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  1. Yes, it was your responsibility to call the pharmacy prior to driving down there. Unless the medication was discussed and prescribed as chronic (refills available), you should have called your vet to request the refill rather than just requesting it through the pharmacy. If the medication was chronic, during that appointment you should have also discussed recheck exams as required by the state (every 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). Pharmacies automatically spit out refill requests from their computer systems constantly. The pharmacies tell us to ignore them if the client did
  2. No, you would not. The pharmacy should have told you if the refill was rejected.
  3. Liz P


    I should not have been writing this post for at least a few more years. She was only 10, but sometimes Mother Nature can be cruel and take her favorites back early. I don't come on the BCBoards much anymore, but since so many of you know Juniper I thought I would post this here too. Juniper was a graduation gift, a new partner to walk by my side into a future filled with hope. I was determined to do everything right with her so that we could make it to Open level competition. She was my next project, my next goal, my new family member. I couldn't think of a name for her wh
  4. I've already spayed one bitch as she is turning 11 soon. I've kept 2 pups off her. One is clear and the other a carrier. The carrier is a bitch and turns 4 soon. I wanted to breed her to keep a pup. I've delayed breeding her up to this point because I suspected she might be a carrier. My other bitch is younger, but at least I have a clear stud to breed to her. It was 10 years ago that I discussed the DNA test with Dr. Neff. It's taken this long to get a linkage test released. My worry Eileen is that people have read that one line in the statement and already decided to not t
  5. "The ABCA HEF does not endorse this marker test, nor do we encourage people to test at this time, before the causative mutation is found." <--- this line right here So what are you saying I should do in the case of my bitches, who are all carriers? Ignore the test results and breed to any stud? What would I tell those puppy buyers if their dogs go deaf? That I chose to ignore the results of the best testing option we had at the time? My plan was to breed the carrier bitches, but only to dogs that tested clear. According to the ABCA statement, those clear dogs have zero risk.
  6. I am surprised by a statement that agrees that dogs found clear of the linked genes will not go deaf, which implies you could safely breed those dogs to the carriers and at risk dogs and never produce an affected puppy, and yet the ABCA basically just shot this test down by not supporting it. With such a high carrier rate we can't afford to eliminate all these dogs from the gene pool, as your statement said. Nor can we safely keep them in the gene pool without the test. Every single one of my bitches tested as a carrier. I had ONE dog come back clear. I know others in the same boat. How
  7. Not just socialization, but genetic temperament. Plenty of dogs have been rescued from horrific neglect situations and turned out fine. Plenty of dogs were raised in home environments and turned out fearful. Socialization and training do help tip the balance, but good genes are critical.
  8. Haven't seen any I would touch at that price.
  9. $1200 for an 8 week old pup from Open trial winning parents with hip scores and a full DNA panel. Pups BAER and CERF checked. So for those pups? $300 maybe.
  10. Dr. Freeman is one of the smartest, hardest working, most ethical veterinarians you could ever meet. If she is concerned about nutritional DCM and recommends avoiding certain diets, I would take her advice. She is a clinical nutritionist first and foremost and has her patients' best interest at heart. She has indeed been paid to do some research for big pet food companies, including helping some of them develop new therapeutic diets. I assure you that her intent is pure and she is the last person to endorse a food unless she believes in it. I would refer clients to her and happily fol
  11. Nothing I ever say will be good enough for you. I am hoping to make people stop and think before they blindly follow the advice of pet store employees trying to sell them food.
  12. For the last 10 years I've fed almost exclusively one brand, aside from a period during which I could not get it due to shipping issues. The first ingredients were fish meal, chicken meal and corn. A brief history of DCM in pets: Phase one took place many decades ago, before my time. Vets noticed lots of cats are dying of this new form of heart disease. They did some research. Oops! Turned out cats are really dependent on taurine, so they changed things to make sure they get plenty in their diets. Phase two took place a few decades ago. I know some of the researchers w
  13. How in the world does logic bring you to that conclusion? We've known for decades which brands cause it. It's not ALL foods. It's certain foods. These new fad diets do NOT have any research behind them. Any fool celebrity can put out their own brand.
