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  1. I'm just seeing this. I'm very sorry for your loss. So wonderful that you had those years together. She was so lucky to have gotten together with you!
  2. Stopping by here for the first time in quite a while, and the first post I came to was yours. I am very sorry for your loss, but also glad you and he had so many good years together. Reaching 15 is pretty great, and I'm sure it's a testament to the fine care you gave him. Peace be with you. Jan
  3. Very sorry, Kris. She was beautiful in her day. Jan
  4. Ha! I'm Janet Elliott. I imagine our paths will cross in person eventually, perhaps at Fido's.
  5. A poster to these boards has a border collie who is about to turn 17, and she swears that the secret is Frisbees!
  6. ShoresDog


    I'm very sorry, Bill. Lad was a fine dog.
  7. Welcome aboard! I hope you soon find the right dog to partner up with. That dog will be very fortunate!
  8. I'm very sorry for your loss. His wonderful, border-collie personality shines through in your pictures.
  9. Made me cry again. So very sorry.
  10. Happy New Year to you all! Kelso's story always warms my heart.
  11. Scotch is a very handsome dog, whether or not he's 100% border collie or has some Aussie or whatnot mixed in. Best wishes for a long and happy partnership!
  12. Wonderful! So well deserved. Eileen has done so much for our beloved breed.
  13. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm sure I'll be there soon with 14-year-old Daisy. I think you can trust yourself. One can never perfectly predict outcomes. But in a lifespan of 16 years, I believe it's preferable to err on the too early side rather than to be too late. They don't deserve to suffer.
  14. I'm sad to hear there isn't a chance to cross paths with you at a trial going forward. I doubt you recall a brief meeting at Vashon a couple years ago. I liked how you later called that field "technical." A perfect description, among many you've given us over the years. Please don't stop writing us. Your insights and ways of expressing them give us so much pleasure.
  15. I'm very sorry for your loss. You came to the right place to share your memories. Just that wonderful picture of him made me tear up.
  16. That's a trial I'd love to find a way to go to sometime. Thanks for posting!
  17. Welcome aboard! Kenzie is super cute, and you can see the alertness and "Let's go!" in the picture. Border collies looks can vary widely, so it's hard to say for sure what her breed or mix might be. I'm no training expert, but I'll support the plan that you should just turn your back on her and give her zero attention when she jumps up on you. And try to convince the rest of your family to do the same. I had a foster dog with that issue at age about 1 year, and it worked well to extinguish that annoying behavior. As to stock, I think it would be a better idea if she did *not* mix with stock until you are in a position and she is of an age for real training. Where are you located? It would be great if you could take her to someone who is a reputable border collie trainer to help you get started. This board could help you find someone. Best wishes for a long and happy partnership with Kenzie!
  18. The point about weather changing is worrisome. It's in the mid-50's here in coastal Oregon this evening, and it's not even been up into the 70's yet this spring. Or summer, I should now say. However, this weekend the temperatures are forecast to be 96-97 degrees on Saturday and Sunday at the sheepdog trial we are scheduled to be running in, down near Springfield. And there's not much more intense for the dog, is there? I will need to be very careful. We all need to be! Thanks for reminding us. I hope Livi and Dixie have a safe, healthy summer.
  19. To update our situation, my dog is still sound, and still running in USBCHA Open trials. I still try to be very careful to keep his activity level pretty consistent, so he can stay fit. But of course, that would be important for any dog.
  20. There are several trials that are worth going to that are close by. In March, there are three trials that often are held on successive weekends, the Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial in Santa Rosa, the Zamora Hills trial near Sacramento, and the McCormack Ranch trial in Rio Vista. They're all different but each is outstanding in its own way. In the fall, I really like the Hopland trial held at the University of California research station in Hopland, near Ukiah. If you come to any of these, or the ones that Amy suggested, you'll find lots of friendly people to chat with about the dogs. Also, you might enjoy auditing a clinic. You can find clinics posted on the Norcal site. Another way to make contacts and really learn a lot is to volunteer to scribe for the judge at a trial. Volunteers are always appreciated. You're very smart to get out there and get involved early. It's the best way to know if a well-bred litter or puppy is available. If you are really interested in doing some trialing, you might also want to consider an older, trained dog.
  21. ShoresDog

    Black Jack

    I'm very, very sorry. I remember back when you used to post more. Your relationship with Black Jack always seemed really special.
  22. Thanks for that post, Liz. It needs to be said, and probably said again.
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