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  1. I agree. I have learned so much here. I don't post much anymore( have been sick). But I do lurk alot!
  2. In my experience, either excitement or exercise will do it.
  3. But of course! That's one part of owning a dog that I love best! (My last dog slept on my bed with me, for 11 yrs!! ) Scritching their ears while watching a movie, snoozing with them, cuddling at night...AND it's good for your blood pressure too!! Poppy loves to be up on the bed with me off and on during the day and night. Otherwise he is on his dog bed (in the bedroom). Pepper sleeps on the couch or in her crate at night, but comes up on the bed during the day.
  4. I like your profile Beth. I'm still trying to get my pic up on mine. lol

  5. Glad to hear that he is doing well.
  6. I learned the hard way that it's good to stop the behavior asap. About a year ago, I was vacuuming with my NEW vacuum, when Poppy attacked it. He startled me, causing me to back up to get the vacuum away from him before he got hurt. In the process of backing, up I ran over the cord and mauled the heck out of it! So I had to tape it up. Boy! Was I angry! I had only had the vacuum a few months.
  7. You can also use a crate when you vacuum. Be sure and include a tasty treat and before long they will look forward to being crated, when you vaccuum!
  8. Me too. I hope he is doing alot better and healing emotionally.
  9. hi i have added you to my friends now 2.

    hollys mum

  10. I missed this post. You and dear fly have my condolences. I am so sorry this had to happen to you and Fly.
  11. I would try and give them separate bowls(even if you have to separate them at mealtime to get them to eat separtely), and then use a bunch of small dumbbell weights in the bowl, so that they have to eat around them. This will slow them down.
  12. Hope Gypsy is OK, and feels better soon.
  13. I had both my pups fixed at 4 mos but now wish I had waited, as I'm hearing that early spay/neuter can have alot of risks.
  14. Pepper does that too. It's hilarious. She rolls her ball under the entertainment center, and then then she uses her paws like hands to try and get the toy back out!
  15. Oh thank God, I so glad to hear that all of our prayers were answered. I'm so happy to hear that Ben is back home.
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