  14. Nutritional DCM has been around for a long time. We just saw a huge surge in it when people started feeding brands that had zero feeding trials behind them. I know vets who have been researching this for decades. I see no reason for people to be taking a huge risk and feeding diets with nothing more than good marketing behind them when foods proven through research to be nutritionally complete are available.
  15. Please do not feed 4Health. It's one of over 40 foods that has been found to cause heart failure in dogs. Right now Royal Canin, Purina, Hills, Eukanuba and Iams are on the list of brands with no cases. Corn does not cause diarrhea in most dogs. Parasites, sudden change in diet and other things will cause diarrhea. There is no one dewormer that kills all parasites, so it's best to have a fecal sample sent to a lab to check prior to deworming.
  16. These are all questions for your vet. Take a fresh poop sample with you to your appointment. Diarrhea is not normal in a pup, even after transitioning to a new home, unless you changed the pups kibble or gave her new treats/chews she isn't used to. Some bitches do produce consistently tiny pups. If they are healthy, I don't worry too much. However, diarrhea is not healthy (parasites, IGS, IBD, EPI, etc). Pups can also suffer from a wide variety of health problems such as liver shunts, pure malnutrition and pituitary dwarfism (rare) among others. Were your pups' parents D
  17. Kids or not, Ned was not an appropriate first time dog for you. You need a stable, even tempered animal. Ned will be a challenge even for an experienced dog trainer.
  18. PennHIP scores are highly heritable. So if you want to make breeding decisions, that is what I recommend. OFA scores are poorly heritable.
  19. The FDA "update" is just a standard release of the original safety info. I've sold tens of thousands of doses of flea/tick meds in that drug class and have only seen a few seizures in dogs who already had epilepsy. I've seen a little stomach upset. Otherwise, they appear to be extremely safe. I use Bravecto and sometimes Nexguard for my own dogs.
  20. There is a DNA panel for HD offered by Idexx that looks at multiple genes. It was developed using Labrador retrievers and is only being recommended for that breed. The results are not considered particularly accurate and at this time I don't know of anyone using them to make breeding decisions. I've been tempted to send in samples on a few of my dogs (since I could get the test at minimal cost) just to see how far off they are from their PennHIP scores.
  21. I've found over the years that 2 neutered males are the best buddies. That said, I've seen littermate brothers try to kill one another. Two females, even spayed, can sometimes fight and even kill one another (bitch fights are the scariest IMHO). A male and female often get along well, but their play styles are different (girls rule!) so the relationship is a bit more one sided. No rules are set in stone, this has been based on both my experiences and observations over the years.
  22. Sigh, another biased article with poor information in the anti vaccine camp. Please refer to real studies, not opinion articles. We have too much anti vaccine BS right now. Please provide references to actual studies. Demonstration of 1-year duration of immunity for attenuated Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccines in dogs. Vet Ther. Winter 2008;9(4):257-62. Craig Lehar1, Huchappa Jayappa, Jason Erskine, Alicia Brown, Diane Sweeney, Terri Wassmoen 1 Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, Elkhorn, NE 68022, USA. Abstract Three groups of healthy dogs with low antibody titer
  23. I didn't take her response as snarky. It's hard to interpret people's "tone of voice" in posts on the internet. If I was in your shoes, I would get the pup vaccinated by the breeder 2 weeks prior to coming to your home. No, it's not a guaranteed way to prevent it, but it will stack the odds in your favor. Kennel cough is more akin to whooping cough, but your average dog does not get terribly sick from it. Puppies, immune suppressed, short nosed, elderly dogs would be higher risk. The rare dog will get pneumonia, but that really isn't common. Now canine influenza really makes the
  24. Yes, Orastrips are still available. I've worked in high end specialty, high end general practice, low cost urban and low cost rural practices. I've never seen a $1,0000 cleaning. I have seen a dental that total that much with advanced extractions, full mouth radiographs and other procedures above and beyond a cleaning.
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