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Good-bye Sweet Obi

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The vet just had her assistant call me, while she had Obi on the operating table. Things looked grim. He had about a 20 per cent chance of survival. The sutures had opened. Some of the intestine was absessed, and his entire abdominal cavity would had to have been cleaned. Even with the 20 per cent chance of survival of this surgery, there was a risk, since they didn't know why the sutures didn't hold in the first place, of something going wrong again. They could have removed 2/3 of his small intestine, which sounds like it would not have been a pleasant way of living for the rest of his life.


So I made the decision to say good bye to Obi. I think as I write this, Obi is coming to the Bridge. Rest in peace, my sweet boy.


I hate life sometimes.

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Oh Vicki, I'm so sorry :rolleyes: I was really hoping he would rally and things would be fine. There have been a lot of good dogs going to the Bridge these last few weeks - run free Obi, run free

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:rolleyes: I'm so sorry . . . reading these posts always reminds me of Odin's (and now Flora's) own mortality . . . someday we'll all make a googbye post for our pups - it makes me so sad to even think about it. :D Parents always say they should never outlive thier children . . . I wish we didn't have to outlive our dogs :D


Hugs from Newfoundland. Be strong.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Obi. I wish there was something I could do to help.


Run free Obi.

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Aw man I am so sorry. But I agree. You did the right thing.


I hope that Obi is having a great game of ball while he is up there running free.

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Look not where I was

For I am not there.

My spirit is free.

I am everywhere;

In the air that you breathe.

In the sounds that you hear.

Don't cry for me,

My spirit is near.

I'll watch for you

From the other side;

I'll be the one running,

New friends by my side.

Smile at my memory,

Remember in your heart:

This isn't the end,

It's a brand new start.


Please accept my condolences on the passing of your beloved pet.

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