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  1. I am so sorry. Could hardly believe it when I checked on the boards today. Yes, life goes by way to fast. He had a wonderful companion in you and I know he is waiting for you.
  2. Too cute! Best of luck with your new kid and I am very sorry for your loss.
  3. First off...I am so sorry. That is such a scary, painful and horrible situation for everyone. I second everyone's attitude when they tell you for you to work on yourself and keep routines (as much as possible). Having said that...I had a little Chi attacked by a pit and the damage was surprisingly minimal due to quick interventions. But regardless...she was super traumatized. It took the dog that would not be deterred off me weeks to let me even pet her. It just took some time. But she was very much the same dog as before with time.
  4. I am going to resurrect this thread....is there anyone else up there by now? Doing some preemptive research...
  5. I am so sorry! One of a kind for sure.
  6. I have been gone from the boards for a while. It breaks my heart to read this. I am so sorry.
  7. Sorry for just now seeing this! Super happy to see he is doing good now. He is one of the originals still trucking. Keep it up old chap!
  8. I raised two that were within a month of each other but not littermates. No matter how hard I tried, despite all the things mentioned above, one always got less work. That is the next problem I ran into.
  9. Just having lost my two old girls last fall...I am so sorry for your loss. And yes, I do believe they stick around.
  10. I also cherish my old ones. They are so special. It is hard to watch them at times. But a blessing as well. She is a lucky girl to have you looking out for her.
  11. My old gal Blimpie did well on it. I don't. Nothing super serious but I had some weird hallucinations type dreams on it. I have only ever taken a tiny amount in case of severe pain to get some sleep.
  12. Very sorry for your loss.
  13. Very sorry for your loss.
  14. I confess....often I watch part of clips and then I get distracted....yes, I have issues. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of this! With tears in my eyes. What a beauty he is. I just kept flipping back to your fear, frustration facing his disease. I am so happy for you. And on a sidenote, what a cool place to live.
  15. I have a set of "All Creatures Great and Small" that always makes me laugh, think and cry at the same time. But I never get bored or sleepy!
  16. As much as it sounds old and lame.....stuff happens. Even the "best" owners can make mistakes or rather misjudge. Glad he was ok and sounds like you are right on it. Happy belated birthday!
  17. Yeah....this may work for normal dogs. But I assure you, two, ready to fight out of pure hate and of equal grit....it won't work. I have had it twice. Neighbor dog went after mine on my property and two Mal bitches that decided at exactly that very moment that they were done liking each other. On the other hand, I got to break up a tiff between a big Mal and a Pit. I was not about to get between them so I thought the old water trick may work (never had before in 20 years of owning dogs)...they broke it off the second they saw the hose, put themselves in their corners and stayed there. Almost like the fight got started and neither really meant to but was to stubborn to quit on their own. Oddly enough, that one had the most injuries despite being half hearted.
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