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  1. Well done to everyone who made it into the English Team this weekend. Team: 1: and ENGLISH NAT CHAMPION: Ricky Hutchinson SWEEP 183 (runoff) 2: Tom Huddleston UDALE JET 179 (runoff) 3: Gordon Watt HUTHWAITE MOSS 182 (runoff) 4: James Howard WISP 181 2nd Day 1 5: Derek Scrimgeour FLEECE 179 2nd Day 2 6: James Gilman BOB 173 2nd Day 3 7: Thomas Longton MAYA 180 3rd Day 1 8: David Wood SALLY 176 3rd Day 2 9: Ray Edwards BILL 168 3rd Day 3 10: Timothy Longton BOB 174 4th Day 1 11: Thomas Longton TOT 167 4th Day 2 12: Ricky Hutchinson FLY 167 4th Day 3 13: Wendy Cole KATH 170 5th Day 1 14: Jim Cropper NIDDERDALE NIDD 163 5th Day 2 15: Vic Morris GILFACH MAC 160 5th Day 3 Reserve: Dick Roper PETE (runoff) Brace Thomas Longton SPOT & TOT 217 George Bonsall JET & TIM 188
  2. Hiya Sue Thanks. I have been trying to get a copy of that book for a while for a good price, without success so far. I am getting ready for my move North - very excited. I have also found out I am pregnant (15 weeks) and so that has kind of slowed me down a little! How are things with you?
  3. Does anyone have or know where I can get a comprehensive list of the past Supreme Champions? Ta!
  4. Hope you had a fab time over here in the UK Dianne - I look forward to hearing about it. Your pups look super! Can't wait to see them grow.
  5. What do you guys think of this?!! http://www.midlandsbordercollieclub.com/sheep.htm
  6. Turbo is lovely. My Moss is a huuuuuge boy too!
  7. Not once does he mention what the dogs think of having monkeys riding around on their backs. I have to say that this kind of "show" would not be allowed in the UK - there would be an absolute uproar about the cruelty involved to both dogs and monkey. It reminds me of those hideous films you see of dancing bears and monkeys having their photos taken with tourists (while still being chained to their "owner"). In this day and age I really don't see how people can find this sort of thing entertaining
  8. Amazing photos - really enjoyed them all. Mick is some dog
  9. Gorgeous shots of gorgeous dogs. Lance is great, but I absolutely love Ben
  10. I am pleased to say that my collies are placid and friendly, with wonderful temperaments. I have serious doubts that they would protect me from any attacker - thankfully it has never been put to the test. I do have a big, very hairy GSD bitch too, whose appearance would be enough to deter most would-be weirdos (Although she is a big softie too!)
  11. OK kirsty.firth@btinternet.com When is your next trip?
  12. Next time you are over, you will have to give me a shout and we could meet up My boyfriend is Allan Taylor and he works at Mayshiel. He does know of Chris - I think he only lives around 3 miles away.
  13. Slightly off topic as I consider myself very fortunate in that none of my dogs suffer from storm/thunder phobia. I really do believe that many dogs that have a fear of loud noises stems from genetics. I would be really interested to know about any scientific research into this. I personally would never risk breeding off a dog with a noise phobia.
  14. I did contact Julie a while back regarding lessons, and may hopefully get booked on a clinic sometime this summer The video was taken in the Lammermuir Hills between Longformacus and crossing the road to Cranshaws/Gifford. Do you know the area well? From one of the hills my boyfriend shepherds, you can see the farm that was Jock Richardson's, of course the home of the famous Wiston Cap
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