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  1. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Believe it or not, it has been of aid to me in my decision making. If i did not respect the breed or the members of these forums I would not bother bringing questions or concerns to them. With all due respects John
  2. Julie, I never asked for opinions with my initial post, what i did ask was, "Is anyone familiar with a breeder located in Kansas that goes by the name of ' Nightshades Border Collies' ? I have recently come across them in my search for a new pup and saw that they are an ABCA member so I thought I would drop in and see what feedback any of you might have about them." I fail to see where you believe that it was I who disparaged anyone. No one said that they knew this breeder or were familiar with them but many, by what they read on their website, felt obliged to give their opinions, which I believe were respectfully taken for what they are worth by me. Asking for clarification on registration procedures was, perhaps, an issue I should of addressed in a different thread. Finding the breeder listed on the ABCA high volume breeder page I found it odd that no one here had any knowledge of them. John
  3. What I had initially asked was, "Is anyone familiar with a breeder located in Kansas that goes by the name of ' Nightshades Border Collies' ? Not one person who responded to this thread said that they were familiar with or had even heard of this breeder until i had brought it to their attention. What was opined was conjecture based solely upon what is presented on their website. From there it turned into the typical political banter of registries. I totally get the red flags that the site raises but I do not condemn someone on conjecture. I never said that i was planning on getting a pup from this breeder, i only mentioned that I knew someone who had gotten a pup from them a few years ago and I know the dog. I am familiar with good breeders in my area but i am also always willing to expand my options, especially when looking for an animal companion that will most likely be my last dog. I am not a man that makes decisions such as this simply on written words and opinions when i also have the option of physically engaging the proposition. I do believe that this is an outfit that deserves a hands on look and I am planning on doing so. If what they are doing is something that goes against my ethics....well i have no problem rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty in an attempt to rectify or at least voice my opinion eyeball to eyeball. It's not my first rodeo, so to speak. With all due respect John
  4. All good questions Gloria And I sure am not one to shy away from going eyeball to eyeball and asking alot of what you've touched on. I intend on paying this outfit a visit in the near future and seeing for myself what is happening on the grounds.
  5. Then explain this, your words, to me "Any pup that is born of ABCA-registered parents, even if those parents are also AKC-registered, can be registered with ABCA".
  6. GentleLake, I appreciate your input on this thread but it might behove you to go into the archives here and look at some of the threads associated with my past on these boards. in particular you may want to look at the 'My decision' thread started by me. It might be of interest to you. I have worked hand in hand with several rescue groups in the past and to put it bluntly, was left with a bad taste in my mouth that caused a difficult situation become worse instead of better.
  7. Gloria, Thank you for taking the time to expound upon the issue of registration with the ABCA. I did not begin this post with the intent to become engaged in the politics of registrations although I believe it is a good topic for people to take note of and to understand. My intent was to ask if anyone had direct knowledge of this breeder due to my research that showed they register both ABCA and AKC plus they dual register. After being away from these boards for a decade I see that nothing much has changed in regard to the disdain that is shown towards the AKC and the direction that it has taken in its criteria towards it's version of the border collie breed. I am surprised that the ABCA has chosen to continue the duel registry practices between itself and a registry that they are diametrically opposed to. It is only my personal opinion but I see this as only diluting the essense of what the ABCA strives for with regards to breeding practices. As i have retired from maintaining stock I no longer am searching for a high energy working dog but I am in search of an intelligent dog and my wife and I adore the border collie breed. So I do believe we shall go and pay this breeder a visit, they may have the pup i am looking for.
  8. Gloria, Ok I get that, sort of. I'm not looking to argue the matter but I am seeking clarity because the more I look at this the more confused I am becoming. Isn't it being rather hypocritical to allow registration of dogs and pups being breed by , ABCAs own words, 'The ABCA does not endorse high volume breeders.' I have also read on their site that, in their own words, 'All our dogs are registered with either the American Border Collie Association (ABCA) or the American Kennel Club (AKC) or both.' But I also see that, ABCAs words, 'The ABCA does not recognize any registry that promotes conformation showing of Border Collies. Consequently, registration with the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, the Kennel Club (UK), Federation Cynologique Internationale, Australian or New Zealand Kennel Clubs, or any such body will not be accepted as a basis for registration with the ABCA.' I don't know if you speak for the ABCA but if you do then can you answer my question, Does the ABCA stand behind this breeder or not? I'm just searching for a dog that suits my criteria and I thought that registration with the ABCA was one of my criteria....now i am not sure, so I seek clarity.
  9. I have, since posting this, checked and I see that 1 of the 3 breeders listed on the site is listed under the high volume breeders. I see her name listed 2 consecutive years which kind of confuses me if ABCA doesn't endorse such breeders then why is she being allowed to register pups?
  10. I am searching for a new pup but i'm wanting to find one from good lines and within reasonable driving distance to me. Someone I know had gotten a pup from them a couple years ago and had recommended them to me. I know his dog and am impressed with him and know that he is registered ABCA. So I thought I would inquire here first and get feedback if available before i contacted this breeder. I am located in mid missouri and am willing to drive a few hundred miles to visit a breeder (i've been burned in the past by not visiting the breeder's facility and I prefer to take care of my own shipping)
  11. Hello Ladies and Gents, Been awhile since I've visited these boards and thought I would pay a visit along with a question.Is anyone familiar with a breeder located in Kansas that goes by the name of ' Nightshades Border Collies' ? I have recently come across them in my search for a new pup and saw that they are an ABCA member so I thought I would drop in and see what feedback any of you might have about them. Thanks
  12. I believe in the benefits of Canna Companion And like you point out, you can order it online, its legal nationwide.With Thunderbolt we put him on pharmaceutical grade canabis products with the help from some forward thinking professionals out your way.
  13. As crazy as it sounds cannabis has not been approved, to my knowledge, yet for veterinarian prescription in Colorado. I would suggest that you do some research, perhaps make contact in your area with a good dispensary and ask for some recommendations. I would point you towards this group as a place to start. http://www.cannaforpets.com/about-us I wish I could be more forthcoming with my personal experiences but I don't feel comfortable discussing the treatment on an open forum. I will say, however, that once we removed the pharmaceuticals from ThunderBolt's treatment regime and replaced it with cannabis we saw a marked improvement in his overall health and condition very fast. He suffered with severe hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis and ultimately was diagnosed with lymphoma. It was when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and we were told to not expect him to live more then a few months at best without very expensive and aggressive chemo therapy that at best might prolong his life by just a few additional months that we made the decision to remove him from pharmaceuticals totally and seek alternatives. We researched cannabis and decided to give it a try. That was 4 years ago and his health improved rapidly as we experimented with dosage. Swimming and emu oil had always been part of his health regime since he was a pup, I believe both are just good health practices in general, for both humans and animals. I'm not advocating that cannabis is a magic cure, all I am saying is our experience with Thunderbolt was quite positive from the time we began treating him with it and his vet was amazed with his longivity post diagnosis.
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