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  1. Kris I am so sorry for your loss. You were a good human to Jazz, and I am sure he never regretted adopting you. I know nothing said can ease your pai,n just take comfort in the rest of the pack. It is so true when they leave us they take a part with them. Sending [[[hugs]]] from my crew to you. Foos
  2. Wow there is a lot I want to say. I will keep it to a minimum. (hopefully) First the dogs, I would personally applied the alpha'tude. A paper bag or something in hand and my inner monster's voice, would have applied my rule! This sounds harsh but i had a rescue and my pet that were doing that same thing. Nothing worked until i got fed up and chased towards them with a Wal-mart bag in hand screaming profanities! The fighting never completely stopped but they were no longer out for blood. If i said "quit it" they would after that. (Some dogs just can't get along though and for that i would
  3. Does the world really need another mini any breed? Some people really do deserve a boot in the @$%!
  4. Sending Mojo from M.O. Whether it is the cause or not, I'd ditch that ball.
  5. I hope you didn't type that in front of the dogs! I'd have to add appreciating nature for what it is into this equation. Something about the natural world always makes me feel grateful to be alive.
  6. Conformation IMHO is just a beauty pageant for dogs and their misguided owners. I look at it like this, I own this flashy tool that is claimed to be "top of the line". It looks real nice and seems sturdy, but when I look closer it is just flash. It wasn't built for it's intended use, but marketed as such. This is what the AKC is doing, and the reason alot of "working" people despise them, and the rescue folks dread them. They offer nothing to the dogs besides a standard "look" and a increase in popularity. This is just how I see it tho. Foos
  7. Welcome a board! You've found (IMHO) the best BC forums on the intra-webz! You can find every type of BC person here. We may not always agree, but you can rest assured everyone wants what is best for your pup. I am no expert... heck i am barely a novice in BC related topics! But i know for a fact that you can do both agility and stock work with a dog. I knew of a frisbee dog who also enjoyed agility and stock work, was he the best at all of them? lol umm no, He was a good agility dog, great frisbee dog, and a train wreck with stock! Only BC i ever saw run from a lil itty bitty lamb. But you ca
  8. I am gonna state the obvious here. Have you had a behaviorist work with him? I mean $2k in a dog might as well try everything before you give up on him. With Hope I had several bad placements. She was returned every time a little screwier then when she left. Her and Zag could no longer be left alone together. I figured with just over a grand into her, I couldn't just give up on her. (Although I did think it over a few times) Over some time we worked through the stranger dangers and I'm a basket cases. Other then Zags inability to tolerate her she was better then ever. I wasn't even trying
  9. Oh man this is great news! Give Dally a pat on the head from Foos! I am so relieved that this all ended happily. WoOt!
  10. Poor baby Give her some extra lovings from the Fooster. Tooth pains are the worse!
  11. Thanks for all the kind words everyone, and yes i am truly blessed. Well I have to get ready for work. Ugh! Why'd couldn't I be rich instead of so darned good lookin?
  12. Were to start? I lost my job 06/07 due to the beginning of the housing crash and bad management of the new owners, spent over a year trying to find work. (well the summer i milked the savings acct. and goofed off ) I found a crappy security job which i am still at. I found someone crazy enough to put up with me. We met playing World of Warcraft like 5 years ago. She thought I was a S.O.B. and I just thought she was a B! She was in my family's guild and friends with my cousin. Funny how it all worked out, A couple of years butting heads then somehow we fell for each other.
  13. While at home no, (small town, fenced yard) out yes.
  14. This is good news... now come on Dally and lets make it even better.
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