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  1. Oh what a beautiful happy ending!! He is a beautiful boy!
  2. Thanks for the info Sluj. I'm going to check it out now!
  3. Yes, it is. We are staying put and working out travel plans, but time is limited
  4. This was something we looked into as well. We can't afford for me to stay here, and staying with our friends is not an option. When we staye there last year, both their kids were in college so they had the room . . . now they do not
  5. Because Toronto, or, I should say, our little piece of Toronto, is our home. Wes grew up there and I grew to love and consider it my home as well. Because we have to rely on his mom to take in at least him while we get on our feet, because we can't save money here. We have enough for rent for the apartment, basic bills and food for us and the dog. That's it. I'm not even exaggerating. We have to borrow (again) to travel there. Plus, my husband's job is there, the company he left to come here is talking him back. Yes, my friends would take Odin in a heartbeat. Am I ready to just hand him over? Absolutely not. But the fact is, they may have to at least "babysit" him for a while, while we figure this stuff out. Arranging travel for us and two animals has not been going well, and we need to be there before winter. I've made countless calls and IMs, offered everything we have to offer, but no one is interested in making the two day drive, not even my damn parents, even though they certainly could use the furniture. Flying is not an option with Odin, as I explained before. It would mean finding a drive across the island, and putting him on an Air Canada Cargo plane. The last time I did this, it cost just under 1000$. In the (hopefully near) future, this will be an option, but right now, it isn't My last hope was in our roommate. We were hoping his parents (the friends I've been talking about all along) would let him use the car to drive us all up. But then my husband said his mom wouldn't let Odin or me stay there. I have to ask my mom if I can stay with her, but I don't know if she'll say yes. I definitely don't know if she'll let Odin stay. This last paragraph does explain an option that isn't scratched off the black board yet though! We have not asked if our roommate can drive us, and I have yet to ask my mom if we can stay! So you guys, I know it's hard to understand everything over the internet, it sure is hard to explain everything. I just hope that in the two plus years I've been on this board, you guys know and trust me enough to know my heart is in the right place and I will do right by Odin. Thanks for all the responses. <3 PS: Our little piece of Toronto is heaven on earth to me, and *is* a good area to own a dog. It's called Long Branch Village, it's right on Lake Ontario, it has huge walking trails and parks, and it's beautiful. It's our home, and I want Odin there with us. It just may not be able to happen right away Edited to add: Google "Marie Curtis Park". This used to be our front yard. We lived just a building away from Wes' parents, who live right across the street from it. We're hoping to get an apartment on the same street again, partly because we love it, but party because it's wonderful for Odin. If you look at this map, you can see where we lived: 42nd Street That's our home. That's Odin home.
  6. Thanks RDM What I think I should have said before, but didn't (I'm not sure why?) is that Odin lived in Toronto in a small apartment for the first year and a half of his life. We were very happy. But then we moved to Newfoundland and stayed at our friends' farm, which is not actually a farm anymore, but it used to be. And there, for the first time, I saw real, pure, *joy* in Odin's eyes. He was never unhappy in Toronto, but he was in doggy heaven on this farm. We're currently living in an apartment now, about an hour away from there. Is Odin happy? Absolutely. But not like he was there. I'm telling you guys this so that maybe you would better understand what I mean when I say I'm "torn".
  7. I am doing reflecting on my own, but I also need friends around me right now. It helps me to talk about it, helps to know I have support. The very last thing I would want to do is make a thread two months down the road saying Odin is with friends now, and have people not understand everything fully . . . my fellow BCBers are very important to me, and when something of this magnitude is happening, there's no other place I'd rather go I do understand what you mean about needing to reflect on my own, don't worry, I will be doing that as well. Thanks very much for your reply as well. Every one helps in some way.
  8. Thanks RDM. You're right, as you usually are. No, it would not have occurred to me. Please don't stop with the support though, I need my friends around me <3
  9. Well, if we do indeed ask these people to take care of Odin, I don't think I'd be able to say "Here, raise my dog he's yours now". I'd like to think that we'd eventually get to a place where we can give him the time and attention he needs, and he'll be able to come back with us. I don't like the idea of saying goodbye forever. He's mine. I think he'll always be mine, no matter where he is in the world. But how long would it be? What if he really bonds with my friends and they with him? Would it be fair to take him away? They are both in their sixties, the husband is nearer to seventy.
  10. I know Laura, I really appreciate all the input I'm getting, I just didn't want anyone to misunderstand my attentions or affections when it comes to this situation. I'm sorry if it seemed like I singled you out, that was not my intention. I really do appreciate all the advice I'm getting, even if it does confuse me. *hugs*
  11. Thanks, that really, really, really, means a lot to me. I don't know how I'm going to manage to make this decision, it seems like I'm between a rock and a hard place. But at least I have you guys . . . Odin couldn't have better advisers helping to decide his fate, that's for sure!
