work and honestly am sad at how little humor and fun he finds in any of her puppy behaviors (and misbehaviors). I’m working from home tomorrow to give him a break. Part of it is I feel like he just will play with her for too long instead of insisting on an off switch, you know? I do take her on weekends and other random days so it’s not like I have NO idea of what she’s like, to keep her all day from reinforcing bad decisions and also just perpetrating BC puppy chaos. But also puppies are just tiring, she’s drivey, and I am confident that this too will pass, and he’ll look back upon her crazy puppyhood and ears with fondness.
  6. Well, I got Phaedra a poker puzzle box. The instructions cautioned that it may take your dog’s weeks to figure out the first puzzle, to be patient, and try things like propping a treat with the lid open to entice them. She figured out all four fully closed boxes (slide lid, pull handle, drawer, and flip up top) in about 90 seconds. So now we are doing clicker training to open specific boxes with commands. Still so sweet. And we’re finally getting a handle on potty training. Her ears are ridiculous!
  7. Starry777, dog sport bred collies are not bred to retain working characteristics (which include a hefty dose of impulse control, thoughtfulness, etc), instead typically only for the drive and speed portions, and the balance tends to get out of wack quickly.
  8. I’m not sure the wolf would cry to see a good sheep or cattle collie! Having watched wolves at Yellowstone several times, what I think we largely have in the collie is the role of the wolves that set up the ambush, that drive the prey towards the wolves that will do the kill, and the ones that use their speed and pressure to split off the prey from the herd that will be a focus typically for another, fresher wolf to take down. Now wolves play many roles in the hunt over the course of their lifetimes, and we ask the collie to stick to that “herding” part of the pack unt behavior, and mix it with a huge amount of biddability.
  9. agree with everything others have said about the qualities of the breed. They are meant to be intense dogs. My husband calls them Ferrari dogs. Most pet people have at least some trouble with a Prius dog, at least at some point, unless they are very experienced and dedicated to dog training or naturally talented, which is a minority. Also, remember this board is going to have a disproportionate amount of owners writing in about problems, because they are looking for help. Fewer people get on just to announce things are great with their BC!
  10. My guy Odin was 55 lbs at his heaviest, which was still in shape for him. He’s a little less muscular now at 10 years old and 52 lbs. He’s definitely on the larger end of BCs I see. Acana is a good food, my pup is on their normal puppy food now with raw as a topper/supplement. She won’t be 50 lbs though.
  11. This is a good article. I don’t think the lower fat is an issue, but check on the calcium, phosphorus, and calcium to phosphorus ratio. https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/best-large-breed-puppy-food/ they reccomend a final weight of 50 lbs for large breed puppy food.
  12. Sorry I wasn't more clear - we are doing not only Bordetella bronchiseptica but also canine flu and canine adenovirus as "kennel cough" vax. "Bordetella" is a constellation of diseases, some of them can become very serious. Though I agree bacterial bordetella is one of the less concerning ones, it is required for doggy daycare here, and is especially recommended for puppies because that's who is most susceptible (along with very old dogs). It can be a secondary infection to something more serious, and has been prevalent around this area for the past few years, is what I have been told by multiple vets who I trust. If my pup were to contract any of these diseases in the next couple of months I could not take her to daycare until it was resolved - not good for us. But I also don't want her to get a bacterial or viral respiratory infection at a young age, if I can at all help it. I have also had a cat who had a series of common respiratory infections as a kitten (she got sick in a shelter) that caused sinus scarring and other lifetime effects that I would prefer to avoid in my new pup. And it has nothing to do with vax, but I also really would like to avoid some sort of persistent diarrhea mung like Odin had as a pup and took us months and months to get a handle on, which is also a big concern at high density areas like dog beaches and dog parks. As a biologist with a background in medical science, I take a very different approach than the above to vaccinations - I am most decidedly pro-vax and pro-scientifically recommended vax schedules for my animals and human child Efficacy is not perfect, it varies among vaccines and among individuals, and vaccine injuries can very rarely occur. But the overwhelming evidence is that vaccines are a very low risk medical intervention, especially given the benefits they provide. Without trying to argue too much, I don't find dognaturally to be an especially reputable source, too much like the anti-vax human literature and claims I have seen (like combo vax are "always" more dangerous - not true!), with links to (in my mind) questionable products to "remove harmful vaccination effects". The link below calls them out specifically. But you should discuss with a vet you trust, do your research, and make your own decision! I just brought it up because when I think of heavily-used dog parks and dog beaches with my young pup right now, my -- and my vet's -- thoughts immediately turn to it not being a great time in her life or immune system for lots of possible disease exposure. Gentle Lake and D'elle already spoke very well to all your other questions and the other good reasons that dog parks and beaches should be carefully considered. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jan/24/anti-vaxxers-new-target-their-sights-pets
  13. I have an Odin too! He looked a lot like your guy when he was smol. (Squee, the memories!) Ears looked almost exactly the same. I agree it is too early to tell, but my Odin ended up with airplane ears (see below). He didn't have much hair when he first grew out of puppyhood, then his tail filled out, and the the hair just kept growing over the years. Now at 10 he is a medium to long coat with a good amount of curl. My vet cautioned against dog beaches and dog parks in particular until past the initial vaccinations (not just the puppy set, but bordatella as well). She also cautioned that puppies can pick up diarrhea-causing illnesses at these places. I'll be placing my new pup in doggy daycare on some days but that is a very controlled environment (vax records required) but not until she is 5 months old, again because we do not want to risk disease any sooner than we have to. Welcome!
  14. What a wonderful tribute, Mags was clearly the best boy. So sorry for your loss,
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