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  1. Thank you for looking that up for me Julie, Id found that post too in my search, but there are not as many pics as I remember. But it was worth a try. Perhaps I can go back in my old blog around that date and see if I have any in there. Think I was still blogging fairly regular then. Been enjoying the pics of your young dogs. Be fun to see how they progress. Thanks again!
  2. Hi All! Just needed to ask a quick Q.of Julie P. And Rebecca Shouse. Do you gals remember when Becca had that nice BBQ and work day at her place a number of yrs ago? We took a lot of pics that day, and Ive lost all my pics on a busted computer and can get them back. I brought my tools and table out and groomed Becca's Chinese crested and Laura;s little brown dog that day. I looked in the archives, but cant pin point the date. It seems like it was in june. Can u gals direct me to that thread or a date and I can find the pics? Thanks!
  3. Border collies have the "Teflon" type of coat that sheds dirt easily and always looks glossy and clean. But please, dont discount what a good professional groom can do for u and your dogs. Finding skin and allergy probs, sores, ear and or physical ailments that a person may miss or not nitice in time. Teeth and anals are ck'd and done, ect. Seeing a good professional groomer from time to time, a very good idea, and keeps folks like me working!
  4. I handle many breeds of dogs large and small daily. I do things to them they dont really care to have done. If/when, one takes a dive for me, they immediatly know its wrong and go submissive. Some to the point of peeing a little. Face licking and hand licking with an almost Im sorry smile on thier lips. Yes. I believe guilt is an honest asupmtion of what the dog is feeling
  5. Nice vid. Love the kinda values they are teaching thier girls : )
  6. Another troll bites the dust. Shame his poor collie will continue to get bitten by beer cans. You can only be helpful to those who genuinly want help.
  7. I would suggest a pin brush, but the type that has the round bubble like tips. Also wouldnt reccomend any human shampoo at all, as the ph is set up for humans and not for dogs which will dry the skin and coat out more. Change in dog food perhaps? A dood product for replenishing skin and coat is a remoisterizer, that you can delute and spray on, or use after bathing. Its like hand lotion for dogs. I will try to find the link to thier website and post it. Great product, and my go to in the shop for dogs with no actual skin prob other than dryness from elements.
  8. Heres a question for you mike. You claim to know dogs and have had many and trained many thru out your life time, so what breeds have you had, and for what purpose and to what level have you trained them?
  9. Laurae, i was looking for the "like" button! Oops. Lmao. No, new OP. We're all stupid. Dont mind us. We know nothing. Im sure your "breeder" ( cough) can advise you much better. Sounds as though you'll believe anything they say, but us? The history on this board says nothing of the experience this crew holds right?
  10. If your dog is indoors, the heater tends to dry out the coat and skin in winter. Talk with your groomer to help find a grooming regimine to restore skin and coat quality. Brushing with the proper brush, ( as some brushes tend to break and split coat)regularly also helps bring up and distribute the natural oils. As well as adding a suppliment.
  11. It does beg the question tho, why a Collie for a gaurdian job. Certinly since youve done all the research and taked extensivly with the breeder (and i use that term loosly) would you choose a herding dog for a gaurdians job. Id really like to know who your "breeder" is, that they would assure you that your purposes for obtaining a collie were in line and on target for this breed, as no reputable breeder of any consequense would allow a pup to go into a stuation such as your describing. Or are you just being a troll.....
  12. I started out with 4 of them but lost the 2 hens after the first yr. So just had the toms. They were grand farm yard buddies. Followed me around like a dog they did. But b/careful when it storms cause they really arent very bright at all, and will drown them selves inna storm looking up at the rain! Mine roosted with the chickens too in the hen house and the chickens didnt seem to mind at all, and the 2 toms got along famously as well. Enjoy them, they really are sweet critters.
  13. here ya go girl! From one turkey to another! lol this was one of my turkey pets too. I luv em!
  14. Ive kept sheep and horses together for yrs, and worked dogs in and amongst them both. Never had a prob or injury, (and yes sometimes the smart ones do head straight to the horses the sec they see a dog coming on the feild lol ) even the new lambs that were born on/in the same pasture the horses live in/on were safe from harm by the horses, but both were older mares so that mothering thing coud have played into that reasoning. But too Ive seen the damage a horse can do when they bite sheep. Yes, deep gaping wounds that take long time to heal. So if its possible to fence them next to each other for a few days, that allows u to watch the interactions, and decide what to do. Depending on the ponies, some folks will run a hot wire along the top of the fence to keep a horse from grabbing and tossing a sheep. I saw old Hugh do that once when he thought a sheep was getting to close to his grain pile, but the sheep was fine and from then on, she left old Hugh alone when he was eating.
