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Good Vibes, PLEASE!

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.... in the morning.


Bitsey is an amazing dog, has carried Marti through an incredible number of blue ribbon runs in all the agility venues. She's a Sheltie in a house full of Border Collies and that might ramp up her competitive nature when she sees all the Border Collies at the trials.


And, aside from the fact that she hates me, she's a REALLY neat dog.


Surgery is at 7:30 in the morning, so any and all good thoughts will be appreciated.





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If more than surgery might be needed, you all could think about contacting the U of Wisconsin. My border collie, Pepper, had an ocular melanoma and lost her eye to it. There was concern about it having spread since it was so close to blood vessels.


I enrolled Pepper in a clinical trial of a melanoma vaccine run through the U of Wisconsin. They send the vaccine (timing is critical here for the vaccine to arrive OK) to your vet who administers it and monitors the dog for any possible reactions. Otherwise, no side effects that I observed. It cost $2000 plus vet costs but the 2K was a donation to the U of WI and thus I could take it as a tax deduction.


That was close to 2 years ago so thing could have changed. Pepper is still with me, happy and healthy!



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Sending good vibes to you.

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