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  1. "Odd as this may sound, I tried not to cry in front of him, knowing how it upset him." This does not sound odd to me. I do the same for the same reason. The day I had to put one of my dogs down I tried my best not to bawl and sob in front of him because I wanted him to go without worrying about me. To this day I sometimes want to cry about missing him but I won't because I know he didn't like it. I love the quirkiness, the intelligence and willingness of my border collie to work with me and be my partner. I love seeing him enjoy life and his silly ways, the way he likes me to lau
  2. Taught this to Chase much like Ninso explained. He did also have alot rear-end awareness training prior to teaching this. Gets alot of laughs and he loves the laughs so he offers it all the time. He is starting to offer it when practicing the obedience go-out, as he knows to turn and sit after a paw touch on the stanchion. Sometimes he remembers he forgot to paw touch the stanchion and doesn't want to take his eyes off me so he backs up and lifts his back leg on the stanchion. I'm pretty sure an obedience judge wouldn't think that was too funny (Obviously I do.) Taught this to Gypsy, m
  3. I am one who participates in obedience and agility with my dogs and because of these boards have I become aware of the importance of a working bred dog. Actually I had no clue before finding these boards that a split existed in the breed. I was aware of it in the GSD and aware of it in the aussie. I personally prefer living with and training dogs from working lines. When it is time for my next dog, if not a rescue, I definitely want it to come from a working breeder. Yes, I sure do try to educate when the subject comes up. And because I do mainly associate with sport people, many are s
  4. OT: Anyone else ever get a pocket chewed out of a pair of jeans from an unattended laundry basket? Find a layer of petrified kibble dust in the pocket of jeans you just pulled out of the dryer? Just think; a year and a half ago I was a cat person. Yes and Yes! LOL Jeans don't have to be unattended for Gyp to try to chew the pocket out. Have a few jackets with holes in the pockets too. And nothing like the surprise of finding a piece or 2 of stone hard pieces of hotdog in newly washed jeans
  5. Same reason I don't go to dog parks. My blood pressure would rise from being around so many clueless dog owners. My dogs and I get together with family and my training friends, people and dogs I know and trust, and that's it and we all have a blast. Sorry for your scarey experience
  6. Not sure if your dog will think these are the Holy Grail of treats but my dogs certainly do and when I use them all the other dogs in the class seem to gravitate my way. Yummy Chummies. They come in strips that I break apart. I think they tend to get hard if you leave the bag open though. I don't use them alot because I can barely stand the smell.
  7. Sorry this happened to you and your dogs This is my biggest concern with my dogs and especially Chase who tends to be fearful anyway. I am constantly scanning my environment when I am with my dogs because these type of people are everywhere. I think I am overly cautious but I feel I don't want to take any chances of anything traumatic happening to Chase. I also have been on the other end with a GSD who could be naughty when he thought he could get away with it. I was always on my toes and kept him under my thumb so to speak because I was not going to let my GSD be one who fed into the
  8. It's so very hard to read this thread without thinking of my own dogs, past and present, without the tears. So sorry to all who lost a special dog, special pet or special person in your life in 2010. They all touch our lives in so many ways and they will never be forgotten.
  9. MicheleS.


    So sorry for you loss. Run free sweet Ross.
  10. I've attended seminars by both of these ladies. Connie Cleveland years ago when I was first starting out in obedience. I liked her, learned alot and probably employed a few of her methods over the years. I'm not a fan of an ear pinch and luckily I've never felt I needed it for any of my 3 obedience dogs. Nothing to lose by going to one of her seminars and as someone already said, you take away what will work for you and your particular dog. Just recently attended a Bridget Carlsen seminar in October. OMG, loved it!! I want more of what she has going! I love the style of her dogs. That
  11. Chase is a shy and sensitive dog and agility has done wonders for his confidence. When we first started I wasn't sure if he would even be able to work around other people and in that type of atmosphere. I encouraged him but never forced him to participate and we took it slow. He is now a dog that I can barely keep away from equipment. When he is on the course, he is very focused and seems to see nothing else. Having had GSD's and a pushy aussie, I was also used to being a bit loud and more forceful with my commands and it was an interesting learning curve for me to figure out how to commu
  12. This gave me a good chuckle What made me laugh was that I am now running a dog, a border collie no less, where I pray before each run that I get through the course staying on 2 feet and unscathed. Oh yes, I do lose all self consciousness. What's so wrong about that is the aussie I ran before getting Chase was darn near perfect, made me look so good, made me think agility was so easy and made me think I was a really good handler. She ruined me
  13. Very nice pictures. Yep, Speedy looks like he having fun
  14. Nice! Way to go Denise and Cressa, congrats
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