  15. Getting ready to start my young dog Cub. For those of you, namely Robin and Julie, that have first hand knowledge of how the sire and dam work, chris in particular, I had thought to start Cub on a handful of dog broke sheep in a round pen. However, thinking now that perhaps starting him (he is 16 months old) on open field with say more like 50-60 head of sheep, not dog broke puppy sheep, but that have been worked by trained dogs in the past, might slow a pup like Cub down a bit while learning his trade (he exhibits some behaviors much like his dam) hence looking for input from julie p and robin, but please, all POV's and ideas are graciously appreciated. So what im looking for are pro's and cons concerning both tecniques for starting an older pup. Im begining to feel that starting him in a larger area, with a larger group of sheep may be more benificial to him than starting him in a round pen on 3 to 6 sheep. He has a stop, recall, get back, and walk up, commands on him. For corrections, he is softer like his sire, not as tough as his dam, and like his sire wants to do the right thing and be a team player. Im excited to start this pup, but am thinking of changing the way i would normally do this, because Im thinking had his dam been started on a bigger area with more sheep, perhaps we would not have run into, or exaserated? the tendancies she had when I started her. Look forward to your responses.
  16. If Ive learned anything over the yrs, it is that breeding ''good'' dogs, just isnt good enough.....best leave it to the masters....those that have proven over time that they not only understand and have the time worn knowledge of breeding to produce a superior working dog, but they also and as well, have no compunctions taking thier product on the trial field and proving it, time and time again. They dont need fancy awards on thier sites, just their track records, and that, speaks for itself.....
  17. B! My old friend. It looks like you've been busy. I hadnt even seen this till your e mail today. Glad we hooked back up. Seems we've both been MIA for awhile. Lol That is one awesome machine. But then, ive seen the stair case too, so have no doubts about ur abilities and knowledge. Work smarter not harder i always say! Lol Good on you! Glad to see you r still stirring minds, and sharing. Come back soon, im sure with me startin this pup soon we'll find plenty to shoot the s*** about.
  18. welcome back. I too have just recently returned to the boards from a 1 yr sabatical. I'll be catching up on back posts for quite awhile! Lol
  19. just a little to add. Please dont allow her to work improporly, IE to tight, not staying out of the sheeps bubble, pushing them to fast. I understand ur reasons, trying to rebuild her interest and confidence, how ever, if u allow her work to start out sloppy and erratic, that sets the precidence for her, and forms bad habits very quickly. There are ways, using body language and pressure to correct a dog without ever having to say a word. And instead of so much praise, just giving her back the sheep in most cases is enough. Its in their mind, their reward. Praise sometimes takes the dogs focus off the sheep and then their looking at you, which is not really what u want. I guess inna nutshell what im trying to say, is if u allow improper work for any reason, in the long run, ur just setting your dog up for more, and possibly harder corrections in the future, and this doesnt sound like a dog that would be able to handle or benifit from that. I hope that helps.
  20. Welcome to the boards! Collies, sub adult, on up to adult, if well bred, tend to bond very strongly and quite quickly to new owners/handlers. I agree that a more mature dog would be a good idea. Even with newbies starting to learn stock work, it is highly reccomended that one get a ''started dog'' so that both u and ur dog arent floundering. Just my 2 cents, but i say this because we all want to pick out and raise a cute lil pup, i bucked the system myself when i first started out this working dog romance, i wouldnt say i ruined my first dog, but what i will say, is that had i listened to those in the know, and not have been so stubborn, and started out with a started dog, im sure id have become a better trainer and handler a lot sooner, and it would have been much easier for the dog as well. Please look at considering a herding drop out, one that isnt quite enough dog on stock, and id be willing to bet, you two together could make one heck of a team, in no time.
  21. great thread! Lots a POV's and wonderful exchange of ideas, and experience, and experiences. What a great Q to discuss. You may proceed! Lol
  22. pretty is as pretty does. Robin i see u arent going to join in the convo, prob bcause we know that show ''borders'' (pardon my french) are in no way shape or form even slightly comparable or even in the same breed catagory as the working collie. And in my estimation are and always will be....a breed apart. Just my 2 cents.
  23. my, my my. Its good to see that even tho Ive been out of the loop round here for awhile,.....that some things never change. Same story, different day. Lol Keep up the good work friends keeping trolls in line and keeping the passion real.
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