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  1. Erin, I'm sorry for your loss, it's always to soon. We never have enough time, and Maggie left to soon. You allowed her dignaty, and loved her to the very last. It's the best we can do for them when all is said and done. I lost a cat to Hemangiosarcoma, to fast by far. So to be running free, no pain or suffering, with the last farewell. It's the thing that keeps us able to love them so much when we have them for so short a time. Blessings to you and yours.
  2. Thank you all, even after being gone for so long your kindness is still abundant as ususal. I knew here I would find those that understood. I work where Abra spent her last days and was with her at the end. It was the kindest thing we could do. She is running free, so many good dogs, and other animals, have paved her way. Maybe she and the Setter are under yet another Cherry tree maybe even sharing that bone Thanks again
  3. I haven't been around much in recent years, lots of complications cluttering my life. Through it all my dogs have been my comfort and joy. But today I wanted to say goodbye to one of them . My sweet girl Abra. She passed away recently due to complications after surgery. She fought hard to live, but her body just couldn't hang on. One surgery to many for her, and she didn't recover. I'm grateful that I had 11 years with her. She made me laugh, she comforted me during the time of my mother’s illness and death. She was forever a bright light with her impishness and droll sense of humor. H
  4. Dear Melanie, Haven't been around much lately but wanted to wish the big guy a belated Happy Birthday when I checked in today. It is wonderful to see him looking so happy on his birthday. You have such a great way of sharing him with us, I have loved your Red dog stories for years. Here's to many many more!!!!
  5. I ovisously picked a good time to be on vacation that being said I have to concur about the amazing dedication you give the boards. Just a personl thank you as well.
  6. Eileen & Denise Thanks for posting the videos, I have been able to understand better whats going on. I still don't understand all of it, but it's filtering through. posts like this make me remember why I got a BC in the first place. Thanks for promoting what they are bred for, and for sharing all the beautiful dogs working.
  7. I just added a room on to my house for the dogs, 25 x 30, with a comphy loft and stairs to run up and down. My friends didn't believe me and scoffed. They are not being invited back, I don't really talk to non animal people if I don't have to. It takes to much time cutting through the layers of, huh, why, you did what? I have made an exception for my mom. She gave birth to me, she is elderly, she doesn't know I'm a changeling. Andrea D. There is NOTHING wrong with me or any of the rest of you
  8. I like Flora, It's a sweet name, one that if she lives up to, won't be to bad Andrea D.
  9. Welcome to the boards! He has such a nice sweet face, he's lucky to have found his forever home with you. I concur with the others, my BCs range from 30 to 45 lbs. So he could be right on target. I have found that some, mind you not all BCs seem to have a slighter frame than some of the mixes that are hard to tell apart. If he has stocky bones he may be mixed. But then some one will post with a small tank like BC and they theory will be shot down What ever he is he is beautiful and very lucky. Andrea D.
  10. I read about Woos commercial fame in on your blog, it made my day. I especially liked his Tail Woo Hooo Hooo But let's not malign Tweed here for lack of appeal. I think it is pure prejudice on that woman's part! You may have noticed Tweed is Black & White, every one else is red. I know this comes as a shock to every one. But Tweed is not the SAME as Red Dog and Woo. I know know this is a stunner. But that woman obviously has something against B&W animals. Start a campaign, call the ACLU or is that ACCLU ( American canine civil liberties union) This kind of discrimination must be sto
  11. I have three AVIDS and one Home again, I get them provided through my work, and this year they changed to HA. As a group we have had lots of little problems that have been cropping up. Mostly they call about five times a week to update infomaton and it never seems to be right. We do tons of dogs and this seems to be a chronic issue. But I have never lost a dog, & never found one WITH a Micro Chip in it, so this may be a mute point LOL. AD.
  12. What a cutie, if you go for Nazgul, you might as well name her Wraith I like Wee Bonnie Bree, or what about Goldberry or mrs. Bombadil, excuse the spellings. what ever her name she is adorable Andrea D.
  13. Oh big sigh of pleasure for you, here! Glad to hear Cord is back, the little begger. Was he camping out in the errr ummm bovine composet area ??? In any case it's good he's home and smelling fresh as a daisy for now LOL. Andrea D.
  14. Rebecca, Just wanted to offer my regrets and regards in reference to Cord. I know I have mentioned this in other posts. But my beloved Emmette levetated him self out of our yard during severe weather. Much like Cord and the thunder in Cords previous walk about. He was gone 10 1/2 days before I found him five miles away digging in a farmers trash. Before that he had gotten out of a friends yard and ran the Hollywood hills for two weeks. His last escape was when an animal hospital where he was being borded let him loose and he shot out the door to an UNfenced walking area. He crossed High
  15. Welcome, Your going go have fun with Mac! Andrea D.
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