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  1. Meg and I peeking in after three years or so.

  2. I checked. It has been 22 months since I've been on the boards. I looked for a recent introduction/re-introduction thread and not finding it, decided to let my greedy need to pour out some of this emotion loose on you all. Who better? My bright-eyed, sweet-hearted, split-faced ball retriever will be 4 yrs old in a few weeks. While contemplating this, I had a sudden surge of emotion - my 'chi' rose like a volcanic plug. Soft panicky thoughts - "Not much longer to have her companionship"......"what will I do without her ten years from now..." Being of a generally strong mind and con
  3. I can't imagine having Meg sleep elsewhere. Sometimes she gets tired of waiting for us and gets there before us, but other nights when she goes to sleep in her crate on in the living room on her chair or floor blanket we wake her up when we go down to bed with a call 'Ni-Ni Meg'. I know it sounds ridiculous, but she was a little puppy once. Meg bolts up and races my hubby downstairs to flop down on his side of the bed. He gets in a pushes her over with great difficulty till the both of them are blissfully nestled and warm. Sox comes in for little stints through the night to burrow under m
  4. We had Meg's teeth done last year when I had her bone xrays done to see if there was anything we needed to take into consideration. I will probably do this again this year. Meg doesn't eat raw, she eats high quality canned dog food for the most part. She isn't a fan of having her teeth brushed so that happens about once every week and a half or so. Not the best report card for us I know. Anesthesia, xrays and teeth cleaning were about 450 together.
  5. I am so sorry for your loss Cheri. We will all be thinking of you.
  6. Update on Meg, sorry that it has taken so long to get back. We're still not sure what was wrong with Meg, but the more regular her routine becomes, the fewer moments of odd behavior we see. She's pretty much back to normal now, and none of her tests were postitive. The upside to all of this is that she seems to be more obedient, tolerant and well-mannered. Dave joked with me yesterday that it might have been an epiphany she had one night when she realized that she wasn't a puppy any longer. Wish us luck!
  7. Four weeks ago, Meg started favoring one of her legs a little at the end of an exercise session. We checked her over, watched her, she seemed ok but was not resting easily that night. The next day she was on three legs bouncing around like a congenital threg (threeleggeddog). I made an apointment with the vet, and in her cutomary fashion she turned into a ball of fear which made it difficult for the vet to assess her. They gave us an analgesic/antiinflamatory and set her for a general anesthesia/xray/potential surgery for her cruciate ligament saying that IF that was the cause, THEN they w
  8. Meg is 35-36lbs. 38 lbs dripping wet, with mud, gravel, sand, and a belly full of lunch.
  9. I also have a Pet Gear crate. We replaced our huge wire frame with this size..... http://www.amazon.com/Pet-Gear-Soft-Sided-...d_sim_k_title_2 Meg is only about 38 lbs when she's wet. This suits her perfectly. It has enough structural integrity that my cat can sleep on top. It sits in the living room next to my easy chair facing toward the center of the room. She uses it all day long...we keep the mesh flap down and unzipped. She LOVES IT. After a few wary smells, it became home more than her previous crate had ever been. It is without question 'hers'. I would recommend this to anyone
  10. Since my mojo is latest of all, its for River to use as a sheild for the future. xxxx
  11. In this case, I think neglect may very well have worsened the life your 'soft' dog and magnified the tendencies. You really can't know. Riley's behavior could however, have absolutely nothing to do with 'abuse'. Often, people who have no experience with a natively soft dog attribute it to something external influence when there may not be anything out of the ordinary in the dog's past. For a soft dog ordinary things can be way stressful. Meg had excitement stress piddling whenever she got around lots of people, or went into dogs stores. Gradually it went away by the time she was about
  12. Good for you Salem's mom. You have a wonderful head on your shoulders. But you've gone and made me - I can't believe I'm going to say this- yearn for another puppy. Whaaaaaaaaaa. (No worries, sense will prevail.) Welcome!!!to all of you!
  13. You are very lucky that your dog digs instead of pole vaults without a pole. Meg will jump a 7 foot fence or chew through it, use wire cutters or claw it to shreds if she wants to get to the other side. Since I consider our perimeter indefensible, she does not go out without one of us. She is not crated when we leave her for up to four or five hours and she is extremely well behaved in the house. On rare exceptions she has been crated for longer but only once or twice in her two years. Doggie day care or home visit is our preferred solution. Luckily I'm home these days.
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