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  1. If there is anyone in the Central/Western part of Pa that can help I'd appreciate it. A 3mo old bc/aussie deaf pup needs to be pulled and transported to me asap. I just found out about this baby sorry for the short notice here, but he will be shot by owner if not pulled here is additional info https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151172898414797&set=p.10151172898414797&type=1&theater if you can help contact me at pats8agilepawz@gmail.com Thank you very much Pat W MABCR foster home
  2. If there is anyone in the Central/Western part of Pa that can help I'd appreciate it. A 3mo old bc/aussie deaf pup needs to be pulled and transported to me asap. I just found out about this baby sorry for the short notice here, but he will be shot by owner if not pulled here is additional info https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151172898414797&set=p.10151172898414797&type=1&theater if you can help contact me at pats8agilepawz@gmail.com Thank you very much Pat W MABCR foster home
  3. Greetings and Salutations! I've returned to the board after a very long hiatus. Some of you may remember me when I had my border collies Ashe, Rush,Whim and Meg and my Aussie boy Riley. In that time Ashe,Rush and Riley have crossed over the bridge ( and only Meg and Whim remain. We do have new additions Why? and Gunn, Border Collie and Aussie respectively, all rescues from MABCR. Im still doing agility Whim is at Masters and Gunn is just starting out, Why is retired as agility just was not his cup of tea, so he is a much loved pet, Meg is retired. Im still a foster home for MABCR, my daughter starts her senior yr of HS with a desire to be a behaviorist, my son starts his Jr year of college.
  4. Although I do Nadac and the person I train with is a NADAC judge, I think that Hoopers is the silliest game with no real redeeming qualities...sorry give me USDAA any time
  5. The first is always the best, I remember quiet well the day/class I finally put my ADCH on Ashe
  6. With a savy instuctor agility is great for the timid dog, builds confidence and they actually enjoy it. There are alot of successful agility dogs that started out timid
  7. Little late but sending all good mojo winging its way from PA
  8. I havent seen Susans video, and yes I think that a pro of any kind is held to much higher standards than the rest of us. That said I've been doing agaility for 16 years now and when it comes to running in a tournament, ie DAM, Grand Prix or Steeplechase in front of friends - trainer I stress. Regular classes Im fine, its something that happens to me Im aware of it and have learned to try and find that zen place before stepping to the line. Once Im running Im fine but its the waiting that kills me
  9. Great runs! very nice but I see why everyone said it was so dusty there, how did you like the footing?
  10. Hello Im back havent visited the board in a while - like the new look. Been busy busy busy, earlier this year with redoing house ie painting, repairs, new flooring ect. Then my son's graduation from HS and subsequent grad party with family coming in from FLA and TX. Then getting ready to ship him off to college in VT, and the actual shipping there of. He's in Burlington Vt at Champlain College for Game Design. So getting use to only having 3 people in the house now. Sadly in my hiatus we lost my aussie Riley to unknown causes - long story short he was rushed to the vet at 9:30 am and was gone at 3:30 pm the same day. It is suspected that it was a prolonged seizure causing his temp to spike and cooking his brain, he did not suffer in fact I dont believe that he even realised what had happened. My sweet aussie boy, my beloved wiggle is gone and the world is that much more darker
  11. What a foster needs: 1) Time enough to heal a broken spirit 2) Patience...Patience...and yet more patience 3) a heart big enough to find a place for a lost soul and not feel over whelmed 4) the ability to say good bye while smiling through the tears 6) understanding that accidents could happen, do happen, will happen, 7) the understanding that not every broken soul can be fixed no matter how hard you try or how much you want to I've been foster for seven years - havent kept any yet but the potential is always there ). I've fostered for as short as 2 weeks, and for as long as 1year (and counting) with my current foster. I strongly recommend getting in touch with a reputable rescue and letting them know you're interested in fostering. They'll want to talk with you, check out your home and yard ect. just like you were going to adopt. There are few things more rewarding than seeing a dog who came to you broken..greet his/her adoptive family with a wagging tail and happily hop into their car. Alot of fosters do have some kind of issue most can be fixed --some sadly cannot fortunately they are few and far between
  12. Whim is a barker on course but if none of my gang carry on in their expen its corrected as quickly as possible as I dont like that. On course he barks with excitement and if Im slow in commands. The better I am the quieter he is. As long as he is listening we're ok, if he's arguing the run stops and we gather our brain and witts together and continue on
  13. Mine is just my name Pat and the first letter of my last name...on other boards Im either PAWZ or AgilePAWZ P a w being my initials and agility my bag :oP
  14. After 16 years agility and 3 dogs none have suffered an injury due to agilty Ashe ran from age 2 - 13- retired due to age, Rush 3 -12 - retired due to hips, Riley 2-9- retired due to cataracts, Meg 2 - 10 continues to compete, Whim started at 1 yr training is currently 3.5, Why? approx 2 yrs old just started training. All dogs weights were carefully monitored to keep them trim and were warmed up with massage and stretching, as well as a good cool down
  15. Welcome Kevin and Kevins Mom! Thank you for considering a Rescue they make the bestest dogs but then again Im biased with 4 rescues and a foster of my own. Welcome and enjoy the wonderful people here on the list and the endless amount of very helpful info they have to offer
