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  1. Meg and I peeking in after three years or so.

  2. I can't imagine having Meg sleep elsewhere. Sometimes she gets tired of waiting for us and gets there before us, but other nights when she goes to sleep in her crate on in the living room on her chair or floor blanket we wake her up when we go down to bed with a call 'Ni-Ni Meg'. I know it sounds ridiculous, but she was a little puppy once. Meg bolts up and races my hubby downstairs to flop down on his side of the bed. He gets in a pushes her over with great difficulty till the both of them are blissfully nestled and warm. Sox comes in for little stints through the night to burrow under m
  3. I've always had females and they've never been extreme cuddlers, however Meg wakes me up at times by dropping a ball or a flexi-flyer on my face......"thunk".
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