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  1. Thank you MeMeow for relaying your experience and positive suggestions for change. I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input and 'tough love'. I appreciate it and it is good to be reminded of the other side as well as possible repercussions. And thank you for your compassion Gloria.
  3. Hi border collie folks, I was here years ago with my two previous border collies, including my Skye-dog who lived 5 1/2 years after a diagnosis of lymphoma. With chemo and care, she lived to 14 and we said goodbye last summer. I miss her terribly. Her pic is the black and white one below. Anyway, I am familiar with the bc crouch and eye, but not to the charging and growling. My new dog is primarily bc, with lab, Rottie, GSD, Staffie and whippet thrown in! She is very exuberant, which likely comes from being kept in a crate for most of her first two years. We adopted her from our lo
  4. C Crocker, Thanks a bunch for this suggestion. We're nearing the end of our Flagyl course (and Skye's diarrhea seems to be resolved, but it is good to have this in case it rears its ugly head again) so I have just ordered some of this product - looks like it has some great testimonials! Thanks again! Much appreciated. Ailsa, with Skye-dog
  5. Hi Julie, You're awesome. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and very kind offer of Kat, Jill and Willow's harness. I'm really touched. It's hard to say all that is the case when you're operating on little sleep, lol, but here's trying. Yes, I think the medication you're talking about is Cerenia for nausea, and Skye did get a 4-day course of that beginning the day after, so it's finished now. But she is on Flagyl (metronidazole) for her diarrhea, and I'm giving small meals to help bring her gi system back under control. I'm hesitating stopping the Metacam right away a
  6. Hi Julie, Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, the four days is just the amount of time to see some significant improvements (which to me means no more wonky eye movements, less head tilt and nausea). In terms of serious improvement (i.e. walking without support and not falling over while doing so) is definitely more than that. She walked tonight around the ground floor for the first time, with me holding her back end, so we all cheered! I'm hoping she will walk again without support and some sense of balance for Christmas -- that would be my best present. And in terms of meds causing di
  7. Denice, Thanks for your reply and concern. Yes, our vet for the last almost five years has been primarily holistic and did not favour using pharmaceuticals at all. For Skye's immune support during chemo we added high omega-3 fish oil, l-glutamine, probiotics -- I also home-cooked with all human grade ingredients, adding a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement. We also did customized homeopathic protocols, added other supplements like Flexadin (glucosamine etc.), Wobenzyme, several other joint supplements and something for her 'soft' heart. He upped the ante to include laser t
  8. Thank you Maralynn. Yes, she is a miracle girl and very, very special. Yeah, I feared that her multicentric lymphoma had either slid sideways or at some point metastisized but x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. sees no cancer. But of course i live in fear. And yes, pumpkin has been part of her daily diet, as diarrhea is one of those things that any lymphoma/chemo survivor knows lots about. She is very sensitive and I know that this whole thing has made her acutely upset; not least of which because she can't yet manage going outdoors to toilet Denice, yes, that's what I thought too but she is
  9. HI All, I've been a lapsed member for years now but thoroughly enjoyed participating when Skye was younger. She is now 13 1/3 and besides being an almost 5 year lymphoma survivor, is also struggling with spondylosis. She had her first episode of what we quickly realized was vestibular disease on Wednesday evening (the 25th Nov). She has been on daily cerenia (a 4-day course) to prevent nausea, has been drinking well, eating moderately well, but her soft poops that we have been struggling with before this episode have now turned into full-blown diarrhea. For the last four nights we h
  10. Melanie, Is there a lip curl, a growl or a snarl that Jett exhibits before she flies off the handle? I find that when Skye reacts to another (almost exclusively over guarding issues, and 99% of the time with another female), there is a subtle sign. At this point I can usually defuse the situation. Then again, this might not be as easy with an adolescent It also occurs to me that Jett is picking on Fly because she can. Of course, that doesn't help you unless you can convince her to defend herself. Has she ever been put in her place by another dog, esp in Fly's presence? I found
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