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  1. Hi Caroline. Eeek - haven't been over here for a while - it's all different. Don't even know where to find my mailbox - will look. Hope you and the dogs (and your mum) are all well. Cheers - Barb (Tassie)

  2. Hi Barb, I cant send you an email with news as I think your inbox is full!


  3. Oh good - I can see all 3 too - does that make me special too? Glad Black Jack seems to be fine. Just keep an eye on him for a while to make sure the problem doesn't come back. That's what happened with my Kirra. Knock on wood (we say 'touch wood') - my two foot patients are doing fine. I think Fergus's front paw ligament damage is healing well - he seems to be able to hoon around with no problem. Kirra's supportive tape came off her rear foot yesterday, and she seems fine. I checked with my vet, who says she can get back into training gradually, but no sharp turns for a whi
  4. My two have each had foot sprains in the last month - Fergus just from hooning, and Kirra from an awkward landing after I gave her a late call in agility. If he's not fully weight bearing on it, I'd be giving him not more than about 24 hours, and then going to the vet for a check. In both my dogs, the injury seemed to clear up, but then flared up again a week or so later - so I felt bad for not taking them in straight away. (Bear in mind, I'm a worry wart, and my vets love me, since I've paid for extensions, holidays ....... ) Fergus had his foot bandaged to immobilise the toe for
  5. I'm smiling when I read about the lantana. We're allowed to grow it in gardens down herein Tasmania, because in our cooler climate it doesn't become rampant, but from about Sydney north, it's a declared noxious weed. It goes absolutely feral, and takes over rainforest and bush, and is apparently a real headache to remove. So it's very much horses for courses, isn't it.
  6. Of course it was. We believe you! Good to hear from you, and that you're making progress. Gotta love computers - I really hate it when they do stuff that doesn't make sense - although I guess Julie's explanation means that the computer was actually right again, darn it.
  7. My two love their car - it's their second home. We've just come back from 4 and a half weeks on the mainland, driving nearly 4000 miles! Mine are together in a large crate in the station wagon - back seat down - so that I can put windows down and they can still get the wind in their hair! Personally, I hate to see dogs' heads right out windows - I'm a worry wort, and there's too much potential for accidents and damage - especially to eyes and ears. If you're in the front with your dog on your lap - two things to be aware of - in panic stops, or heaven forbid, collisions, the dog w
  8. Hmmm. Well, that's good news if it's right. Have to say though that my old girl only ever peed like that when she was sound asleep. And it wasn't often - in fact, not often enough for me to bother seeking treatment. She didn't show any signs of it at other times. Still - watch and wait is probably a good strategy for you at this stage. Hope it's just an odd thing.
  9. What the others have said. I find with mine, and with friends' dogs, that if they get an adequate amount of exercise and mental exercise, they are happy to just hang with you. We've had 4 Border Collies with us on a friend's 5 acre property - dogs free to go where they wanted while we did some painting and gardening chores .... so where these 4 Border Collies? Lying around within a 5 yard radius of us, just hanging around and waiting for some action. Gotta love them.
  10. Oh boy - eating grass! What the others have said. My boy Fergus is a serious grazer - prefers young rye grass - which caused us to fail a Tracking Test a few weeks ago. His 800 yard track was in a paddock which had been ploughed and sown to pasture - mostly rye. The grass was obviously extremely yummy. He started to track - then gave that up and started to graze .. and graze .. and graze.... Took no notice of me, even when I tried physically to lift his head up and persuade him to get back to the business in hand. Needless to say, we failed - which was sad, since when his brain finall
  11. Hear, hear! And don't they look so innocent when they're asleep like that!
  12. Oh, Nancy, that's got to be worth big time points! Reminds me of the time at a school I was teaching at when the lab tech had forgotten to thaw the rats for dissection. So how do you thaw things quickly when you need them in a hurry - in the staff-room microwave, of course! (After that, someone made up one of those sort of no-smoking signs - round with a red slash across it - and with a picture o a rat instead of a cigarette.)
  13. IMO, no. And if you mean a slip/check/correction chain, remember that they represent a real strangling/hanging hazard, and should only be on a dog (if at all) when a human is attached at the other end of the leash. I know people still use and recommend check chains, but I personally prefer to train with a flat collar on the dog. Personally, I like cloth collars with a parachute clip (get a good quality one, with a suitably strong clip), but I know a lot of folks prefer a leather collar with a buckle.
  14. Sounds good, Hector. I'm smiling because when the dogs and I got home from work yesterday evening, the cats were waiting for 'their' dogs, and greeted them both. My little 17 year old cat (who has never been dogless) likes the dogs being around, but tends to stay out of their way, except in the evening, when she sleeps on the back of the armchair that one of the dogs is sleeping on. However, my 9 year old Border Collie cat (also never dogless) loves the dogs actively, and smooches up against them to greet them. Most times the dogs are fine, although Kirra can get too excited and c
  15. Just so long as you didn't use the hammer for the smack upside the head!! Bless you for rescuing little Mo.
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