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  1. Usher is chipped with Avid, also has my cell phone # for a tattoo on his thigh.
  2. Release forms are common at every trial. With practice, it's common courtesy that you would replace anything. I was at an AHBA trial at a friends, Usher ran last and everyone but a few were setting up for lunch. I didn't close the gate tight enough when I entered and a lamb got through. Usher slammed the lamb against the fence. I was so upset! I sent e-mails to the owners of the sheep and the judge and my trainer. The lamb was fine. I was sickened at the way he lost control over the poor little critter and would have paid any price. I guess that is just the difference with people that use sheep as "toys" for their dogs and others that respect them as living creatures.
  3. Usher doesn't like to roll in anything stinky like most dogs. He prefers to roll on an unused "Bounce" dryer sheet. He likes to smell pretty.
  4. reminder: entries for this trial open on Thursday - June 25th ! On The River Summer SDTJuly 24 - 25 - 26, 2009ACME, WA USBCHA & OSDS sanctioned Judge: Bill Berhow fri: open, nursery & PN class sat: PN, nursery & open classsun: double lift final Don't miss this chance for a very challenging trial in a gorgeous location on the river, with beautiful walking trails ! Camping available, but no hook ups. Limited entries! First come, first served. You can get the entry form off the following websites: * http://www.stockdog.bc.ca/events.php* http://www.wastockdoghandlers.org/events.htm* http://www.osds.org/events.html
  5. I happen to like a dog with some fur to pet. Nothing to do how the dog works, but s/he is going to be in my home and I like a little fur. I would love my dog if he was purple. BUT....... I like the furry stuff. Personal prefaces, I consider. I love to brush my dog- he likes it also. Never had a slick coat, less hair, less vacuuming..........hmmmmmmmmmm. Not as purdy. LOL.
  6. Got the same problem with Bliss, every time she visits my Mom, she must put on 5 pounds. I'm trying to have Mom keep her now & again. She enjoys Bliss' company. I learned how to ride a bike again- yippppie. That helps. She only eats 1/2 cup 2X a day, don't know what more I can do. Good luck with it. If you find a magic cure- let us know.
  7. Beautiful photos as usual and a great story. I wish I would have gone!
  8. haven't decided yet. Lots of ifs and or but's....... 12 in a litter is spooky. ETA- I'm glad someone is reading my blog. Oh- nd P.S. I sent an e-mail to Dianne, Pat & Don to ask about the pups. Just to be sure that I'm doing the right thing. If not- I will decline.
  9. That's a lot!! Most I've seen are 5-6. Your opinions?
  10. As far as I know, this is the story I've always heard. Usher is a "raker" bits of pieces of grass go flying all over.
  11. I had to move in order to keep this in control. It's "funny" to your friends, but not a trait you want to bring out- now we are working on shadows. Not easy when friends think it's "cute".
  12. Someone I DO respect recommend them I didn't mean to heat things up. Sorry!
  13. I haven't had a chance to see the parents yet. I'm planning on a trip to the Oregon Coast for "Girls week" yep, I get to see Bailey again. I'll be going with my old neighbor, the Aussie lady & crew chief's wife, also. We are going to stop by our old places and visit Kathy Brunetto & Mike Ryan (the owners of Bill's dogs) so I will have a chance to see them work and get some new advice and catch-up time. Kathy retired & only trials once a year. She still trains, so if anyone in that area needs help- she's the best. I will also visit & or pick up the pup- Brian Abingdon is great. If I am not fond of the litter, here's your check back. Actually Bonnie Henny owns one of Bill's dogs too. I know a lot of people in OR. I'm not to popular around here- LOL. Titles don't mean much to me, either. I don't have sheep, I just happen to enjoy the sport and the company of other crazy people that like doing the same thing I do. I'm checking on placing Bliss in a retirement home as resident dog. She loves the elderly and would be so happy there. I have only kept her this long because my Mom loves her, but refuses to take her, except to baby-sit.
  14. I didn't like getting Usher in late October. I think it would be nice to take the new pup out to clinic's and such, once shots are complete. I'm not real fond of a smoothie, but crossing it with a rough, which is the case in both the breeding's I'm sure I'd get a medium. I just like some fur to pet. Black or red doesn't matter. BTW- both breeding's would be black & red breeding's. I already have a name picked out for a red female. Blush.
  15. Yea, the ? is "Is it all in a name?" Or who you get your dog from? There are so many related dogs out here in ID. I'd like something a little different. Just not to be compared to a littermate....etc.... WTG Tikkle!!
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