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  1. Miz, will you have any internet access where you are going? We miss you so much. I did not even know cats could get HW!! Does anyone in OH treat? We treat for fleas and ticks. Miz, I am glad you both recovered from your tick illness. My cousin went through a terrible time with Lyme's disease and it took FOREVER to diagnose him ( a year) and he is a doctor!!
  2. Miztiki, I am shedding tears for you!! I am so sorry you are going through all this. I have no help for your pup, Scout is dog aggressive as well, but please know I am thinking of you and have been praying for you all these months while missing you. Remember Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I will pray for Fynne as well.
  3. So glad she is back, I love her name.
  4. Sorry, checking this thread way late! I can't imagine PM to ask for free vet advice, but I know a lot of people are not as boundary conscious as I am. The head of the largest children's ER for three states lives at the end of our street AND goes to church with us. My dh is ALWAYS wanting to call him up to ask this or that. I won't let him. I just won't. He thinks I am crazy, but I feel it is just really taking advantage and wouldn't do it unless it was life or death and I had no other option! I am going to make my dh read this post. Thanks for helping me, AK Dog Doc, with my obtus
  5. When we had our golden retriever whenever I put lotion on my legs, I would have to lock myself into a room until I was COMPLETELY soaked in. She would chase you all over the house to lick your legs. It became really funny when my mom dog-sat her for a weekend, and I forgot to tell her about this idiosyncrasy (my mom is not a big dog person, she loves what I love because she loves me, but doesn't really love the dog for itself, you know?)
  6. Good luck, Smiley. Scout has some leanings in that direction at times, but then seems to snap out of it, when his lab side overtakes the BC side. You can actually see this happen, its like a dissociative disorder or something! But we'd rather he keep both sides, as just when the lab side is driving us crazy, he switches to his BC side and vice versa.
  7. KrisK, Interested in hearing every word, we keep going back and forth as to whether we would like to add some ducks and chickens. So, any time you have to chronicle your experience, I will read every word!! Good luck with your transports and I hope all goes well. Oh, and good luck resisting those ducklings, they are way adorable.
  8. Thank you Julie and Rebecca, I went straight to the site and learned A LOT!!! Tonite after the dogs and cats are in for the night, we will return the bunny to its nest and hope and pray for the mom to show up (while we are in for the night of course!!) At least the smart mom bunny made the nest just inside the dog yard that our dogs never use, at least in the summer. So, it is a somewhat protected location from predators of the non-domestic variety. Never dreamed it was illegal which instantly convinced my boys, in spite of their significant attachment, that we need to do the right thin
  9. I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong place, but if bunnies count as livestock, I have questions. We seem to have adopted a wild baby bunny. It is young, about 4 inches long (two days ago it was 3 inches long). It is currently living in a wooden crate on our screen porch. We are feeding it lettuce, carrots, and grass. We are rinsing the lettuce and shaking it off, this is working for water for now. Are bunnies like other small animals? (ie guniea pigs) Do we need a water bottle? Will a wild bunny be a pet? (It is acting like a total pet right now) Do we need to buy bunny fo
  10. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. May your rewards be rich for all of the kindness you showed to this dog. He got to you just in time.
  11. We have HomeAgain. That is painful news, thanks for the heads-up so we can be watching out for that, it is almost time to re-up for one of our dogs.
  12. Thinking of you and Rune and her charges. How is he doing?
  13. Thanks for that tip Bexie, I am already friends, vicariously, through my dad and some of the kids from the family go to school with my boys. They own zillions of acres around here and rent the rest that belong to other people. They have sold little parcels of it for houses (like maybe 10 houses over 200 acres). There are multiple family members scattered around their property in houses here and there. It is a great set-up and I am thrilled that the farming set is spread throughout their family and they are close in age with us and have children our kids' ages. I feel like this helps to pr
  14. I did hear something about nitrogen. The field had been planted with corn, then left fallow last summer and grew all kinds of weeds, etc. There was a lot of goldenrod and several tree beginnings. I am just happy it is being used again, do I need to do anything besides close the windows and keep the kids/dogs in when they spray? And, thanks for the agricultural info, I know NOTHING about it, but am always interested in learning something new. Both my parents grew up farming and they are next door with my grandma, a woman who thinks she has nothing to offer and yet has more useful info i
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