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  1. Thanks to ALL of you for your positive thoughts! Bitsey is not liking here "confined" situation, but she's doing well after the surgery. We have not gotten word from the Vet about the status of the diagnosis, hope to hear something today. Your comments and thoughts about this situation was a great boost for Marti all week. Again, thanks to all! Colin
  2. .... in the morning. Bitsey is an amazing dog, has carried Marti through an incredible number of blue ribbon runs in all the agility venues. She's a Sheltie in a house full of Border Collies and that might ramp up her competitive nature when she sees all the Border Collies at the trials. And, aside from the fact that she hates me, she's a REALLY neat dog. Surgery is at 7:30 in the morning, so any and all good thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks, Colin
  3. Who helped you get into really working your dogs? Robin said "I'll keep the name of the first person i went to for lessons to myself - it wasn't the greatest start. The person who actually helped me the most when i was first starting out was another novice - Lauren Seabolt. She set up group lessons with Kent Kuykendall and kept me in the loop of what was going on here and there. Kent ended up being my first real mentor and i still give him great credit for my beginning education. Later on i took lessons with Alasdair MacRae on a regular basis and he surely helped me with trialing." Me
  4. Permission to cross post. North Carolina continues to be under attack at the local level with anti-breeder proposals. Henderson County has proposed an addition to their animal ordinance making it mandatory to spay/neuter at 4 months or purchase an Unaltered Animal Permit for *$100 per animal per year*. The County has secured a small grant from PetSmart Charities to spay/neuter about 200 animals for low-income residents once this law passes. Animal Control does NOT record the reasons that animals are surrendered; they record only the numbers of strays picked up vs owner turn-ins.
  5. Last time I checked it wasn't on the schedule... your question prompted me to check again and there it was, August 25-26! Love being wrong! CC
  6. Gee, Laura.... don't know where you got the idea I am 6-0!!!!!! Fact is, I've been 6-3 since my teens, not really tall enough to be a NBA candidate, but was and am still the tallest guy in my family! uhhhhhhhhhh.... what was I going to talk about???????? is the the place I go to find out what my assignments are for next week???? had a wild time last night, fell asleep during one of the 547 clones of America's Got Talent, woke up to let the dawgs out and then remembered that Marti had brought some gourmet cupcakes home from FoodLion, but didn't want to eat anything that late...
  7. Just IMHO, it's a shame the board used the term "sanctioning", which seems to imply that USBCHA will specify the manner of the junior classes as they do the open and nursery. Bet we'll see a lot more claims of USBCHA Titles or whatever from ack folks running in N/N. But, I guess if that's our biggest problem, we're doing OK. And, as one who spent many years in the junior classes, I'm glad that the HA is offering support to folks willing to put on novice trials. I learned a lot in those trials, though you rarely see the positive results in my open runs of late. Colin
  8. And..... you are WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colin
  9. Hey Christine... Just in from working the dogs... had one of my Khatadins almost do the same thing to my knee while sorting a few sets for the morning... luckily -- or maybe inspired by your story -- I dodged at the last second and got a leg rub rather than a knee crash. Hope you're doing better -- will we see you hobblin' to the post at Dr. Ben's next week??? Colin
  10. Just talked to a gentleman at Wake SPCA about the upcoming event. He said he had done extensive research on Katz and was aware of his comments about rescues and his decision to put a dog down to avoid the cost of behavioral modification. He also said that this is in no way an endorsement of Katz, but simply a fund raising opportunity for the SPCA. I said that this event can only be seen as an endorsement and that it might create more problems - and lack of donations - than it will solve. He also told me that Katz will be on the Dianne Rehm show again... Colin
  11. I am not OK with that.... There were several options that the Wake SPCA could have taken.... one that immediately comes to mind is Don McCaig, also a widely published author, a contributor to this board and REAL shepherd and champion of the Working Border Collie. And, yes, Katz is "helping" shelter animals, but he is also getting paid for the "help". Colin
