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  1. We killed our entire lawn this year in order to get rid of the ticks. My dogs and my house are so dirty , but we are normally fully infested by now and we have only found two ticks in the last week. In the past no matter what we have put on the dogs the damn little bastards (ticks) have survived by hiding out in our lawn. Now my backyard is a barren desert of rock, sand and dirt, but for now it seems we are winning.
  2. Wow! Thank you so incredibly much. You guys are awesome. I think you might just make the boss ladies tear up with that one. ABCR is incredibly moved by the border collie community as a whole. From what I have heard we'll be getting some new shirts made that just say Border Collie Rescue because ABCR wants to honor BCR's every where. This whole situation has made quite an impact on our organization. It really is amazing to be apart of such an awe inspiring, large, and caring community. ETA: Would you PM me with some of the events details. I would love to write up a huge thank you in our next newsletter.
  3. You can always give him a say by letting him choose between your final two such as " Gee hunny, which one do you like better Awesome name I love or %*@#, I stubbed my toe!" ETA: As far as looking for names, my favorite single syllable names are the unexpected ones. (Of course this is coming from someone with a dog named Poke) My suggestion would be just to keep your ear to the ground and try and listen and notice words you hear or read that are single syllable.
  4. I am so very sorry. ((Hugs))
  5. Oh Nancy I am so sorry. ((HUGS)) for you and Fergie. You will all be in our thoughts.
  6. Sheryl, I'm glad to hear they are opening up fairly fast. That is awesome news. Definitely keep us posted on how they are doing. I'll keep that mama dog in my thoughts. At least the pups will never know that life. John... did you get the biggest border collie from Texas???? Not that these guys are very big at all. (John some how always winds up with the larger dogs, if we were gambling he would win big every time) All you have to do is show your wife that video Nancy posted and she could never be mad at you. I hope the story makes CNN! Then maybe we can get some exposure out there for all the dogs and rescues involved. I'm sure we aren't the only ones who could use some donations. Oh, and Laura... Thank you!
  7. You both have to post pictures and keep us updated on their progress. DH and I would love to have fostered one, but considering we are expecting I think my dogs would have kicked me out of the house if we don't stop fostering before the baby comes. I will be living vicariously through all of you wonderful folks.
  8. Glad to hear they made it! It is also nice to hear that they are friendly. Keep us posted on their progress!
  9. I got an email this morning that our caravan (Arizona Border Collie Rescue)should be hopefully leaving on Friday to head to Texas. Hopefully we'll be able to get some relief and some helping hands down there soon. They are going to need a lot of help, 200 dogs is quite the number.
  10. Congratulations!!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures.
  11. I was always under the the impression it stood for dear husband, it might be darling. I have no idea. We haven't done that yet but we will now. We usually start off by the golf course and wander our way back for a few hours.
  12. What, you guys don't go to Camelback everyday with the 100's of other people inches from each other enjoying nature????? I'm not going to lie, we do go to South Mountain often. It amazes me that with all those people there DH and I are able to go off on some trails less traveled and sometimes barely see people. I miss the big all day hikes we did when we were in Colorado. We've done one or two out here since we have moved here, but definitely not enough. The best picnics you'll ever have in your life are the ones that take hours on foot to get there. Who says dogs are the only creatures who need to walk around with their family unit? I agree with John, when it won't get below 100 at night is when I am not too fond of the weather. Otherwise I love it. I actually go sit outside when it is 110 +. It feels so good! Then again I also have a severely under functioning thyroid and am almost always cold. My insides finally get warm in the summer! We have only come across a rattlesnake once thus far. DH and I were hiking when we first moved here in 2007. We sat down to get a bite to eat when we heard the rattling. I'm not proud to admit that I was actually up and moving before I could get the word snake out of my mouth. DH and Ceana were quickly behind me.
  13. That was wonderful Sam! I think you hit the nail on the head with your beautiful description of your relationship with Cerb. IMHO that is why we have dogs... for that incomparable (I like your word) synergy. The fact that two species can have that type of relationship just floors me sometimes.
  14. When we first drove from Denver to Phoenix Ceana absolutely refused to go the entire time.(15-16hrs) Once she became relaxed in her new home she was more comfortable with going more often. She still will only go twice a day sometimes. She has a bladder of steel! I think going potty is a comfort factor for some.
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