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bye bye

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I'm terribly sorry for your loss :rolleyes: .


Personally I don't think it matters how long we live, as long as whatever time we have is good - and if our BCs could change one thing in their lives, this:

we were together 24/7.
is probably what most of them would wish for.


I feel horrible for YOU though, for being left behind.

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How are you and your son getting along? I know its a difficult thing to go through, and I really hope you decide when the time is right to get another dog. Sounds as if you really loved her. Know that you showed her you did, and that you gave her a great home and lots of love while she was with you. The greatest gift you can give in my opinion is to not forget her. That and allowing another dog to fill the void left by her. I wish you all the best.

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