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  1. Dogs have less problems than we have, as they are lighter and their weight is best distributed in 4 legs. I don't think that the time you do with them wold make any harm.
  2. I know a person who have a deaf white boxer, what he does is to put an electric collar in the dog, but one with "pager" on it, so the vibration means "look at me" and he can give visual orders with his hands.
  3. Most of time I regret we do not have a proper animal control and protection law, specially with all the strays wandering everywhere, but when I read of extremes like these, I really prefer not to have such law.
  4. I agree totally with you. People are sometime obsessed with future joints problems and, in most cases the problems I've seen have a more genetic-bad structure origin than in over-exercise. Jumps are other matter, they can really cause future problems. Pavement shouldn't be as much of a problem unless the pup gallops all the way but session of free play are always better than long walks (more different muscles involved). And don't be afraid to have a too tired pup some day and another, just be sure to give enough time to recover before exercising again
  5. Thanks for the replies, be sure I'm thinking about it twice and three times and four times. My aunt insist she is eager and happy to have the dog (not an old woman, just old mentality about indoor dogs, and much, much less weak) and I'm the one saying that we should consider all the pros and cons before. That is why I posted here expecting than someone that could have shared the same experience could give me advices to thwarts the current conditions that make me uncomfortable with the idea as it currently is. But don't think I'm surfing in the net looking for some available puppy of some b
  6. This is the case: I moved to my mother city, I'm currently living with her and I plan to do so for the next year or two. She lives in an apartment without even a balcony and she is not a dog person, so dogs here are out of the question, not even guinea pigs. I want (I need, it is physiological) to have a dog and I would want to have a dog to do obedience and even Sch if the conditions are given so I'm doing a research about certain GSD working line litter I've been offered a female pup, a dog to be entirely mine, mine and not just SAR. An aunt offered me to have a dog in her yard, a
  7. Won't be need Ouzo is going to learn to read.
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies. After deciding that to keep fostering Auca is too much traumatic for me and that I want her out of my life before it's too late (if it's not already) I want to have my and only MY dog that I know that could age with me until the end of its days. I am pretty sure of what I want as my future dog (not a BC this time) and thinking of the said male dog of my infance the only thing in what I still haven't make a desicions is the gender. I like females pretty much, but as I'm not thinking on doing SAR this time the weight is not an issue and I wouldn't mind
  9. Speaking of Mythbusters... I've always owned female dogs with the exception of a stray male dog that owned me when I was a girl and my mother didn't allow me to have dogs yet. The case is that I've heard often than the bonds between a male dog with a female owner and of a female dog with a male owners are stronger and for what I've seen I'm inclined to believe that it is true. What have been your experiences with your female or male dogs? I'm just talking about the bonding between you, not other topic as heat, marking or other differences between genres.
  10. I can't follow the link, it appears broken to me, I'll try again tomorrow. They have even a different number of chromosomes. If you want a interesting link refering canine genetics in a not too scientific language I recommend this link. The Poodle and the Chocolate Cake
  11. And another benefit of scheduled meals is that when you feed the dog twice a day, then you have to scoop twice a day, if the dogs have free access to the food, then the "surprise" can come at any minute.
  12. It sounds like a great idea to keep minor injuries clean and without licking. I'm gonna add one of those cheaps one in my canine first-aid kit... i just hope not to have to answer too much questions.
  13. I would have the same guess your vet had, beside that I've no idea.
  14. I read the link, it's very good and complete. I would, if necesary add some frustration putting a comfortable harness to the dog and attaching him to something. Psichology NÂș1: You want what you can't reach. It makes the toy more desirable. As your dog is shy don't forget to use the line, this way not only the toy moves in a more interesting way, but you give space to the dog to feel comfortable with the game. His leash has to be always stretched, if it looks loose, then you are pushing too much. Step back.
  15. Sorry, I have to laugh of myself, it sounds like I'm sleeping and peeing at the same time. Too late to edit .
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