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  1. Well done to everyone who made it into the English Team this weekend. Team: 1: and ENGLISH NAT CHAMPION: Ricky Hutchinson SWEEP 183 (runoff) 2: Tom Huddleston UDALE JET 179 (runoff) 3: Gordon Watt HUTHWAITE MOSS 182 (runoff) 4: James Howard WISP 181 2nd Day 1 5: Derek Scrimgeour FLEECE 179 2nd Day 2 6: James Gilman BOB 173 2nd Day 3 7: Thomas Longton MAYA 180 3rd Day 1 8: David Wood SALLY 176 3rd Day 2 9: Ray Edwards BILL 168 3rd Day 3 10: Timothy Longton BOB 174 4th Day 1 11: Thomas Longton TOT 167 4th Day 2 12: Ricky Hutchinson FLY 167 4th Day 3 13: Wendy Cole KATH 170 5th Day 1 14: Jim Cr
  2. Slightly off topic as I consider myself very fortunate in that none of my dogs suffer from storm/thunder phobia. I really do believe that many dogs that have a fear of loud noises stems from genetics. I would be really interested to know about any scientific research into this. I personally would never risk breeding off a dog with a noise phobia.
  3. I like the ethics of the board - it is nice to see a messageboard that actually advocates and encourages the Border Collie as a herding dog!! Too many sites I have visited talk about the collie as an agility, flyball or obedience dog, with no mention to the ancestry of our wonderful breed. Of course, we all decide to do different activities with our dogs, but their history should never be forgotten.
  4. This is a tried and tested method, which usually has good results, Claire. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Both my dogs ADORE the car, it is like their second home and am lucky I have never had any problems.
  5. I didn't know Bob, but from reading everyone's comments he was obviously a very special man. I love his photos of Sparc who will no doubt be feeling the loss of his "dad" I send my sincerest condolences to Bob's family and friends and his faithful dog.
  6. Are there any other UK members on the Board?
  7. I am so sorry to hear of your loss - it is just so difficult when they leave us
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