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  1. I know nothing about hearding but might have a story that will provide some insight. When I was a kid we had a husky. My dad and brother built him the most amazing doghouse and Nakki loved it and used it regularly. However, one night, we had a HUGE snowstorm...my dad had to actually crawl out a window in order to shovel out our doorway so we could get out of the house. Nakki's house was buried in this storm and he became trapped inside. My dad had taken an old truck mudflap and used it as a door which kept out the elements but also made it impossible for the dog to dig his way out. By th
  2. LOL! BC4Ever...you are soooo right. What's scarey is that my aunt went to McD's the next day and tried to order a burger...they told her they had NO beef! Can you imagine McD's running out of burgers??? I think we had some kind of food poisoning myself...but since there was no vomitting I can't be sure. Never again! I also forgot to mention that my son left his new backpack full of his bakugon toys (this was his most fav. x-mas gift) behind. We're still trying to get my fam. to ship it to him! sigh. Next time I decide to go away at Christmas, it's going to be someplace VERY warm!!
  3. LOL! Okay Nancy..you asked for it! Well first off...we left at 5 a.m. and three hours from the Quebec border we hit black ice....three hours solid of black ice! We counted 37 vehicles in the ditch including tractor trailers which we had passing us! That should have been our first clue to turn around. My husband then lost his wedding ring somewhere between here and our final destination. We arrived only to discover that my sister who was flying back from a friends wedding in Dominican was stranded at Toronto airport (an hour from my house!). First time in 20+ years I go to New Brunswi
  4. ...at LEAST as far as Archer was concerned. The trip home to the east coast to visit my family for the holidays was an absolute disaster (bad roads, bad weather, sickness and irritating beyond belief brother-in-law all combined and then some to make for the worst Christmas I have ever had! I won't bore you with the gorey details) but Archer was an absolute DREAM! He is SUCH a good dog!! We kept him separated from my sisters dogs at all times so there was never any issues. We took him virtually everywhere with us and he was so well behaved, even when he had to stay in our vehicle
  5. I dunno...from reading your OP I think you have a great grasp of what you are doing. You liked the first breeder and the pups. I think with children a pup is the best way to go but that's just my own uneductated opinion. That way the pup can grow with the children and they learn about eachother as they grow. I think rescue is also a great idea. Either way, I think you know what you're doing and will be a good border collie "parent". Relax and enjoy the process and pick the pup/dog that you think will best suit your family, no matter what anyone else says. I to waffled between a rescue a
  6. I have an intensity issue with Archer and the throwing of toys as well. If I put the toy up, he'll hunt until he finds another...first thing he does every morning is find one and throw it at my feet. I know this is my fault since we have been so busy on the holidays, his training has lapsed. But we've picked up the Power of Positive Dog Training and some clickers so I'm hoping once we get back on the training track that this obsessiveness/intensity will stop....right? My point is, maybe try getting her to focus on something other than rocks and balls....may calm the intensity down somew
  7. Congrats to Odin and mommy for making a full recovery!! He looks SOOO happy now!! Almost made me cry and I'm at work!!
  8. I guess what I'm having an issue with is that the owner has agreed to pay all expenses to have the dog rehabilitated. However, I don't think she should have the dog back so if that were the case, she may not be so willing to pay for rehab. She did install a fence but you're correct, why did it have to get to the point it's at before she did so? I guess I'm just heartbroken for the dog. I would be very upset if my dog was attacked by hers but I still would blame the owner not the dog. She hasn't been fined so I don't understand why the dog is being punished. I agree on principle
  9. K..I guess my point is this...while the owner may be irresponsible (and from what I read she is), how is it fair that the dog is to be euthanized? The dog did not attack a person. It seems to me, this tells me that no ones dog is safe from euthinasia for getting lose from their owners. I agree that the aggressive behaviour should be dealt with and perhaps the dog should not be returned to the owner, but to kill it because the owner has no idea how to train it?? Seems a tad extreme to me. Two separate animal behaviourist/dog trainers were brought in and all said the dog could be reh
  10. at the top of the page on the left there is a picture of the owner and Brindi. If you click on the picture it takes you to the page that describes where the ordeal began.
  11. This is what was on that page posted by her owner (sorry, that link seems to take you to the most recent post...not sure why): What went wrong? While I generally am able to keep Brindi under my control, on certain occasions, resulting from unfortunate coincidences, she suddenly went after other dogs. She grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and just held. I was able to separate them quickly, and none of the dogs required extensive medical treatments. The first was apparently reported not because of the other dog’s condition – the owner declined my offer to pay for a vet - but out of con
  12. Not sure if this has been a topic here or not. It's regarding a dog that is to be put to death because her owner was somewhat irresponsible. Seems extreme to me but I wondered what you all thought. She is fighting the city of Halifax to stop her dog being killed. Here is a link to her blogspot (sorry if this isn't the appropriate way to post a link). http://freebrindi.blogspot.com/search?upda...;max-results=10
  13. NO! that's not what I meant at all but that sure does explain what I was pathetically attempting (on three hours of sleep when I should be in bed and not posting here) to say and doing so horrifyingly badly. What I was trying to say (and get edited to read like a sane person typing before someone replied but I wasn't quick enough) is... I NORMALLY read and write quite well and assume wrongly that everyone else does...what I mean is that because I read and write a certain way, I assume that everyone "gets" what I'm saying when often they do not because I'm not expressing it properly
  14. thanks Laurae....I guess I run into this problem a lot. I am a typist and do so for a living so sometimes type as fast as I am thinking something. I also tend to be uhhh...long winded...bad habit that I'm trying to break. I often wonder if I'm giving enough details in my efforts to NOT be long winded and then end up giving the wrong information and coming across in the wrong way. I typically read and write quite well but wrongfully assume that everyone else does and that they catch the nuances in what I'm saying. I also sometimes just type without "editing" myself (cause frankly I find it
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