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Need your good thoughts and mojo for Lexi

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She started having seizures last night around 12:15am, one continuous one with 4 gran mal's mixed in. Rushed her to the doggie ER, where they are keeping her for observation. She had another at 5am this morning.


You all know how scary it can be when one of ours gets sick, so any thoughts/prayers you may offer up would be great.


I'll update when I can, but for now she's going to stay another night.


Thanks all.


Tim and Katie

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Hi Tim,

Did anyone mention a history of seizures before you adopted her? If not, can you think of anything you did in the hours before the seizure (i.e., gave meds, applied flea and tick preventive, exposed to some other chemicals)? Seizures are scary and my heart goes out to you and Katie. Best wishes and mojo coming your way.



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Terrifying to happen at any time, but especially in the middle of the night. As Julie noted, it is worthwhile to think back on anything new that was introduced to her the previous day or evening. Your original post mentioned that rescue didn't have much history but perhaps calling them might glean some small bit of information that could help. Hoping all is better this morning and the vets will be able to provide some answers.

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MOJO coming from CO.

I thought I remembered you saying the previous owners said something about her having seizures and they placed her cause they couldn't afford the costs of treatmeant. Did I remember right or is it someone else?


Anytime they get sick it's terrible and scary but seizures are the most scary. Hang in there.

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There is a dog in the rescue I work with that started having seizures several weeks after arriving in rescue. She had clusters of them, like Lexi, and then nothing for about three weeks, then she would have more. Another rescuer wrote to Mary Ann suggesting that she put the dog on a gluten free diet. He said it was what made all the difference in the world for his daughter, and he suggested they try it with the dog. It worked. The only seizures she has had since then were one or two after the husband in the house "forgot" and gave her the regular treats the others get which are not gluten free. Now all treats in the house are gluten free, so no one can forget. So far so good. It would be worth a try. Good luck. Seizures are scary,


Kathy Robbins

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