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  1. I think the lantana and primrose will be beautiful! I know one "master gardener" who ripped out her beautiful hydrangeas every year before winter because she didn't want those "ugly sticks" in her yard. She thought they were annuals and had more money than sense. I patiently explained that those sticks would bloom every year if she let them be... I've always tried to nurture pink and yellow primrose in my garden because they really are sturdy, beautiful little plants. We have had such a mild winter in West Virginia that I spent all day yesterday doing sketches of the garden for our ne
  2. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying--I swear it's too early to fall off the couch laughing--I had forgotten about this commercial! Thanks so much, I'm gonna bookmark this one... Charlene
  3. I hope he is on the mend soon! Poor little darling. Charlene
  4. I've trained dogs on leashes all my life and I have never had the trouble that I have had with Polly. I'm still not sure I won't need shoulder surgery from her nasty pulling! After trying all the traditional methods, (for many weeks), I have two words for you: Gentle Leader!! It changed our lives--I sleep with it under my pillow!! lol It costs about 20 bucks with an instructional cd. She actually likes it, and runs over and sits pretty to wait to get it on. I've not used the Halti, but if it is like the Gentle Leader, I'm sure you could have success with that as well. Good Luck! Charlen
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