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I'm just writing to tell you that you've been a big help with Sheena, but this morning at 4am I let her out to pee and she got hit and died. I am just devastated. Cried for 2 hours. I carried her up to the house and she had a broken neck, so hopefully she died instantly. I miss her so much, we were together 24/7. So thanks for the service and I'll close my acct. becky

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There is no need to close your account; you can always find friends here. You never know; maybe, after the pain subsides, you may want another dog. No dog will ever replace Sheena, but another dog may help to fill the empty space in your heart. In the meantime, I hope these words bring some comfort:


Look not where I was

For I am not there.

My spirit is free.

I am everywhere;

In the air that you breathe.

In the sounds that you hear.

Don't cry for me,

My spirit is near.

I'll watch for you

From the other side;

I'll be the one running,

New friends by my side.

Smile at my memory,

Remember in your heart:

This isn't the end,

It's a brand new start

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So sorry for your loss. I know everyone here wouldn't mind at all if you posted with memories or just to share your pain. But, I also understand how painful it would be to see everyone's pictures of their dogs.


Thoughts and prayers with you. There have been many losses here, so you will find understanding "ears".

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Thank all of you so much, it hurts just to see the pictures of your dogs. Ya know, I never got a chance to get a picture of Sheena, I tried but they came out awful, so I never printed them. Boy, I wish I did now. Thanks you guys

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I am so sorry for your loss. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't be a stranger. Let us help you through this rough time.





I have sent you PM.

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I know no words can comfort you, I know the pain will never truely subside. Remember the joy and warmth your canine friend brought into your life. Honor her memory and cherish the time you had together.


You are in my thoughts...

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Dearest Becky, Sincere Artisan may be able to help you through this time, if you look to her posts and watch her process.


Perhaps when some time has passed you will be able to think about staying in touch, here or in support of rescue or shelter work, or doing sitting or training. You never know when the magic of such 'being' will come to adopt you again.


Sheena is all around you, in the sweet, playful, present, openess to life that lurks in every border collie.

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