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  1. Happy 2010! Wishing everyone here, all the very best for the coming New Year!
  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Pippin! Man they grow so fast!
  3. Sending good thoughts and prayers your and Scooter's way. Hopefully they can find the problem and fix it. Could the Rimadly be related to his tummy probs? I know it is rough on their tummy and liver. Had a dog on and off of it for like 5 yrs.
  4. We got the snow around the first week of Dec but it was only 5 inches or so. And yeah hope that this winter, will be nothing like last year. THAT was a nightmare.
  5. I always figured that it was them scratching an itch the way that Poppy gets all into it with groans and sighs of bliss...
  6. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas too!
  7. Pepper used to do this and we found out it was due to a UTI.
  8. Merry Christmas. Bless you for taking him in.
  9. Congrats on your new family member! He is tr uly gorgeous. Sorry to hear he was in such rough shape, poor boy. if anyone can heal him up physically and mentally it is you!
  10. Oh yeah! The dogs and I are loving it!! Will post some pics of them out in in playing soccer with their basketball!
  11. True. I am just dealing with the newly diagnosed Epilepsy and other health probs from h3ll...lol. But life is slowly getting better.
  12. lol... yeah about 3 hrs away I think. there are others on here from Wa and even a few from Spokane.
  13. I really only use the rubber orange Chuck-It balls as well. I LOVE those. Not only does the Chuck it wear them out with all the bouncing but stands up to the chewing and BC teeth abuse as well.
  14. Hope you had a wonderful Gotcha day Blackjack. Tell your owner to PM me! *Hint! Hint!*
  15. Welcome back. You and I are sort of neighbords...lol. I am from Spokane.
  16. They are adorable! I too have been incognito due to also getting caught up in life's twist and turns.
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