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  1. That staring at the ball then at me will not will me to throw the ball, nor will the ball throw its self if you stare at it long enough. That tatteling to mom when other family members tell you no will not get the ball thrown for you either. (when the others in the house will not throw his ball he comes to me to tell on them he is a talker)
  2. Jack does it when his ball goes in to high grass, or a place that he does not easily see, and he has to hunt them down. He will pounce on it and then grab it and shake it and then run around like a mad man with a fresh kill
  3. Mojo from AR coming your way, good thoughts and a speedy recovery for Tucker.
  4. Jack is 15 months old and still squats. He only hikes his leg to mark but squats to pee.
  5. Welcome to the Boards and you have some handsome little fellows there
  6. It just worries me bacause he is a tiny little guy. Jack does not eat when you put his bowl down so the chow turns to mush by the time he eats it, if he eats it. He will not eat about 99% of treats, bones, ect. that I buy I end up sending them to the in-laws BC Ralph the furry 4 legged vaccuum that will eat anything about the only treat Jack will eat is his chicken jerkys. He used to eat anything and everything loved his chow dry, bones, treats and after he got sick last year he has became a picky eater.
  7. I am trying to switch Jacks food from his puppy chow to something else since he will be 15 months old on the 15th...... I went out and bought a small bag of Taste of the Wild thinking that he would like it, the first day I mixed 1/4 of new to 3/4 of his puppy chow and he ate it but the next day when I mixed the food to 1/2 and 1/2 he turned his nose up at it and has every since we tried to switch. Every since he got sick last year its a battle over food with him the Vet had him on the bland chicken and rice wet food for a little while and after that the only way I could get him to eat is to mix some of the chicken and rice wet food with his chow and am still having to do it to this day. I don't like him eating wet food it's not good for his teeth or my flip flops when I am doing the yard work YUCK. I don't think it will hurt him to stay on puppy chow but I would like him to eat something that is better for him any suggestions?
  8. Jack is area is the whole house that he just so graciously lets us share with him
  9. I have just learned to take it with a grain of salt and just smile at them.... I had one lady get that he was a BC but asked if he was a minature breed since he was so small that one I just had to laugh at
  10. Took Jack to pet fair in our local town to see DD she was volunteering there well we were standing there talking and someone walked up to us and said "oh what a pretty bird dog you have" I just shook my head in disbelief and left it at that
  11. Jack is a morning lover, he is up at 4:30 a.m. and I can usually get him to climb in bed with me until the alarm goes off at 5:30.... On the weekends it is still 4:30 that is when I get up and open the patio door and he plays out side and comes in every 30 mins or so to see if I am up yet but usually around 8:00 or so he jumps on the bed and makes sure I am up. Nothing like dog drool to wake ya up
  12. I can't wait for mine to graduate from High School she is going to be a Vet only one more year to go... Every time I take the dog or cats to the Vet I just look at her and tell her to hurry up and graduate already
  13. I am having some of the same issues with our Vet...I like the Vet but it is the front office issues that I don't like but his wife runs the front desk and saying something to him would not work. It is getting worse and worse every time, DH went to get flea med the other day and took him amlmost 45 mins to get it he was not happy at all. The front is almost like a zoo when you go for a appointment or pick up meds, the waiting room is so full there is no where to sit and most people just let their dogs sniff, jump on you and basically do what they want I make Jack sit by me and behave but it is hard for him when other people let their dogs get in his space and it takes forever. DH told me to find another vet and he did not care if it was more expensive. My issue is experience the Vet has been praticing sine 1970's and raises BC's so he is I guess you would call it " in the know" about BC's and their care and their sensitivity to certian meds, etc... The other Vet around is one of my daughters friends dad and I am not real crazy about him and it is weird his wife hates animals and they are not allowed to have any animals at home and can only have animals that are left at their office and he is EXPENSIVE he was going to charge me 200.00 to spay our little 8 lb cat, and 180 to neuter the other one and that is when I found our Vet. I really don't want to change Vets his prices are reasonable and he has seen Jack since we first got him but it is almost a hassle to take him to the Vet.
  14. You are in my thoughts and prayers, it is not easy losing a friend no matter how long they have been around. We only had Muzzy for 4 months before he passed and I still cry to this day when I think of him.
  15. Jack was not crazy about going in the car at first he would try to hide under the seat since he was so little he could almost fit but after a couple of trips to McDonalds for a plain cheeseburger he was eager to go in the car. He loves to go in the car now it either means a cheeseburger, park, agility, flyball, or grandma and grandpa's house. My car is not big enough for a crate for him to ride in so he sits in the seat with his seat belt harness, it is so cute he sits there like he is a big boy looking out the window.
  16. My Jack does it too.... It's weird he does not hike his leg to pee he still squats, and he hikes his leg to cover....And there is a towl at the back door for those incidents.
  17. Jack does the same thing except he brings them all to bed at night and I am picking monkeys, balls, ducks, raccoons, etc out of the bed so I can turn over at night. It is like a ritual he has every night he finds all of his toys no matter where they are and brings them to bed.
  18. We had to take the cat to get her groomed since she was losing her winter coat and since she is so furry she was getting mats... Well the groomer shaved her and now she looks like a naked squirrel and Jack will not leave her alone. How do I get Jack to recognize that it is his kitty Leela and not a play toy? He will not leave her alone and is very curious about her I caught him this morning sitting on her with this look on his face like "hey mom I caught this thing what is it." I know that she smells pretty and he probably can't recognize her sent with all of the soap and stuff they spray on them at the groomer so I gave her a short bath last night to try to remove the scents that they sprayed on her and that did not work. We have been correcting him when he is doing this to her but it is not working, what do I do?
  19. I admit to pampering Jack (DH calls it spoiling him) by endless toys, tugs, frisbee, flyball, pack play, agility, dock diving, herding, balls, balls, and more balls, long walks around the neighborhood, going to the park, going to grandma and grandpa's house, going to the store with grandpa for a buiscuit. When I fix dinner I think of him too by making him his own for instance hamburgers on the grill he gets his own patty fixed for him with out seasonings on it, his own hot dog on a fast dinner night. When we go out for dinner Jack gets a doggie bag brought home, or a plain burger from Mcdonald or Wendys (he likes the plain double stacks) We make our own dog treats that he loves, jerky cakes, chicken jerkys, etc..... I am not the only one that does this my 17 year old pampers him more than I do.... He is such a good boy I thik he deserves it...
  20. Jack has mange and the Vet has us using Promeris every three weeks and have been for 8 almost 9 months. Since we have used it he has not had a break out and no adverse affects from it...
  21. I have been trying to talk my DH into geting another dog, he does not want another one right now but Jack needs friends of his own species. DH tried to throw the cats in there as a reason not to get another dog stating that we already have 3 pets...I told him no, it doesn't work that way. The cats were a 2 for 1 they were stray kittys that we ended up keeping and they are outside kittys that come and go as they please. I have tried the "puppy eyes", sending him pictures of dogs that I would love to bring in to our family none of these have worked short of me just showing up with another dog and see what kind of war that brings......So you are really lucky to have two or more, as many more are lucky enough to have a great pack. I will be here "wishing" to extend my pack and think of ways to accomplish it
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