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  1. She's always welcome on the bed, but she doesn't always sleep there. As much as I detest crating, I do have a crate for long car rides, and I've removed the door from that and made a warm fluffy nest for her in there. She mostly sleeps in that these days (she goes through phases of different sleeping habits). If we don't have to get up early, she comes to me for wake-up snuggles in the morning. That is, she plops down alongside or on my chest, gets a greeting grunt and a feeble scratch, gives me a nudge, gets another scratch....zzzzz...nudge...scratch....etc. When she's had enough (or gives
  2. Happy birthday Lark! :cool: What a big pile of luck for a little fluff ball (in between a set of ears)...growing up in a proper pack, becoming a working dog...having an international fanclub ... I just realised she looks like Kyla and Kessie put together. No wonder she's gorgeous!
  3. The good old ball with a rope has yet to be beaten, as far as I'm concerned...you can do almost anything with it (including torturing your dog, as the pic proves ), and you can throw it very far even if you can't throw anything else properly. Also popular are the squeeky toy and the tug rope (they shove them in each other's faces in the evening if they want to play ).
  4. If you spend almost all your bridgeless free time in the company of your bridge partner and wouldn't have it any other way, and if you have repeatedly pulled him/her out of trouble without even thinking of your own safety, and if you know, from experience, that he/she is willing to do the same for you at any time, then I'm very happy with the analogy . I'm not thinking very rationally at the moment (yes, even less than usual ), and I was probably seeing ghosts where there aren't any. If I thought these boards were inhabited by snobs, I wouldn't have registered in the first place
  5. Well done!! I can understand that they didn't feel safe riding around in such a "famous" truck . I'm so glad the dogs are home now. Thanks so much for spreading the word so efficiently!
  6. Oh dang! I have the mini chewber. It's still in fine condition, but it's a little too mini to fly properly. I had no idea there were bigger versions! Thanks for the link! Dogs come through for their humans no matter what their jobs may be. I'm too darn crazy to be scared of many people, but the few times I felt real fear of somebody, Kessie immediately challenged them, even though that's completely against her nature. She would love to work for me, she has the willingness and the heart and all the rest, but first I have to get to a point where that is possible. That doesn't mean I do
  7. It seems that some people actually tried to buy that stuff! Serves them right. Yuck and puke!!! I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from someone advertising this "tastefully", no matter how cheap it was or how badly I needed it.
  8. Ditto to all that! I came here as a mutt owner with a very special mutt (with "a bit of BC in her, but she has brown spots"). I think I came across the boards while searching the net for toys she couldn't ruin . My first experiences with meeting other BC owners weren't so great, so if it hadn't been for these boards I'd have stayed a mutt owner, rather than having anything to do with those arrogant ****s (not that there aren't any nice German BC owners, guess I just wasn't lucky). Now the "mutt" is learning to work sheep, we have adopted a second BC and been offered three others
  9. He did have a full life! Thanks for sharing.
  10. This guy here (the big fellow) was always concerned about starving too. As you can see, he didn't have anything to worry about . (I am using the past tense because he died of old age, NOT starvation!!!). And he wasn't a puppy, either. I often took him home with me, and we had a mad race for the cat's bowl as soon as the door was open. He tried to run through furniture to get to the cat food. After Kessie moved in with me, he always did a house search in case she might have hidden any chewies. I guess some dogs just are like that.
  11. That's good news! Sounded scary about the blood, so I'm glad it's nothing worse, even if the hairball thing is yucky .
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