  12. I REALLY don't believe that the Wake County, NC SPCA has invited Jon Katz to be their featured celebrity at an event on June 28. I encourage EVERYONE in this part of North Carolina to call the SPCA -- 919-772-2326 -- and let them know the truth about Katz. Colin
  13. Hey Becca, FWIW, I dropped out of the trial this weekend, primarily based on gas prices. Called Dr. Ben to let 'em know, next day headed to town and saw the $3.29 prices had dropped to $3.09 or so... didn't dare call him and beg to get back in. Ya know, it may be quicker and easier for you to hop up to the Danvile bypass and take US 29 south to I85 in Greensboro. That would save you a lot of back road driving. Well, at least I can head out the door and work all the dogs, not just Scout at the trial. See ya! Colin
  14. Finally figured out the way to upload photos.... the sheep at the hay rack.... a cattle panel and a hog panel bolted together and one of the u-bolts that holds the rack together.... I found these small bolts in the electrical department at Lowes... if you move the panels from time to time, it might be easier to use wing nuts... let me know if you need any more info... Colin
  15. Hey Patty, Took the pictures this evening... I'm sure they are spectacular, but I re-"organized" things on the computer a day or so ago and it's not seeing the card... I'll try to get the photos up tomorrow.... and, FWIW, I couldn't picture it either, just had the idea about making a feeder out of the panels, went to Lowes and wandered around, not looking for anything specific, just kinda zoomed out hoping something would whisper "I can do it" to me... and there they were!!! Colin
  16. I'm a bit late to this thread, but here's something I used to make a hay rack out of cattle and hog panels... At Lowes I found some small u-bolts in the electrical section -- think they're called wire clamps -- used them with a lock washer to attach the hog panel to the cattle panel... if you pick the right size there's only a small bit of the bolt sticking out... if you're still working on this, let me know and I'll take a picture of the setup.... Colin
  17. There's a yahoo group that has a good set of plans for homemade stuff... hope a: this link works and b: you'll find some good plans there... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/agility-equi...yguid=275750717 Colin, just finished building a contact trainer for my wife... eta... well, not for Marti, but for fluff butt the Sheltie and scuff butt the Cairn Terrier....
  18. Hey Becca, The *uck Boot folk probably have a short term warranty, mine were just over a year old so probably out of the warranty. Now, I DON"T work for Bean, but they do graciously accept returns for any reason. Hurdle Mills Feed and Farm Supply has a bunch of *uck Boots in stock, was in there on Saturday. Probably everything BUT what Patrick needs. Colin
  19. I USED to swear by Muck Boots, now I swear at *uck Boots!!! First mucky day here last fall I pulled on my *uck boots and went out to feed the sheep. After a couple of steps in the muck I picked up my right foot and wondered "What the *uck is going on?????!!!" Well, it turned out the entire bottom of the boot had come unglued and was open all the way to the heel -- had to throw that pair of socks away! Called *uck Boot company and told them what happened. *uck Boot person said "What do you expect us to do?????" I replied, "Well, LL Bean has a life time warranty on their boots, e
  20. Hey Sue... Happily just rain here in Nawth Karlina.... had a great day yesterday to work the dawgs... In one way this BOB doesn't bother me as much as the previous winners... his back is not as severely slopped as those who came before... but, could that dog do a 600 yard outrun??? think not... CC
  21. This is this year's Best of Barbie....
  22. Nancy said... "Mark, looks like Sunline is closed" Wow! I have one and it's been great -- went to the Sunline website, not mention of them shutting down. What's happening??? Colin
  23. Hey... Talked to Dean this afternoon, he was at Rural Hill doing the set up for the trial, looks like he won't need surgery at least for now. See y'all tomorrow! Colin
  24. Mark said "Crap".... Didn't see it, but I'll wager that Dean took a spin after stepping in some "meadow muffin" that seemed especially slippery in the shedding ring... he had taken a similar fall early in the trial... me, too, almost twice! Colin
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