  12. Okay, I just read some new replies that were posted while I was typing my previous one, and now I am more confused than ever. I just don't understand. On the one hand I have people telling me (not on the boards) that if I keep him, it's not being fair and giving him a better home is the responsible thing to do. On the other I have people saying to take him with me no matter what, and that if I love him enough I can make it work . . . If I leave him here in NL, which would be the toughest decision of my life, does that mean I don't care about him as much as I claim to? Because I think he'd have a better life here? This is such a hard thing for me to even consider, and if I do it it will be because I DO love him so much I'm so confused. I wish I never had to think about this. I just want to do what's right. That's all. But what is right? Edit: Does it make me a horrible person that we're so broke now? I sure do feel like one right about now I know we can't predict the future, but I feel like I owe it to Odin to never be broke or something =/
  13. Toronto is roughtly 1500 miles from Newfoundland. In the four years that we lived there before, I was not able to afford a visit to my family . . . In order to have Odin sent back I would need someone to drive 500 miles across the island of Newfoundland with him, to put him on a plane. Then he could be flown to Toronto. This is how he had to be sent home when we moved here, and unfortunately it's the only way to get from NL to Toronto. Last november when Odin was sent here a friend took pity on us and drove me to pick him up. The cost of the whole thing was about 1000$. When we lived in Toronto before, it wasn't a big issue because I didn't work - I was home all day with Odin. And although I'm not liking the idea of handing him over to a friend, I'm not liking the idea of subjecting him to that kind of apartment life either. It's not necesarily an all or nothing thing, it's just that I'm torn between two equally painful options. I feel so trapped. No, I don't want to leave him, thinking of leaving him makes me cry. But I don't know if I could deal with the guilt if he was home alone while we both worked all day either. I know alot of people make it work, but I just don't know if I could go to work for 8 or more hours a day knowing my animal is home alone. I just don't know what to do, it's all so confusing
  14. To be honest, I'm torn on this one. Torn between doing what's best for Odin and Flora, and doing what feels best for me. When put in those terms the decision seems simple . . . and yet it's not. If someone came to me and said: "Kee, my dogs can either come live in a City with me where they won't get enough exercise, won't see me often enough and will probably be bored OR live on a big farm, get loads of love and attention from loving, trustworthy people he adores and have the opportunity to frolic with his friends all day." I think my answer to them would be "Don't be selfish - do what's best for your pet" On the one hand, coming home to an empty apartment would break my heart, indeed, merely the thought just brought tears to my eyes again. On the other hand, seeing the light in Odins eyes replaced with dullness because he's alone and bored most of the day may very well break my heart too. I don't even have a place to go when we get to Toronto, have I mentioned that? My inlaws say they "don't have room". So unless my birth mother says I can stay with her, *I* may not have a roof over my head soon, cause I sure as heck don't have a place to stay here. My friends would probably let me stay there if need be, but I've imposed enough on their old souls. Why can't I win the lotto?
  15. Wes loves Odin just as much, if not more, than I do, so this is hard for him too We're talking about the guy who ordered 50 chicken wings, put on Friday the 13th movies all day and sat on the couch with Odie, sharing wings (no bones for Odie ofc) . . . They are "pals". Wes cried with me when we were discussing it earlier With both of us working, I know it's going to be hard on Odin, especially when he could be happy as a pig in poop running around with his buddies in NL. I know it's selfish of me to want to keep him no matter what. He really bonded with these people while we lived there, and even now when they come to visit he goes crazy with excitement. I just don't know if I can do it, you know? I mean, maybe he could stay here in Newfoundland with them for a while . . . but to just let him go . . . for good . . . I don't know if I'm capable of that. I know it's selfish but it hurts so much Plus I feel like a horrible person for even considering it. I'm the first person to say that once you commit yourself to an animal, that's it, tough it out! How can I just turn my back on my own morals?
  16. Wes and I have to go back to Toronto. We're barely making ends meet here and there are no jobs. So for the past week I've been planning our trip home. We've been looking for someone to drive us and the dogs to Toronto, and in return I would give them the beautiful livingroom set and TV my neighbor sold us. I thought it was a great idea . . . we'd pay for fuel, ferry fees and meals, and the driver would get a great deal out of it. My husband came into the room about an hour ago and suggested, with a very heavy heart, I know, because Odin is his "Buddy" . . . that we ask our friends who took us in last winter to adopt our babies. I literally spent the last hour crying, and I'm still on the verge. Wes says to think about *them* not us, but my heart is breaking. I know they'd love living in that little community, far away from any roads, acres and acres to run free on, doggie friends to play with, people there to give them attention 24/7. Odin loves it there. I know they would be much happier there than cooped up in a most likely small apartment while Wes and I both work. But they're my babies. And don't get me wrong, I love both my dogs, but Odin . . . Odin is my boy. He's my baby. I love him so much, how can I just give him away??? Okay, the waterworks are back on again . . . I literally think my heart is in a million little pieces floating around in my chest right now. Edited to add: It just don't feel right. What kind of life would I have without Odie? How could I even visit the BCB's without my BC? Who would I take videos of to post on YouTube? Who would snuggle with me and Wes at night? Who would greet us when we come home?? How would our lives ever be the SAME? He's our BABY!
  17. Well, what you do is, you upload your picture to http://www.imageshack.us/ or Photobucket. Imageshack is easiest. Then when you reply to a post you click on the little button that looks like a picture (it's next to the one with the arrow). You past the URL to the image. Click okay, and you're done! Grats on the new BC, and yay for rescuing
  18. Yes, this is how I took it as well! I'd love to see a HrrGrr Blog, but not if it means you'll have to stop posting about him here!
  19. No wayyy!! I love reading about HrrGrr! *hypnotizes* You wannnt to make a bloggggg!! You wannnnnnt to make a bloggggggggg!! Did it work? *points to a great dog blog* ---> http://threewoofs.blogspot.com/ (I hope RDM doesn't mind me posting that )
  20. *poke*

    Welcome to the BCBs!! :D

  21. Oh it was so nice to read this thread!! I feel like I know the little guy now Can't wait to keep reading
  22. Aww poor Freya! Glad to know she's okay though The other day Flora was chasing her tail and wasn't paying attention to where she was going and she slammed right into the door frame!
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