  16. Sounds like some ladder, cavaletti and jump chute work is in order Ladder work: place a common wood ladder or make one out of pvc and put it on the ground, with your dog on leash have him walk through the runds slowly, this will make him lift his feet reward for no ticking of the bars, work both sides when he gets proficient ask him to trot the ladder, work off leash or you can raise the ladder by placing bricks underneath. Cavaletti level 1 - take 4 -5 pcs 5ft 6in dia pvc and cut lengthwise and place in a circle evenly spaced so that one end is closer to the other so it looks like an astrisk ie the outer edge of the circle is wider than the inner. again on leash start at the edge and walk both directions of the circle reward for no ticking, as he progresses move inward. Jump chute: I cant remember the correct spacing for this but hopefully someone else does
  17. At age 1 growth plates are close to if not completely closed and joints are better able to withstand the stresses of training. My daughter just started her dog at age 1.5 yrs , I started my first agility dog at 2, so Nope 1 is not too old! Go out and have fun
  18. Way to go, you and Kari are of to a great start
  19. With your older boy betweed obed and herding you already more than likely have the basics down, except for targeting (see below). With your baby - sits, downs, recall, stay, spin left, spin right, targeting to your hand and a disc on the ground. Walking on uneven surfaces, surfaces that tip, rough surfaces, smooth surfaces, wet or dry.Something you can teach both you baby and your older man is going to a target and touching it with their nose. A target is normally a plastic disc approx 3-4 inches in diameter you can use a margarine lid or a tupperware lid or anything similar. Alot of agility clubs offer puppy kindergarten before they start agility foundation training I strongly recommend it, I could talk all day and fill up pages of stuff you can do with both dogs )
  20. Definately give agility a go most venues allow an older dog to jump a lower height for example USDAA offers both Championship and Performance levels the dogs in each division run the same course but the Performance dogs jump at one height lower than they would in champioship ie my 1st bc jumped 26 inches in championship and 22 inches in perfomance. They also get a 3 second time allowance over championship. My 1st partner Ashe was in competition until 13.5 years old and loved every minute of it.
  21. I do very little jump training with this particular dog, Whim is a careful jumper that knocks bars because a) mom jams him, mom talks over the bar c) he's so reved up he flattens. However I do used a jump in training other obsticles to build speed into a second obsticle. Normally I train 1x a week formally consisting of short sequences of jumps, contacts and or tunnels, weaves or tire, currently I have laid off for the summer to work independently on LM's recall over a jump and weave pole entries. I agree with Blackdawgs that there is a finite amount of jumping that a body can handle before joints start having problems
  22. I second what everyone else is saying - look at rescue. As someone who has "been there, done that, got the Tshirt" looking for exactly what I wanted in another dog. What I wanted to was to clone my first border collie - agility dog, a rough coat, clasically marked, male that would jump 26. I was so blinkered by what I wanted that I am sure I passed up sever very nice dogs in rescue. I joined the aussie L and found a "breeder" who was "downsizing" and ended up with a very handsome blue merle aussie, with a Juvie Cataract that I was never told about and found when I had his eyes Cerf'd myself, he also has food allergies and at age 11 is completely blind due to caracts. Although he loved agility, had plenty of drive and was athletic we never jelled as a team. Listen to what is said here -stay away from sport breeders, do your research if you decide to go with a breeder there are several reputable ones here on the East coast, Not only am I a foster home for MABCR but I am also a 3x adopter from them. I currently am running a wonderful little Tri color that came in at 12 weeks old. My daughter is starting a handsome red merle - I think I know where he came from but my lips are sealed - and we are retiring our first agiltiy dog from MABCR this December a classically marked female
  23. I totally agree with those here that have said basically "if its not broken dont fix it" If YOU are happy with the way your contacts are performed and Cody is comfortable performing them that way, the I say let your instructor know thats how you feel. The biggest key to training agility is knowing what works for you and your dog and what doesn't. Example: I train without a clicker Im the only one in the class that does this because my dog shuts down at the sound, so I use a verbal - I let my trainers know when we first started training thats how we work. If your trainer cannot work with you on this and insists on you do it her way then its time for a new trainer. Like Kristine (Root Beer) I too trained my targeting to hand first then a target in my hand and then transitioned to a target on the ground. To train a 2o2o I used what is commonly called a travel plank - basically a short 3-4 ft long raised board. Placing the target at one end on the board I had my dog run and target, once he understood that I move the target to the ground and repeated the skill on leash making sure that he understands what his job is, before performing off leash. Unlike alot of competitors I did not name my contacts although I had in previous dogs. My command for AFrame and Dog Walk is "Poke" the command for my 2o2o postion. For example we're approaching the A frame I will call "Poke!" meaning complete that obsticle and get in your poke position as fast as you can.
  24. long hot sucessfull weekend at High Octanes (Chalfont Pa.) first USDAA trial, Whim went 6 for 9 with 2 1st & Q in Str Gamblers, a 2nd & Q in Adv pairs, a non placing Q in Adv Snooker, 2nd & Q Str Jumpers which gave us our Agility Dog title (yay all adv now), and a non Qing placement in Str Jumpers that Brea beautifully handled him in since I w...as fried, knocked the last bar but fastest time by a full second. All in all a good weekend. I have to admit I did not like the Adv standard courses at all! Lots of angles and the weave pole entrance both days was attrocious with a hard angle to it. The other courses were quite nice - and thats not because I did well on them LOL.
  25. All depends on the instructor, dog and handler, on my aussie I used a clicker, with my current dog who shuts down with a clicker I use a verbal which has worked very nicely. My daughter is also training her new agility partner with verbal only
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